Celebrating The New Year With A New $35,000 Rolex Watch - Timothy Sykes

Celebrating The New Year With A New $35,000 Rolex Watch

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2013 was a blowout year for me, up 66% in trading profits, see ALL my trades HERE after being up just 38% in 2012 (and remember I spend most of my time focused on teaching, making video lessons, doing webinars, writing blog posts like this…) and more importantly, I created not 1 but 2 millionaire trading challenge students in the past few weeks:

The CNN Money article HERE about my 2nd millionaire student who started with just $1,500 3 years ago has gone viral with over 3,000+ social media likes and 4,800+ Facebook shares…check out this incredible picture of us that was featured on the homepage of CNN Money for several hours and was the most popular article on CNN for several days.

cnnmoney front copy

cnn social shares new copy

I also have dozens of other trading challenge students making five and six figure/year profits as you can see HERE so needless to say I have high expectations for 2014.

I’m already up $15,000+ in the first two trading days of 2014 as I outlined in this video lesson and one of my new students just made more in one day than he has in one month (watch that inspiring video HERE)

But life isn’t just about hard work and making money, you have to enjoy it all too!

As you can see from my drunken New Year’s Eve photo, I definitely enjoyed my night:


(it’s okay to have a little fun when the stock market is closed the next day as it is every year on January 1st šŸ™‚ Just don’t drink AND trade as I warned in this video:

Anyways now I’m down in Miami as I’m giving a few lucky students to shadow me for the next few days and enjoy some live trading with me and this great trader next Monday so I decided to reward myself with a brand new $35,000 Gold Rolex Daytona:

new rolex copy

After all, as I said in last year’s video from Newport Beach, I couldn’t start really treating myself until I had created a millionaire:

Now I have achieved that goal so it was time I upgraded my $9,000 stainless steel Rolex (which as you saw I threw in this video) to something more substantial and it complements my $36,000 Audemars Piguet watch quite nicely

rolex lambo

Understand I really could care less about my two $30,000+ watches or my $235,000 Lamborghini (see more pictures here to get inspired) for that matter…these are just symbols meant to inspire YOU my readers/students to study harder and do what it takes to get wealthy and then you can afford to spend your money HOWEVER you want.

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Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. Iā€™m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

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  1. JVP3122

    I have a question, not related to this blog post. I’ve watched both Pennystocking DVD sets and while the methodology makes sense I find myself having trouble finding the stocks to put on my watch list. If I run a screener using finviz.com or something like that I’m able to see the stocks that have broken out or broken down, but I’m still unsure about how to find stocks to place on my watch list in case they break out or break down. Can someone give some insight on how to find the stocks close to a breakout or is that material on another DVD set?

  2. JVP3122

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. How do I go about getting access to the platform? There does not seem to be any information on the website in regards to download/purchase of the platform.

  3. Edward

    I have waited over 15 days with no contact. Also, if that the attitude toward potential clients, then I may need to look elsewhere. Just rude.

  4. Damion50

    Looking to start investing in penny stocks, just not sure of the next step! I am thinking about getting penny stocking silver and I have happened upon about 50,000$ and would like to become efficient and be able to support myself and not have to worry about working my shitty job. Any advice would be great.

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