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As many PennyStocking Silver subscribers and Penny Stock Millionaire subscribers know Profitly has helped us discover some rather consistently profitable traders Mike Havrilla (see trades) and Mark Messier (see trades) who together have profited $500,000 in the past year or so and their successful trading strategy is simple, innovative and replicable enough that I decided to publish their book “How To Make Money In Biotech Stocks” and 12-hour instructional DVD package because I believe these products will finally make sense of a truly misunderstood market sector, much like I have attempted to do with penny stocks.

After several months of refining and editing, both of these products will ship in Mid-May!

UPDATE: Apparently, these guys have even surpassed my newsletters to be ranked the #1 best performing newsletter on Profitly

With services such as Biorunup (focused on buying the best biotech stocks) and Biorundown (exposing junky biotech stocks, which I help out on), Mike & Mark have created something truly special as evidenced by their superior reviews

and track record which I pointed out in this post…and now $500,000+ subscriber profits on Amarin Corporation plc (AMRN) which they nailed as a buy at my Vegas seminar last year in the $3 range (now $16+)…and some awesome customer testimonials like this:

$96,484profitAMRNLong Stock
biggest gain ever! thanks to @chasingthealpha for solid research! @biorunup

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So we’re about ready to release these new educational products, but we’d love to get your feedback on two things: the book cover and the book’s subtitle.

The book cover choices are below so please do let us know which you prefer:

Which Cover Do You Like Better?
Cover #1
Cover #2
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How To Make Money In Biotech Stocks Cover #1
How To Make Money In Biotech Stocks Cover #1
How To Make Money In Biotech Stocks Cover #2
How To Make Money In Biotech Stocks Cover #2

Also the two book title choices are:

#1: How to Make Money In Biotech Stocks: The Aggressive & Conservative Methods

#2: How to Make Money In Biotech Stocks: How Two Middle-Class Guys Quit Their Jobs & Made $500,000 Trading Biotech Stocks

It’s the same book either way…and it’s a 100% true story that will surely teach and inspire thousands of people, but we’d appreciate your help in deciding how to title it:

Which Title Do You Like Better?
Title #1
Title #2
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Thanks for the feedback and wait til you see these amazing products!