7 Reasons Why I Want More Millionaire Students**

millionaire students

Millionaire Students

Want to know why I want more millionaire students? Read further to learn why, Over the years, I’ve cultivated SEVERAL millionaires via the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge. But my work isn’t done. I want to create MORE millionaire students and more than just the money, I want to create self-sufficient traders as my team and I are just your training wheels.


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I just posted this new video lesson:

…and the gist of it is that it’s important to review your trades, perfect your trading process and also tune into the many webinars given by self-made multi-millionaires that my team and I provide because I WANT MORE MILLIONAIRE STUDENTS!

There’s plenty of wealth to share when it comes to penny stock trading, and I want to share it with talented students. Are you ready to claim your success and take your life and career to the next level? If so, my trading challenge might be a good fit. Here are seven reasons why I want to spread the wealth and help more students become millionaires.

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1. I know how it feels. At a base level, I know how it feels to want more from life. While everyone wants to be a millionaire, at the root of this is a desire for a better life. Nobody really wants to bathe in money or sleep with stacks of cash (well, maybe sometimes). It’s about what that money can get you: cars, homes, power, respect. I know how it feels to want these things, and my challenge is designed to help my millionaire students attain their goals, whatever they may be.

2. I love being a mentor. When I started out on my trading journey, I didn’t have a mentor. Big mistake! Over time I figured things out and made money, but I probably could have done it much faster with guidance. This is one of the biggest reasons why I am a teacher/mentor. I want to help others avoid the mistakes that I made so that they can have a smoother journey toward success.

Being a mentor is a productive way to share my hard-earned knowledge, and it is a personal testament to how far I have come. I love guiding others toward success that they might not have found so quickly otherwise.

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3. There’s enough to share. A lot of traders suffer from a scarcity complex. They don’t want to play nice or to share. I’m the exact opposite. I recognize that there’s plenty of wealth to go around; it’s a matter of being brave enough to claim your piece of the pie.

Becoming a millionaire isn’t impossible; it doesn’t even have to be complicated. But it does require a lot of hard work, discipline, and applied targeted learning. If you’re willing to put in the work and learn from the lessons I teach, you’ll find that there’s plenty of wealth out there waiting for you. I want more millionaire students to benefit and to become wealthy because there’s plenty to share.

4. Being successful is more fun with company. Here’s the thing about my millionaire students. They’re not just smart and talented people. They’re also good, inspiring people that I enjoy counting among my network. If you are the sum of the people you spend your time with, then these are the people I want to spend my time with.

By helping create more Millionaire Trading Challenge students, I am creating a greater network of talented people in my life. It also creates a network of talent in their lives. Put together, we can inspire and raise each other up. Being successful is way more fun with company, and my millionaire students offer a chance to create a wonderful community of talented and inspiring individuals.

5. To improve my trading. I’ll be honest here: my Millionaire Challenge doesn’t just benefit my students. It benefits me, too, by making me a better trader.

Think of it this way. When I am teaching, I have to really think about my methods of trading and evaluate what works and what doesn’t. This already helps me streamline my methods, so that they are easier to follow for others.

Additionally, the collaborative aspect of working with students means that they challenge me and ask questions that make me continually think about how to improve. Over time, I have improved–a lot. This makes me an even better and more knowledgeable teacher and trader. This benefits my personal trading, but it also makes me a better and more powerful teacher. Everyone wins.

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6. The thrill of the game. You know how when you discover a passion, you get so excited about it that you just want to share it with the world? I feel that way about trading. I am truly in love with the process and get an insane thrill from the game. I want my millionaire students to feel that same passion.

When I see my students light up with the thrill of trading, it gives me a huge sense of pride and inspiration. It’s awesome to see others fall in love with the thing that I feel so passionately about.

When you start trading, it’s important to fall in love with the process, otherwise, you’ll fizzle out eventually. Like any passion, it’s more fun to share it with others. I want more millionaire students to enjoy the same thrill I get from trading. 

7. To make the world better. No, I didn’t just become Yoda for a minute. But yes, I want more millionaire students so that I can make the world (and trading-sphere) a better place.

Think of it this way. If I cultivate more millionaire students, then I’m going to be putting more success and value into the world of trading. Ideally, my students will do good things with their money. This means that the world becomes a more positive place, which means the economy and market improve.

Investing time and energy in my millionaire students is an investment in the improvement of society and the market. Both of these things benefit not just me, but my students and society at large.

Grooming millionaires through my Millionaire Challenge have become one of my greatest passions in life. There’s nothing like the feeling I get when I see someone else succeed based on my teachings. I want to continue this positive trend, and I invite you to be part of the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge team. So why not take the leap and go for the ride of your life?

Are you ready to become a millionaire? Leave a comment below and let me know if you promise to be dedicated…there are NO DAYS OFF in this journey so you had better be sure/serious about your education/future!