36 Things On My Mind To Prepare For My 36th Birthday This Weekend - Timothy Sykes

36 Things On My Mind To Prepare For My 36th Birthday This Weekend


Here’s my first little birthday gift and here’s my 2nd gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday next weekend and I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of them ASAP

As I tweeted a few hours ago:

…I can’t but reflect on my crazy journey these past 2 decades since I began trading as I’m eternally grateful to each and every one of you for helping me discover my twin passions for teaching and now growing my charity too, two things I NEVER would’ve expected from myself 10-15 years ago…you live you learn and you try to do your best every day and focus on what makes you happy/fulfills you.

And because I’ve had the good fortune of being able to focus on what I love, life is insane for me right now so it’s good to partake in some self-reflection and this blog post is as much for me as it is for you.

I’m in the middle of traveling all over Asia visiting 3rd world communities that need so much more help and support than they’re given, so I have some time right now to really dig into 30+ topics I think are important and can help you in life somehow.

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

1. The feedback from this recent video lesson has been nothing short of astonishing:

…not only is on pace to become my most popular and well liked video of all-time, it seems to finally break through all the noise in the trading world to help you focus on what really matters, the best mindset and rules needed to actually make millions of dollars in trading and for you to become my next millionaire trading challenge student.

2. It’s funny because I’ve been shouting rules we discuss in that video at the top of my lungs for 10 years, but only when a successful student puts it into practice and shows incredible gains, right in front of thousands of other students, do people finally take it seriously…I wish you would’ve just listened to be sooner, and then you’d be more successful, but it is what it is and if it takes a student whose English is his 4th language for you to realize this shit is all real, so be it! I’m just glad so many of you are FINALLY getting it so whatever it takes for it all to sink in is fine by me, I just want more millionaire trading challenge students.

3. With my birthday comes these blowout sales HERE and HERE and I love giving you guys these money-saving opportunities to invest in your education at reduced prices as long as you commit to studying for at least a year. We will NEVER reward those of you who think you can learn everything in a few days, weeks or even months as the key to success, as proven by my now several millionaire students is to treat financial education as a marathon, NOT a sprint.

4. And I highly recommend you try multiple newsletters from this list as it’s a good thing to learn multiple strategies and see what fits you best as has been proven by this new six-figure-profit student:

5. This is why we have multiple trainers available for my trading challenge Students as you might’ve seen in this awesome recent video too:

6. And as much fun as I have with my exotics cars, travel etc., it’s far more fun and meaningful for me to be able to create schools in both of my first 2 millionaire students’ names, The Michael Goode School and The Tim Grittani School will be opening in Bali in just a few months, look at that the kids are currently learning in as they are WAY too jam-packed in a small room to receive a proper education:

7. As yes, even though my charity posts are my least liked on social media as you might’ve noticed:

My first #millionaire student just passed $2 million in #stocktrading profits so I honored his achievement with a school to be built in his name too! The Michael Goode School is being constructed now thanks to the amazing work of @balichildrensproject and will open this summer/fall in #bali #indonesia right around the same time The Tim Grittani School will also open to honor my 2nd millionaire student @timgrittani too! Only like this photo and leave a comment if you promise to be a dedicated student so when you make seven figures my charity will build a school in your honor too! #surprise #dreamjob #proudteacher #givingback #charity #thetimothysykesfoundation #balichildrensproject #ilovemyjob #edjewcation #hebrewschool

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…they’re also the most important to me, and my mission, so not only will I keep doing it, I’m actually increasing my ambitions as my charity is not just building schools anymore, but now also medical centers and sporting arenas too! More information on that coming soon, stay tuned!

8. Many people tell me to calm down and just focus on one thing, but I don’t do anything half-assed and my ambition and dreams are bigger than most so I go full throttle ALL THE TIME…and that has been key to my success as a trader, teacher and now philanthropist too, I don’t know how to do it any other way, nor would I want to. I actually really enjoy the challenge of trading while traveling too with terrible Internet connections and crazy-middle-of-the-night trading sessions based on various time zones I’m in as it makes it even more gratifying when plays like this pop up and work to a T!

9. Too many people claim they like what I teach, but they need a lot of $ to get started and that’s BS so I have to call them out on it. Maybe you can’t trade big right away, but you should be studying first anyway, see my free video lessons here, and my free book here, and a free comprehensive beginners guide here and free 11-hour guide here…no excuses not to study, even homeless people can afford this stuff and you can go to your local library for free Internet access.

10. That said, free guides are just the tip of the iceberg and if you want to truly make life-changing money and learn skills that will help you forever you must invest in your education and take it seriously…my trading challenge is not free and we turn away a lot of people because our little community is for the most dedicated students only, we refuse to allow any lazy people in as they are a virus to any community and we don’t want to risk infection.

11. This blog post about the best chatroom I see right now is not an exaggeration, in the past few weeks it has risen dramatically in terms of usefulness and effectiveness as we now have SEVERAL millionaire and multi-millionaire traders commenting and alerting their trades in realtime.

12. NEVER follow anyone’s alerts or “hot picks”, the key to success, both financially and knowledge-wise is LEARNING from what great traders do in real-time and how they plan and stick to their plans.

13. As Steven Dux said in his interview, trading isn’t very hard, the hard part is mastering your emotions and discipline and that takes a lot of practice…

14. Practice REALLY does make perfect, too many people need to read this oldie but goodie blog post and learn patience/perseverance!

15. The morning spikes have been unreal as of late with stocks like NADL and ADPT going truly Supernova, but even if you didn’t bank on them, at least try to witness them in real-time and learn from them so you can be better prepared for next time.

16. Preparation ahead of time is key and no matter how long you trade or how rich you get, you can never get sloppy…and if you do, it’ll cost you as you saw with me here.

17. Even after nearly 2 decades in this game, I’m still learning and refining my process, which is why I stay safe even when this happens.

18. I know that after watching my top Millionaire trading challenge students and I trade and enjoy big gains, you have dollar signs in your eyes, but I show you this stuff not so you can bet big right away, but so you can understand the potential of my strategy and this niche AFTER you practice and grow your account over the years.

19. The stocks change, the players change, but the patterns never change because they’re based on human nature and human nature doesn’t change…paraphrasing from Jess Livermore, one of my trading heroes.

20. Of course, Jesse Livermore also used too much leverage, was wrong by just a few percent, lost the tens of millions he made (back in the early 1900s that’s like hundreds of millions today), went bankrupt and committed suicide so ALWAYS be careful as even the all-time greats can lose everything.

21. With the SEC clamping down on “fake news” on penny stocks as I wrote about here, that tells me we’re FINALLY getting ready for a purge of the many bullshitters and fakers that have come to power during this exceptionally long bull market and I welcome the purge because it’s tougher being real as when you’re a faker you can just pretend to look good all the time and those of who who lose and make mistakes like these look worse, so in essence we’ve been punished for being real and that stinks because too many people are learning from fakers and they don’t realize they’ve been had until it’s too late, learning bad habits that prevent you from ever really making it.

22. Always remember the lessons of the past, they will help shape your future.

23. I’m SO excited for the return of real people who claim to be experts by just posting screenshots and fake reviews get exposed for the frauds/BSers they are. This is why I’m SO proud of my top Millionaire trading challenge students who follow me lead and show EVERY trade publicly, win or lose, not just a few screenshots to impress newbies and feed our egos.

24. With the probable coming crackdown, it’s even more important to heed my warning from the blog post “Warning About Using These Wrong Brokers” as you don’t want to be caught with money in an account that can get shutdown and you lose EVERYTHING.

25. There’s a lot of brokers preying on newbies with cheap or “free commissions” and yet they make much more money by not giving you basic services and handing you terrible executions that cost you much more in the long…there is no free lunch on Wall Street, too many people just don’t realize it.

26. Nobody didn’t get rich based on saving on commissions, commissions are negligible if you have patience to wait for the right setups and trade volatile stocks as those detailed in this video lesson.

27. As I travel to these third world countries it astounds me to see how happy a lot of these people are who have no money and no material goods in their lives…I love capitalism and I’m not turning communist anytime soon, but it is fascinating to compare their mindset and outlook to several billionaires and multi-millionaires I know who are very unhappy…money can’t buy happiness, it only buys you freedom and then it’s up to you to decide what to do with it to make yourself happy.

28. Many people say I should just stay in NYC and trade as the majority of my industry is there, I’d make more money that way and build my business faster too…nope, I’m already overwhelmed by students, that’s why you have to apply for the trading challenge, I’m not interested in teaching everyone, I prefer quality over quantity and I’ve learned that as hard as it is creating millionaires from scratch, it’s impossible to do if you have the wrong attitude.

29. I’ll continue my ridiculous traveling because it makes me happy — I love the adventure and meeting people from so many different background…remember, I’m a weird guy as proven by my majoring in Philosophy in college, not business or finance which I learned all on my own.

30. I’m going to end this list now because the flight I’m taking while writing this is landing early so I have to put away my laptop…and, more importantly, I won’t even add any more bullets before publishing this in a few hours because I want you to understand that NOTHING I do is an exact science, you can always adapt in trading and in life, and when you’re a multi-millionaire you can pretty much do whatever you want and you should cherish that freedom and take advantage of it at all times…

…versus if I worked for a big financial media company like the few that have offered to buy me out, I would have to stick to 36 bullet points or change the title to “30” so as to keep up the BS facade of being professional…which I despise…as I’m not a professional, just a self-made multi-millionaire trying to teach you everything I know and have learned the hard-and-sometimes-strange-way over the years so that you can become my next millionaire trading challenge student too!)

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

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  1. Eric

    It is emotions that create the roller coaster … The market can be schizophrenic and have ADHD … Drugs aren’t that answer .. Seriously though Michael Goode said they can help if you NEED them … Mental illness is nothing to joke about … Stay CALM, collected and carry on the journey to financial freedom … It isn’t the money or materialism that matters .. It is the sense of accomplishment you feel once you have climbed and conquered the mountain … But like everything you want more … Hence the Timothy Sykes foundation was born … Charity is the next step on the journey of life .. EMBRACE IT!

  2. Arcadio

    Loved this inspirational blog. Looking forward to being in the challenge team, as I’ve already been accepted! And by the way, just in case I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM! Thanks for teaching me and inspiring me daily and I hope that wherever you are you enjoy your day, don’t forget it’ll be YOUR day.

  3. Marcelo Ribeiro de Oliveira Mello

    Hey Teacher! Thank you for you financial mentoring.
    Learning a lot.
    You Challenge Student.

  4. Patrick Jepsen

    Hey Tim, would you recommend any Trader / Millionaire Biographies, Technical analysis books or just books that you feel really impacted you as a trader and your mindset. I want to get them on paper so is there any that can be bought from a book store? thanks. I enjoyed these points!

  5. Charles Youmans

    Happy Birthday TIM — It is also My Birthday month as well – I will be 53 on the 27th – so here is a small reflection of my mind, along with a small insight of why I have joined Tim’s Challenge….

    It is truly important for us to take the time for self reflection on how we interact not just with the world around us – BUT with ourselves as well… Way too often, we convince ourselves that our choices and behaviors are justified given the context of “what we believe to be true” when the reality of Life is that there are multiple paths that reach the same destination – and to be biased into believing that our path is the correct and only one is in my opinion failure in and of itself…

    Yet, it is also overly important not to sit on the sidelines with our hands over our mouths… We must stand up and shout what we believe whether or not it is “SOCIALLY” acceptable or not – that is why I love this country & why I Joined the Tim Sykes Challenge…

    Tim Sykes may be rude at times and he has definitely pissed off more than a few people – but he speaks what many people do not like or want to hear – the truth – Not just from his point of view but from his heart… He may not always be right – but when he is he backs its up with FACT – and from what I have seen & why I am happy to learn from him – is that when he is wrong he is overly willing to reflect on it – admit it to it – and then does everything he can to correct the internal bias that caused the problem… This is not saying that he goes out and apologizes – which is not always the correct course of action – but it does show all of us why he has accomplished all that he has – because he is constantly improving and changing the biases within himself – by striving daily to reflect upon his own actions, behaviors, and “big mouth” in order to become a better human being – and it this that he shares with of all us – how to find our own inner strength and discipline so that we too can become better human beings…

    As the Truth of being a Good and Profitable Trader is not by making lots of $$, but by working towards earning the Real freedom of actually being a stronger, more disciplined, and better human being – as you cannot be one without the other…

    Again – Happy Birthday TIM – I wish I was your age again :))

  6. steve e wiltshire

    Happy Earthday Mr.Sykes!
    Shout out from my boy G and I Anu. I past on the info about you to him and told him…..of everything we’ve done together and accomplish, this right here is it!!! We need to master this and our world will change for the better for ever. I found you while looking at a weed stock my friend sent and saw your commercial window thingy. Curiosity took over and I just knew this was it. I past it on to my friend G short for Gerard in which he was skeptical at first. Now we both have the vision you have and we are on it like white on rice. The market and strategies is all we reason about. We have finally conquered the most important step in being successful to us thus far and we have just started and that is…..WHEN IN DOUBT, GET OUT!!! We are from the u.s. virgin islands so we say in our words, cut loses and walk the f@@k away!!!! Thank you much and truly enjoy and have a happy earthday!!!!


  7. Greg

    Happy Birthday Tim! Lesson #16 of 60 really helped me. Lots of valuable lessons in there. Also I can’t remember the lesson # but you did a live short and as such gave great instructions on using level 2 effectively. Thanks

  8. Whitney

    Thanks again, Tim! Real-life lessons that every successful person should b relaying, but unfortunately, not many of said people want to teach others the path to success like you. An I’d have to say, you lesson #6 resonates with me so much. People who’ve been enclosed in the same daily rigmarole find they have a right to tell others to “calm down” and “focus on one thing.” Best part about life is, as long as you have the strength in your body, USE IT. You doing what you’ve done has benefited SO many people, so what would’ve happened if you started to “calm down?” We should encourage each other in our positive endeavors, not box ourselves! Again, thank you Tim and have a great birthday!

  9. Anonymous

    #14 Patience and Perseverance are a big lesson for me. Just take it slow and treat this journey as a marathon, Not a sprint!

  10. Richard McBane

    Great article! I like all of the lessons but I would say #8 right now because I can’t give something less than 100% and feel ok with myself. I have to give things my all or else I feel like I am not giving the best effort and can do better. Just trying to do better than the day before! #NoDaysOff

  11. AnneMarita

    Happy Birthday Tim! I never did trading – except the buying of one penny stock advertised by my friend. Ended up losing half of my money – which sparked my interest in penny stock. As a self-made entrepreneur and having built two multi-million-$ businesses, I know what it takes to get where you are. When I saw the first video by you less than 4 months ago, I knew that you were a real deal. Most people are clueless of what it takes, but are fast to offer their advice even without knowing what they don’t know. I studied your 11-hour guide and many, many other videos and guides before I joined the challenge just a few weeks ago. By then I had a good understanding about the work load ahead of me. Thank you for being a strong leader and philanthropist who doesn’t take bs from anyone.

  12. Dave Acosta a.k.a. Radioman

    Happy birthday, Tim! You are blessed far beyond your expectations because you have a good heart. You inspire me to be successful and do more good for others. I am finding more time to study amidst hectic family life and maintaining my focus on my goals. I hope to be a part of a great cause like your charity. In the meantime, please enjoy your day… You deserve a good day of relaxation at least on your birthday. God bless..

  13. ashley

    youre the man, happy birthday, i have only been with the Silver package for about a month and have put in tons of hours reading, watching videos, watching how all you big guys trade, and i am so grateful for this huge platform of amazing information. have an awesome birthday, you deserve it!

  14. GoodKarma

    Happy Birthday Tim. You are the best mentor I have ever experienced. Yes we all break the rules in the beginning wanting to see instant success only to have the market school us. Most of your students are learning from your past and some feel the information is outdated and not applicable to todays market because we/they are naΓ―ve. The past shows us a somewhat predictable future within the stock market world. Then your students witness Dux first hand and realize that this can be done and not only from the lessons you have been driving into us but from the total package of webinars, live trades, chat room and so much more. We have access to the most elite traders in the world. We have an unlimited resource video lessons of every type of scenario we may encounter. Yet we still overtrade and try to force things to happen in a chart that just won’t happen. When Dux comes and says he trades only 2 to 3 patterns it shocks us. I personally traded only 4 tickers on Thursday. That is the least I have ever traded in a day and I had the best results. The PDT rule (although not applicable to me in Canada) is viewed by new traders as a pain in the A. But really if only the best patterns are traded then the PDT would not matter. It only affects people that are overtrading. We have the best of the best at our finger tips. Learn everything you can from each person and then start trading you own best setups. Don’t chase alerts and don’t blame the market for your bad trades. The market is always right. Happy long weekend and see you all back in the chat room.

  15. Harry Badger

    Happy Birthday Tim…and thank you for assisting the under privileged.

  16. Jeffrey Borja

    Favorite one: “17. Even after nearly 2 decades in this game, I’m still learning and refining my process, which is why I stay safe even when this happens.”

    New to the Challenge Group and understand this is NOT going to be a sprint, but rather a marathon. Got the syllabus, starting with “Pennystocking,” then going down the list.

    Thanks for all you do and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  17. Butterflygirl

    What a legacy – already! Congratulations. I feel very blessed to have found you.
    Thank you and Best wishes πŸ™‚

  18. Tim Vaughn

    Thank you Tim! Another great post, I love how every day you have something (and sometimes MANY things on the same day) new to tell and/or teach all of us, and all we have to do is show up and be willing to learn and then be willing to apply what we learn. And that way we can all become successful as Steven Dux just proved to all of us in record time. Thanks again, I’m happy and proud to be your student in my second year of the challenge. Have a great birthday today and tonight and many happy returns of the day.
    ps. My name is Tim and I live in Chicago so I intend to help prove your thesis that people named Tim and midwesterners are destined to succeed. πŸ™‚ haha!

  19. Nancy Bamberger

    It’s an honor to know you … and also a lot of fun! Have a wonderful birthday — and start practicing kicking that ball around for the opening of your football stadium in Cambodia! Thanks for making so many amazing things happen in this old world of ours!

  20. Anthony Ugbaja

    All I can say is awesome!!! I’m craving for more and I’m ready for the trading challenge.

  21. Brent Lipke

    I hope you’re not tired of me thanking you Tim!

    You’re already a bigger man than Jesse Livermore ever was. He was selfish and greedy. Who’s life was ever made better for him having lived ?
    All he left us was his story, yours is already a living legacy.

    All of us will die. That’s the cold hard truth.
    The only question is after we’re gone, how will we be remembered?

    If you don’t leave a legacy when you die, it will be as if you never lived.

    Every day with every post, every webinar, every DVD, and every dollar donated to charity, you’re transforming lives in ways you will never even know.

    “We make a living by what we get,
    We make a life by what we give.”

    Thank you from all of us for continuously stepping up to the life that you were called to.

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