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Last updated on December 10, 2019

Timothy Sykes is a penny stock trader, trading teacher, world traveler, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Humble Beginnings

Originally from middle-class Connecticut, Tim had an interest in the stock market from a young age. But it wasn’t until an injury put a successful tennis career on hold that he began to explore the markets in earnest.

He persuaded his parents to let him use $12,415 in bar mitzvah gift money to invest in the stock market. Figuring it was his money to lose, they gave their blessing…

…but he didn’t lose that money. He began learning everything he could at the market, and regularly skipped classes in favor of trading penny stocks.

It paid off: by the time he was a senior in college, he was a self-made millionaire. He’d also established a scholarship for his alma mater of Tulane, and established a hedge fund.

His hedge fund went on to become the #1 ranked short bias fund by Barclay for three years and he was named to Trader Monthly’s “Top 30 Under 30” in 2006.

Changing Gears

Ultimately, as documented in the best-selling trading autobiography “An American Hedge Fund,” his strategy was not scalable, and his fund lost 35% when he tried long-term investing instead of trading.

As it turned out, this was the catalyst for a much-needed shift in his career.

Sykes would go on to appear on the docu-series “Wall Street Warriors,” where a bit part turned into a starring role in 5 of the 6 episodes of the show’s hit first season, which aired in 20+ countries. Yep: you can still find some episodes on YouTube.

The show’s success led to hundreds of inquiries from aspiring traders who wanted to learn from his trading strategy.

This inspired him to change his focus to helping emerging traders find their way … while also cutting through the BS that’s so entrenched in the trading industry.

From Trader to Trading Influencer, Entrepreneur, and Teacher

With key goals of transparency and providing real, quality information, Tim began creating a variety of resources for traders.

What started with newsletters and instructional DVD packages quickly expanded into platforms and events for traders, including:

  • Investimonials.com, a community of over 65,000 investors & traders who have reviewed over 25,000 financial products like brokers, blogs, newsletters, websites, financial movies and commentators.
  • Profit.ly, a community of over 160,000 traders (and counting) who share their performance and trades openly. On Profit.ly, you can see ALL of Tim’s trades.
  • StocksToTrade, an incredible stock screener and trading platform that allows traders to find promising stocks to trade.
  • Trader & Investor Summit, a trading education and networking event that has taken place annually since 2015 in Orlando.

Tim Sykes Trading Challenge

Tim’s biggest and most ambitious project to date is the Trading Challenge. He developed this educational program for traders based on the knowledge he amassed in his 20+ year trading career.

The Trading Challenge helps new traders become self-sufficient through learning key patterns, trading strategies, and best practices so that they can pave their own way toward reaching their trading goals.

Check out some of the 10,000+ Trading Challenge students HERE

Tim’s approach as a teacher is unique: every year, he goes back to his roots and starts anew with a small account, allowing him to trade like his students and teach them most effectively.

Curious about Tim’s students who have crossed the million-dollar mark**? Read about some of them HERE and HERE.

In the Press

Tim’s approach as a teacher has been different from many other trading educators. He’s been featured in a variety of different media outlets, including:

He’s also written extensively for websites like Entrepreneur and Huffington Post.

Want even more? View Tim’s press clippings.

World Traveler and Philanthropist

These days, you can find Tim living his best life as a teacher, trader, and traveler. He mostly trades and teaches from the road, and has visited over 100 countries and counting.

He is also deeply devoted to charitable work. Here are some highlights:

  • Co-founder of Karmagawa, a charitable organization dedicated to saving the environment, endangered species, and more
  • Through the Timothy Sykes Foundation, 35 schools have been built or are in development, in over a dozen countries around the world.
  • Donated $1 million to Pencils Of Promise, which has been used to build 20 schools and buy tablets to improve the education process in Ghana, Laos, and Guatemala.
  • Donations to Cancer Warriors, Autism Works Now, Make-A-Wish, Boys & Girls Club, Second Chance Humane Society, BuildOn, The UNCF, Cambodian Village Fund, The Bali Children’s Project, The Houston Food Bank, The Food Bank of Corpus Christi, and Lifting Hearts Breast Cancer Group.

Stay Up to Date

Want to keep up with Tim on a day-to-day basis? It’s a fun ride. Here’s where to find him:

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