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The Best Penny Stock To Buy Right Now (Free Video Outlining Why)

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See my top student & I on FOX the other night


Yesterday I wrote this post and included a free video on the best penny stocks to buy and invest in…read it HERE

Long story short it’s great to buy penny stocks with technical breakouts and solid earnings or contract winners with bigger multi-billion dollar companies.

I’ve been buying XXII, a maker of a lower nicotine cigarette, since the $1.50s and now it’s up to $2.40 in a few weeks…they have a licensing deal with a $100 billion tobacco company and the price action has been beautiful as of late which is how I made $15,000 the last time I bought it in the $1.70s and sold it in the $1.90s…obviously I sold too soon, but I usually take profits too soon and still have millions in the bank as I said on FOX in this interview:

I’m long XXII again over the weekend on the perfect technical breakout above $2.19,congrats to my trading challenge students who were fortunate enough to tune into my live trading webinar early Friday morning as I outlined EXACTLY what the stock would do 5 hours before it did it…the beauty of my challenge is teaching people in realtime…

…remember I went big buying $180,000 worth on the last breakout at $1.74 (congrats to those longterm newsletter subscribers who have simple held all this time) and even though I sold too early, it spiked 26% from the breakout point (and a solid 17% within 3 days of that breakout)…now it has an analyst report with a $9 price target people are reading this weekend so let’s see how high it can go this breakout around and if the company is smart enough to issue hyped up news on Monday to help it really spike

Here’s the analyst report with the $9 price target detailing all the potential catalysts coming up…there’s a bunch so I’m glad to be long as if any get announced forget about me making 20-30 cents/share profit, this could spike to over $3/share in the next few days


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