Why This Is Such A Big Week Ahead


Why This Is Such A Big Week Ahead

Summers are usually slow for penny stock trading, but the past few weeks we’ve seen SEVERAL great Supernovas like GEVO ($4 to $24 in 2 days) and ASTC ($2 to $8 in 1 day), CLBS ($4 to $11 in 2 days) and CLPS ($5 to $17 in 4 days).

And I’m getting more questions than ever from students galore looking to become my next self-sufficient millionaire trading challenge student…and despite my doing Q&A webinars weekly, along with my top students giving an additional 1-2 webinars per week to trading challenge students, the questions just don’t stop, mainly because newbies seem to think the key to success is having to answers to just a few of their questions whenever they ask instead of having a far more comprehensive overall framework and understanding of how penny stocks work and move…and in case you’re wondering they’re wrong, no one or two or even three questions and answers matter, learning how the game works as a whole is IMPERATIVE to your success!

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So, with that in mind, I’m SO very excited about this coming week as my team and I are about to unveil a brand new 6+ hour guide to penny stock newbies that will be excessively for my trading challenge students to give them a leg up over everyone else who is studying in an incomplete fashion.

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I know, I know, I have many, many guides, like this free one https://www.timothysykes.com/penny-stocks/ covering all the penny stock basics and this one too on how to choose the best stocks to trade https://timothysykes.com/traderchecklist/ but this new guide for trading challenge students ONLY is my best guide yet since it mixes basics, with new rules, lessons and patterns I’ve recently refined and found to work best for new and upcoming students.

What most people fail to realize is that teaching trading is extremely difficult since every student is different with various strengths and weaknesses, goals, mindsets, schedules and even timezones so aside from trading profitably now for the past 2 decades, I’m very proud to have no been teaching for over a decade and I’ve learned A LOT, all of which I put into this new “orientation guide” as we’re calling it.

I’m still not sure exactly what day next week we’ll finally release this awesome new guide to trading challenge students exclusively, so let’s just say it’ll happen by July 1st, just in time for a summer slowdown in trading that should allow for greater time to be spent on studying and preparation!

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(Although as I mentioned earlier, June’s opportunities have gotten crazy the past few days so who knows if this will be a slow summer or a busy one like the last 2 summers have been!)

And because I know I’ll get a ton of questions about why people prefer learning in real-time with Supernovas galore, let me just remind you that your single best asset for your education is not the misguided practice-makes-perfect assumption, but instead the countless hours of archived lessons my team of self-made millionaire traders and I have worked our butts off creating the past few years.

You can ALWAYS practice anytime during the year, especially when it’s bound to get busier in the fall and winter seasons, but you need to cherish slow times, not deride them, as the sad reality is that even if a perfect play came about tomorrow, or worse yet several perfect plays, the vast majority of my students are thoroughly unprepared to capture much profit due to lack of studying and preparation.

Yes, yes, learning in real-time is important, but please do not waste your evenings and weekends thinking there’s nothing to do to get closer to your financial goals — on the contrary, it’s when the stock market is closed during which you can make your biggest gains in your knowledge account, just not your monetary account.

(Remember a little while back when I introduced the idea of your having 2 accounts, a knowledge account based on studying and preparation, and a monetary account in which you can track the growth of your wealth based on how much money you have in your brokerage accounts)

As much as I want EVERYONE to grow their monetary accounts, it simply won’t happen UNTIL you have enough knowledge, and then as my student Jamil points out in this new must read book https://www.amazon.com/dp/0692992677 you could say there’s even a third account, your experience account which grows gradually over time.

But long story short, next week is a VERY important week as you trading challenge students are about to have the single greatest resource ever created for penny stock trading newbies, one that has taken my team and I a LONG time to put together and we cannot wait to release it you by July 1st!

Anyone who is not in my trading challenge, I suggest you go apply and get into the small tight-knit community that helped each other learn and thus has created the most successful, self-sufficient traders in any niche of the stock market that I’ve ever witnessed…and I’m not just saying that because it’s my own creation, but because out of all the communities, chatrooms and websites that I review, my trading challenge community is the absolute best for stock trading ideas and transparency…

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…don’t even get me started on the many fakers, frauds, lairs and exaggerators in the world of trading and penny stocks, when I first told people that with enough hard work and study it was possible to turn a few thousand dollars into seven-figures within a few years, people thought I was absolutely mad, but now that nearly half a dozen of my students have now achieved similar, if not better, results in the last few years, I’m looking a little less crazy these days and the crazy ones are more likely to be those who ignore education that is proving its value time and again.

With the release of this new orientation guide, next week marks a new beginning for a a host of my most dedicated students and I for one cannot wait to see who really studies it closely and takes advantage of all this new information/guidance!

Trading challenge students, leave a comment below if you promise to study this new guide hard and then I’m going to hold you to that promise!