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5 New Trading Challenge Students Speak Out

I’ve showed you a lot of my top trading challenge students like this young guy who just passed $300,000 in trading profits and this older student who at the time of this post was up $400,000…but has now passed $600,000 in tading profits.

And so many more as there are now over a dozen students of mine up $50,000+ in 2013 already…

…but I also want to highlight some newer trading challenge students who don’t have the big $ gains yet, but as you’ll see from their emails to me reposted below, they have the right mindset and are on the right track so it’s just a matter of time:

So after about a month or so since I joined Tim Sykes Challenge, I have completed all the DVDs, even re-watched Pennystocking Pt. Duex and Tim Fundamentals Pt. Duex a second time each, watched over 200 video lessons so far, and participated in several webinars. It is only the beginning.

I’m exhausted, I work full time, but my wife, who is a first year law student studies even more than I have over the last month. So if anybody bitches about studying, tell them to eat a $%^ because there are so many students out there burying themselves in debt, that one cannot rid themselves of through bankruptcy/etc. mind you, and studying several hours a day, including weekends, all to work a 80K job if they’re lucky in this job climate.

Hopefully, I can start using my time after work (3pm to 4ish) to find the perfect trades and leverage about 10-35% of my $80,000 I have to play with against solid plays (probably REFR very soon considering its momentum to $4.40).

Thank you both Tim and Reaper for the amazing instruction so far. Hopefully, I can make you guys proud in the coming weeks and months.

Take care.



That’s one and here’s some more:


Wow!!!! What a nice day for me. I’ve been a challenge student for 1 week and had my first big profitable day today. Made $500 on OCTX and ECTY. It feels good man!!! I’ve been studying the DVDs like crazy. I was up at 3 a.m. this morning watching TIMfundamentals Part Deux……good stuff. I hope today was the start of things to come. Thank you for what I’ve learned so far.



Have watched all the DVD’s, am going through them again, watch every video lesson read every blog, if there is a relevant stock I read and watch all of them that have to do with it. I am reading books on stock trading when the market is closed and I have time.I know my stuff! I answer questions in the chat rooms and webinars. I am STILL not profitable. I have made all the mistakes that you and every other successful trader in the world tells people not to make, chased everything, over traded, panicked, did not cut losses quickly, took profits to quickly, used market orders, traded to many stocks..done it all in short time. Posted them all, so I have received the critique and help of the family at Profitly. I know my problem, it is the actual trade…paper is one thing when I hit that order key and use real money I become a different person, I panic, I sweat, I think things I usually do not think much less say ( my name is ZenSurfer and Zentrader for a reason )…

This is my plan to get over all that, I will trade in 100 share blocks, I will keep a log, win or lose, I will say if the trade was disciplined or not, profit does not matter, WITH DISCIPLINE PROFIT WILL COME. If the trade is a 100% winner guaranteed bank I will only go in with 100 shares. When I have done 10 disciplined trades in a row I will allow myself to go up to 200 shares and so forth up to 1000 shares if I break a rule the count starts again. I have the fortune that I do not need my trading income, at the moment, to survive, so I believe that this will be the path to me trading as I should AND becoming your FIRST MILLION DOLLAR BUDDHA.

Others might benefit from doing this or at least following me on Profitly to help, I welcome all along the path to Million Dollar Enlightenment!!


I owe you guys much more detailed feedback then what I briefly told to you on the phone yesterday. My experience with the Challenge has been awesome. I knew absolutely nothing about trading when I began and now I am shorting pump and dumps and buying earnings winners. Thanks to your educational system I was able to save myself a lot of trouble by learning the right things the first time around and at an extremely faster rate than if I were to try and figure this out through trial and error on my own.

Tim and his team have done a wonderful job in creating great learning tools. The use of profit.ly to record and learn from your own trades and others is invaluable. Profiding is great for alerts, commentary and to learn from what the few successful traders in chat have to say. If I could only choose one tool, it would be the live trading webinars. To watch Tim, Goode and Croocks thought process trading in real-time were the most valuable lessons for me and also the guest webinars with Kroyrunner, Investors Live, Croock and PrePromotionStocks.

I think Tim is absolutely right when he says public shaming works. I’ve made more dumb trades then not and I feel embarrassed every time I post one but when I go to make that next trade I ask myself, would I be embarrassed to post this trade? If the answer is yes then I know it’s a shitty trade and that has really helped me stop losing money and evolve into a better trader. What it is has really done is made me more selective, trying to only pick out the best opportunities instead of taking a bunch of random mediocre trades aka over trading.

I still have a lot of learning to do but I am well on my way to becoming profitable and self-sufficient thanks to the foundation you guys gave me.

This has been a positive life changing experience for me and I want to thank Tim and his team for making this opportunity available to the average person.

Keep an eye on me because I may not be one of your first students to make a million but I will definitely be one of them!

Thanks again for everything,

Jason R.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I have already watched all of the videos you have posted on youtube and a few at profit.ly. I started an account with Etrade, but because I only funded it with $2500, I am learning everything I can prior to making my first trade.

My goals are not a specific dollar amount in a given time frame, only to put myself in the position of being capable of making trading my job. I am confident that by following your method I will succeed.

Although I am an American, I currrently, I live in Kuwait with my wife and 15 month old son. We are going to have another child sometime in the next few weeks. I work in Kuwait on a U.S. Army camp for Exelis.


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