3 Millionaire Trading Challenge Student Reviews

I LOVE posting feedback from my students, it makes me a better teacher, posts like this where 10 of my PennyStocking Silver students and TIMalert subscribers sent me their reviews.

Pretty interesting to see some of the feedback I got from Trading Challenge students when I emailed this important blog post the other day:

Hi Tim
I am a Trading Challenge student and wanted to thank you for all the guidance so far, due to some health issues in my family I have not been in the market , since I had to be conservative and move my trading budget to medical fund , however I have tremendous faith in your techniques and my paper trading results assured me of the same. Things are getting better now and soon I shall be in the market. Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you


my name is Scott l. and i am one of your Trading Challenge students. i just wanted to say thank you. today i was able to nail the pzzi. entered in at 5.55 and kicked my long intra day at 6.40. because of your teachings you have made me a better trader.again thank you and keep on feeding me the info.i love working with you.


And this, the best thing I’ve ever read, I got a few weeks ago going into the close of 2011 from a Trading Challenge student named Stephen…not sure if I ever posted it:

Stephen: Shutting up shop for the year. Going to take the rest of the year off to recharge. Last short of the year for me was SPAH. Started with $3.5k ending with $109k. Thanks to Tim, Reaper, Joel, Zak and the crew. Have a good holiday