2 Questions For M.E. Garza And BioMedReports Regarding Positron

You might’ve read my FACT-BASED posts on why I am short 25,000 shares (it’s actually 30,000 shares as I discovered late Friday…one of my orders got executed on Interactive Brokers (I usually cancel my orders if they don’t execute immediately, but I forgot about a 5k order and the order executed when IB found more shares to short at 24 cents/share) of Positron Corporation (POSC) and their chairman Patrick G. Rooney and his history and the differences between POSC’s press releases and their SEC filings

BiomedReports.com founder Garza emailed me saying I “can’t just damage reputations without real proof and then edit pieces” and wanted my address for his legal team, which, after I reminded him that I could easily change anything he didn’t like in the post, I gave him…Garza FYI if you’re so concerned about your “reputation”, you might not want to go long stocks and highlight companies with the worst histories, balance sheets and checkered pasts I’ve ever seen…I mean what kind of research firm actually quotes a guy with such a questionable past as Patrick G. Rooney and floats partnership/buyout rumors…even if they are true (fingers crossed, remember, it’s REALLY not worth while to short a 25 cent/share stock, I’d PREFER this going higher (before what I believe to be is its inevitable failure), that’s irresponsible and that why you have the “reputation” you have created for yourself.

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Garza later wrote a blog post which said:

Yesterday, prices took a hit after a blogger made false and defamatory accusations against not only BiomedReports, but the company as well. This is the second time that the blogger has attacked BiomedReports‘s and owners of this website intend to take swift and complete legal action against the owner/author of that web site. Thus far, after multiple requests, the author of the website has refused to provide us with his legal contact information so that our legal department can commence those actions.

Woahhhh there, let me correct that “statement”–first off the stock “took a hit” from 26 cents/share to 24 cents/share (ouch!) on volume of 30+ million shares (I shorted 25,000 remember and there weren’t more than 200,000 shares to short at Interactive Brokers) Second, I didn’t accuse you of anything Garza or Rooney either…you guys might feel guilty over your own actions, but don’t take that out on me, go get a therapist and talk to him…you guys can probly get a group rate and save some money. The clear gist of my blog posts were why I think POSC is not a good company. I am entitled to that opinion and the facts speak for themselves.

In his email, he didn’t say what was false and defamatory, but I obliged him and took all references to BiomedReports.com because I am a nice guy and that’s the cool thing about blogging, all anyone has to do is contact me and complain about anything and I can make changes within seconds…despite this being a free country in which it’s possible to have and share your own thoughts, I’m not looking to make enemies and I need firms like BiomedReports.com and Jarret Wollstein and their “exclusive picks” because the key to my success has been to piggyback off these newsletters (in the opposite direction) after my research indicates shorting is the more rational way to go (whether or not I short, 99%+ of these companies drop to under 5 cents/share, go bankrupt, fail, etc…..you can’t fight longterm statistics, of course many people trading penny stocks, especially biotech penny stocks can’t even spell the word statistics let alone analyze them and form time-proven trading strategies)

So I sincerely apologize to Garza and BiomedReports.com for the few hours which my offensive blog post was up and was read by a few hundred people…it was my bad to be a little too emotional, but I changed it RIGHT AWAY even though my job is to cut through all the penny stocks BS out there. I am researching the worst and the shadiest companies and “businesspeople” (look at the Rooney family’s history) in the world and I must always keep my guard up to help protect PennyStocking Silver subcribers and TIMalert subscribers from the creeps out there…especially when Garza once compared me to a Nazi (for which he has still yet to PUBLICLY apologize)

That said, ALL my POSC research still stands since it is directly from POSC’s annual report in which they admit to having burned through $91+ million over the years all they have to show for it massive losses, revenue dropping 30% and their own accountant stating “If the Company is unable to obtain debt or equity financing to meet its cash needs it may have to severely limit or cease business activities or may seek protection from creditors under the bankruptcy laws.”

I am licking my lips to be able to short such a stocks after it has spiked 1,000% in a few days and I rooting for the runup to continue so I can add to my short position at higher prices! Only subscribers to my 4 newsletters will know what I expect to happen in the coming days and how I will trade based on those expectations.

So without further ado, here are my 3 questions for BMR, I do hope they answer, but somehow I don’t think they will so I encourage all of you few hundred people reading this, please do contact them and encourage them to be transparent like me and answer the questions below:

1. BMR, you sent out 7 text messages on Friday hyping up POSC’s “news” next week:

bmr.com:Alert: Sources tell BiomedReports that POSC has scheduled a news conference. Announcement pending.

bmr.com:Alert: POSC news conference will be held at Nasdaq Market Site according to those sources.

bmr.com:POSC will not deny that news conference will be announced by Monday.

bmr.com:Alert: If POSC news conference is announced by Monday, dramatic rise in stock price is expected.

bmr.com:BiomedReports stands behind these reports 100%. Shorts will have to cover!

bmr.com:Alert: POSC’s big news conference will be officially announced on Monday. Full details at BiomedReports.com

…and yet at the bottom of your April 23rd article there is no disclaimer that you are long the stock:


…while in your April 22nd article, you clearly stated that you were long POSC:


So did you sell your shares on Thursday or Friday? Whether yes or no, please be transparent and tell us how many shares you had, your unrealized or realized profit/loss. I dare you to be transparent like me, it’s not as easy as most think. Go on, I double dawg dare you, let’s see you earn my respect just this once.

If you did sell, may I ask why? If you’re so sure of a big announcement coming next week, why not wait? I’m curious.

2. Given that Solaris Opportunity Fund (the hedge fund owned by the brothers Patrick G. Rooney (Chairman of Positron) & John Rooney accused of $2.7 million fraud) owns over ONE BILLION SHARES of POSC (share conversions), how did that fraud case turn out? You seem close with Patrick G., can you ask him for me because I can’t find anything more on the internet (and I like using publicly available sources of information). I actually am curious how that turned out, please do update us all!

Oh yes, I agree, it is interesting that a hedge fund accused of securities fraud and making “knowingly false and misleading representations” and a fund seemingly in trouble as it was “trying its best to accommodate numerous redemption requests” and attempting to gain enough liquidity to accommodate the $2 million request.” would own sooooooo many shares of POSC (many people thought my including Solaris Opportunity hedge fund partner John Rooney in the family tree blog post was irrelevant, oh how wrong/naive you are)….taken straight from POSC’s just-days-old-10k:


I really would like them to keep doing what they’re doing, but if Garza and BiomedReports.com really wants to go to battle, fine, I will oblige them…I stand by my research, and stand by my transparency as my longterm track record speaks for itself on Covestor (still #1 out of 45,000+ traders) and HERE. Advantage Sykes.