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8 Unexpected Secrets To Success

One of my top students named Steven Dux, who I previously profiled HERE, has now turned $27,000 into $900,000 gave a very simple answer to the key to his success:

My student @stevendux_1994 has turned $27,000 into $900,000+ in the past year #stocktrading and just gave an incredible webinar to other Challenge students for the past 2 hours, but I want you to only like this video and leave a comment if you are excited to see the full 40+ minute video interview we recorded a few days ago when I met him in #miamibeach for the first time. A lot of people are surprised that I can successfully teach people online that I've never met, that's the beauty of new technology, being real and now having thousands of hours of live #stockmarket tutorials, but you must be #dedicated like Steven has been to truly maximize the opportunity and achieve #financialfreedom and the #dreamlife so let's see what you've got! #ilovemyjob #proudteacher #dreamjob #pennystocks #honoraryjew #edjewcation

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His key was joining my trading challenge since he’s learned from Michael Goode, myself, Tim Grittani and Mark Croock’s video lessons and webinars and created a strategy that works best for him.

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

And we’ve all been doling out education/information galore lately in videos like this:

So please read this post in its entirety since it’s real and useful information and leave a comment below the post if it helps you…not like my April Fool’s Day joke about the secret to my success:

So, do you want the good or the bad news first? I’ll start with the bad news.

The bad news is that there isn’t one single “secret” that will unlock success and nothing is guaranteed no matter how hard you work. However, the good news is that success isn’t a secret at all, but the cultivation of millionaire habits, a strong work ethic, and personal paired with business intelligence and the recognition that the harder you study and prepare, the greater your odds of success will be.

But since that remains foreign to some people, here I will reveal some of those not-so-secret “secrets” to success. Some may seem like common sense; others might surprise you. But all of these things will help remove roadblocks, which can allow you to reach your full potential.

1. Self possession. The dictionary defines self possession as “the state or feeling of being calm, confident, and in control of one’s feelings; composure.”

Basically, if you are self possessed, you are comfortable in your own skin and confident in your abilities. You know who you are and what you want. You have clear, specific goals, and you know that you have the stuff that it takes to attain them…maybe it’s not even about money for you, it’s more about having the freedom to travel the world and start a charity like I did, whatever your goals, clearly define them and then work your butt off every single day to actually achieving them!

So yes, in a way, this means that to be successful, you must “find” yourself. Really take the time to figure out who you are and what you want: it will make the road to success far more accessible.

2. Flexibility. No, this doesn’t mean you should sign up for yoga or pilates. The flexibility I’m referring to is less about twisting your body into pretzel positions and more about being able to switch gears on the fly.

Be willing to explore something new, or to break out of your traditional working habits and try new strategies in the pursuit of success. Notice the direction that the market is taking, and be willing to go with the flow versus trying to steadfastly hold your ground. The ability to be nimble in finance and business is one of the true secrets to success.

3. Self observation. The most successful people have developed the ability to go inward. There are benefits to doing this that go far beyond just finding oneself. The ability to self observe means that you can view yourself realistically and learn how to play to your strengths and diminish your weaknesses.

In looking at yourself, be honest: what is it that you do well? Make a concerted effort to highlight those things that you do well so that you can perform well in business. Also be able to look at your weaknesses and bad habits. Everyone has them; the key is to be able to identify them, so that you can take proactive steps toward diminishing them, improving yourself, and de-emphasizing the things you aren’t good at.

4. Successful friends and mentors. Have you ever heard the theory that you are the sum of the people you surround yourself with? If that’s true (and quite frankly, it is), then choose to surround yourself with quality, successful people.

A mentor should be among your circle of colleagues and friends; this person can act as an invaluable resource and help streamline your career. However, don’t stop there. Also surround yourself with an inner circle of successful people who you want to be like. Attend networking events and get to know people. When you make friends in high places, it will inspire you to do better for yourself too.

5. Learning the basics first. This might seem painfully obvious, but the fact is that plenty of people try to find success in business without ever taking the time to learn the basics…see my free stock market guide here and free best-selling book here.

While sudden success could still happen, it’s more a fluke than anything, and cannot be counted-on. To ensure that you will attain success, like ALL of my top millionaire and upcoming millionaire trading challenge students, take the time needed to master the basics of finance/business FIRST. Many people win short-term, but they’re not prepared nor setup to achieve long-term and lasting success and that’s a mistake.

If you want to be a trader, a good start would be to enroll in the Tim Sykes Million Challenge. As part of this team, you’ll learn the art of trading in a supportive, informative atmosphere from SEVERAL millionaire traders, not just me anymore as my top millionaire trading challenge students help me mentor other students now too, for which I’m eternally grateful. You’ll learn the skills with a real-life emphasis that will allow you to get ahead quickly and make consistent money.

6. A professional workplace. To find success as a professional, you’ve got to play the part. When you wake up in the morning, get your mindset right, maybe even dressed up or workout and spend some time just mentally preparing for the day. Even if your place of business is on your smartphone or laptop, be sure that you keep your work space organized and your files in order. Small things like this might seem trivial, but it can really promote a professional state of mind. Plus, you won’t spend half of your time trying to get organized as you go, which will streamline your work in a huge way.

7. Making peace with risk. Risk is inherent and ubiquitous in most types of business, but particularly in trading. You’re not going to change that, nor is there a way to totally avoid it. So why not embrace it?

Truthfully, I don’t know anybody who loves risk, from my Tim Sykes Million Challenge Team students to billionaires. But to accept it and to know that risk can reap rewards can deepen your business prowess. Knowing that risk exists, and respecting it, can allow you to work with and around it so that it doesn’t hold you back from attaining what you want in life…rule #1 here is to cut losses quickly so don’t ever forget that and allow yourself to turn a small mistake into a potentially big disaster.

8. Relaxation. To become successful, you’ve got to work 18 hours a day and totally sacrifice your social and family life, right? Not at all. If anything, I would urge you to work less hours and simply be smart about the work you do.

If you work too hard (yes, it’s a thing) you will burn out, and you might totally crash and burn in business. This is obviously not ideal. To keep your success long-burning and sustainable, be sure to take ample breaks and to rest and restore often.

Perhaps a better name for this post would have been “the not-so-secret keys to success”. Because truthfully, there isn’t one golden ticket when it comes to finding success. It’s more the result of careful cultivation of knowledge, habits, and business prowess. By continuing to work on your own self improvement, you’ll find that success is yours for the taking.

Do you want to be more successful? 

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  1. OceanRider

    “Making peace with risk”, that is a very interesting thought and first time I have heard this concept put as simple and succinct as you have. I’ve had a hard time working on cutting loses quicker. When I was watching TT from TG at 530am this morning, TG mentioned something simple about risk as well. TG’s thoughts were something like, “if this trade (one he was doing in the video) goes against me, I’ll just get out and exit at a lower price”. I think sometimes it is important to take managing risk more seriously and maybe a little more systematic and specific to apply ‘cut losses quickly’ while in the act of a losing trade. I think ‘making peace with risk’ is the perfect way to enable a lot more people like myself to realize that it is ok to be wrong, in the wrong trade at the wrong time, but that when in that moment, I need to make peace with my bad trade and get out. I can no longer be ok with all the former good trades done and not risk the good things I have done on other previous trades up to this point.

    Thank you for this list and especially the one about making peace with risk.

  2. Ed Cyckowski

    I have learned so much since I started this venture. I still make mistakes which I have not published in profiltly. I will soon after I lick my wons and kick my butt a few times. Thank you for caring and helping, it going to be a great experience.

  3. Arya

    I’m a yoga/pilates instructor. I’m checking out Timothy’s chat room and blogs and learning, training and transforming my relationship to money. This is my first time to the chat room. It strikes me how similar Money is to the spiritual concepts of yoga–yoking the unseen spirit to the corporal body. If you consider that money flows with you or with out you, and that all things flow in waves, you realize that in the “zen” state, which means, being in the flow, you don’t worry about the ups and downs, you assume it, you laugh and ride the wave and if possible, with practice you find the balance point somewhere above the 0 line–like a surfer on a wave who is never in the trough. The laws of nature state that all things travel in waves, ups and downs, peaks an valleys. Currency flows similarly. Letting go, surrendering to the outer forces is a key principle to activating personal life force within frequencies that take you to the higher nodes, the optimum paying plays. Letting go of allegiances to beliefs about who you are in relationship to the hurricane of money is chit ananda, spiritual bliss. The trough, the bottom, the loose, informs the highest aspiration and signals a time out. It is good, and takes knowledgable and skilled foot work to ride that friggen wave with grace. Be well Ocean Rider, and ride well! Awesome blog Timothy!

  4. Bronson

    I like this post a lot. I think #7 has been the hardest one for me but I’m finding a balance as I get more and more experience day by day. I’m not a gambler which is good, but my tendency to be TOO risk averse has stood in my way and has sometimes even hurt me. I would get juked by the level 2 and scared out for little to no reason & just eat the spread. I’ve come to terms with the fact that reward comes with risk, and as long as you have a good entry (not chasing) and a stop based on proper levels (and the right pattern you’re comfortable with & is presently working well), you need to have the conviction (as Lx21 calls it) to hold your ground as long as things are going in the right direction.
    #8 I’ve found is huge as well. Less for me about being burnt-out than knowing when to take a step back and center myself before doing something foolish. I’ve really come to terms with the whole “it’s better to miss than take a bad entry” mentality. There was a while where I was screwing around with illiquid pump crap & premkt too much and I realized it was preventing me from being ABLE to follow rule #1 and my losses would just eat away at my profits (and my soul).
    After living in Asia for 2 years and bouncing around once I got back I’m finally somewhere now that I have a solid routine that’s done wonders.
    That CLRB picture is pretty cool btw. Definitely a keeper. Kind of reminds me of Stepbrothers. “Research & Development: Putting in the man hours.”
    I’m working on being a better testimonial someday soon. I’m taking your advice via Jay Z too about the multiple revenue streams so I can always have time for trading & studying. Your kick ass work ethic is contagious. Keep up the good work.

  5. Ryan

    Excellent post Tim. I’m so sick of being around people with negative attitudes. In my opinion, one of the best things about being a part of this community is the inspiration. It’s not just trading education. It’s so much more. Thanks again!

  6. Dave Senften

    “Successful Mentors and Hard Work!” Thanks Tim! I’m learning more with each study session, webinar viewed, chat session attended, and trade made!

  7. Josie King

    Awesome post, all of those things are very true. Thanks again for all the solid information!

  8. Kenny Bailey

    Habit #7 is one that I’m having to learn over time. It’s hard thinking you have all the answers, that nothing bad will happen, only to have it blow up on you. Risk HAS to be part of every trading plan. It’s a hard lesson to learn if you don’t respect it. I’m learning to embrace it, that it’s part of trading. But slowly, I’m becoming more confident and relaxed. Thank you Tim.

  9. Eric

    Great post .. Basically have discipline , treat trading with respect and responsibility . it is risky, but rewarding .. Just don’t let risk get out of control and it will lead to relaxation beyond your wildest dreams .. The ability to adapt to many different situations will help you grow personally and professionally ..

  10. Justin

    #8 is my favorite but I’m afraid I’ve done too much of that one lately and now is time to hammer the rest.

  11. Joseph Williams

    Be nimble, self observe, and work smart! Great post. Thank you for everything Tim!

  12. Fred Becker

    Great information, Tim! Never miss any of your emails whether to read, watch one of your video trainings, or listening to some of your million dollar achieved students. Congratulations to student @stevendux_1994 who has turned $27,000 into $900,000+ in the past year in #stocktrading. Definitely waiting and excited to see the up and coming 40 minute video. Continuing my “How to Make Millions” training second time around. The more repetitive I listen the easier it gets to understand, remember and sharpen my notes.

  13. Brent Lipke

    It’s posts like this that are why I am a Challenge Student.

    Success begins with vision and is fuelled by passion.

    The continuous influence of a mentor like Tim is truly priceless. This post exemplifies the very core of Tim and his team. More than simply making money, Tim’s daily influence in my life has helped me to stay focused on being the best “version of myself”.

    Self-observation and self-possession are important realities that are the foundation for our personal growth.

    Tim has far more than stock trading strategies, he is a master of life strategies. He walks his talk and is a man of integrity.

    The best part, is that he is just getting started! I am truly honoured to have him as a powerful mentor and influence in my life. (Joel is awesome too!!)

  14. Jack

    I’m studying, studying, studying, studying, studying, studying, studying, studying, studying, studying, studying, studying, and STUDYING.

    Sorry, but I just wanted to let everyone know that When You Study, Everything Thing Becomes Obvious.

    Once you study, and continue to study, then you can trade and control your emotions, manage your risk, and refine your strategy.

    I’m writing this down to remind myself that this takes time, that this is a marathon and not a sprint. So have patience and work hard.

    Yes I’m talking to you. You can do this.

    And Thanks Tim. I really needed this today!

  15. JohN Waller

    Great insight from the Millionaire interviews. They are right on about so many of the mistakes I have made and sometimes continue to make. I haven’t decide to quit but have been frustrated because of foolish pride. “Holding and Hoping is not a strategy.

  16. Tim Vaughn

    Thanks Tim, I never thought about embracing the risk before I read this post and is probably my biggest hurdle in trading. I have no fear of missing out, seems I have more fear of getting in. So when I’m looking at and recognizing a perfect set up and then not pulling the trigger. I started asking myself “if I’m not going to take this trade, what is the set up I think I’m waiting for?” It’s making it easier for me to trust my instincts and preparation and embracing the risk as part if that is exactly what I needed to do. Thanks again for all I have learned over the last year and all I will continue to learn from you and your team.

  17. Butterflygirl

    This is what I love about trading. It forces us to be self aware. Work that is holistic – requiring mid, body and soul is what i have sought my whole life! Thank you for teaching us with this perspective, Tim!

  18. Myles

    Turning 18 this friday.. looking to invest asap, but not without knowledge/education. I have already ordered multiple books and read a few as well as looked over multiple blogs/websites. Is there a specific age I should be before investing?

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