7 Microcap & Smallcap Stocks To Watch Today

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 7:30am EST this morning (the daily video watchlist of the 2 best stocks were sent to PennyStocking Silver Subscribers):

LiveStock on demand discussing Liquidmetal’s stock and our great week last week!

Profitly’s newest feature and the top 10 trades of the week

Top 10 rated brokers

Thinkorswim Trading Account: $152,601, no trades, this account is up 49% in 2010, up 141% in 2009, up 197% in 2008 and up 1,126% since Nov. 2007 start

Conservative SogoTrade Account: $236,469, no trades, account is up 105% since Nov. 2009 start

Conservative Interactive Brokers Account: $191,772, made $700ish on VRML, account is up 28% since May 2009 start

Aggressive Interactive Brokers Account: $63,014, no trades, account is up 26% since Nov. 2009 start

Yesterday was a $18,500 profit day (cashed in roughly $700 on my VRML short) for the TIMalert subscribers listed below:

+3432 LQMT, Spooked by morning plunge. $11k profit over two trades.
-Trent N.

+1625 ICOP, Covered 1/3 of my ICOP short. Still holding another 10k with $8063 unrealized.
-Scott W.

Do want to thank you for Liq Tech, bought 5k shares made 2,185

+410 VRML, Sold lionmaster pump on morning panic. Thanks to Tim Sykes.

+250 DSTI, Locking gains, I do believe I could have held on for more but I won’t be greedy.

THANKS TIM today LQMT was my first great trade $1500 profit in 2 days

-602 VRML

+632 LQMT, Pumped up my wife’s IRA with this one!, +292 LQMT

+130 LQMT, Sum of two trades.

Vermillion, Inc. (VRML) I took a decent profit of $800, currently predicting the stock would drop 5%+, but I didn’t nail the bottom which many did as it was a perfect morning panic because I was flying…it stinks sometimes trying to coordinate flights and trades, so while the flight cost a few hundred bucks, you have to double its real cost to me…unfortunate, but true, solid trade, potential short still, but it is down a ton…perhaps Lionmaster can hype and pump it up again for us; yo Lion, mind posting some typical lies and propaganda again—we’d really appreciate it!

MakeMyTrip Ltd. (MMYT) acted very TSLA-like with some early morning strength on Friday and then gradually sinking all day on withering trading volume…no play, people are excited about online travel and this company has a niche, but the fundamentals are pathetic.

AirMedia Group Inc. (AMCN) has surged from the low 3s to the mid 4s on huge revenues and profits, but I will take everything with a grain of salt given that we’re talking about fickle Chinese advertising here….potential buy, but I’d like to see it settle down for a bit first.

ICOP Digital, Inc (ICOP) is steadying in the mid 2s, my exact exit point when I covered my short from the low 3s a few days back…remember, this company might have terrible fundamentals, but it does have a puny marketcap and it did just win a contract—it’s not your typical pump and dump…no play now, only a potential reshort on any major respike

Premier Exhibitions Inc. (PRXI) jumped form the low 1s to the mid 2s on news of a giant cash award for their Titanic artifacts…I wrote about how sleazy this company was several years ago when the stock was in the teens and ever since its just gotten wrecked like the ship remains they so proudly preserve. New management gives people hope, but there are so many longterm bagholders, any spike, such as Friday, will be aggressively sold into as this penny stock has the most suckers, probly even more than those stuck in COIN and JSDA…so very sad, all of those tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars in ignorant losses could have been prevented with just a little knowledge and cynicism…I need to push my DVDs far harder—who will be my affiliates? Signup here (seriously) and you get a 35% commission since I want this good knowledge out there and saving people’s lives/broker accounts…no play on this wreckage now

Nanometrics Incorporated (NANO) is gradually sinking with the overall market, but so far its held onto the key breakout level of 12-12.20 quite well in a very bearish environment…potential buy as I wouldn’t be surprised to see a snapback rally soon, but I won’t buy right away as there’s also risk of it falling off a cliff if it can’t hold onto that 12…no great odds either way although great earnings tip the favor to the upside just a bit.

Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (LQMT) dropped big on Friday and I regret not being near a computer at the market open as there were shares available to short and the wall of sellers on Level 2 (if you don’t understand Level 2, please get my DVD, its basic but necessary for beginners) foreshadowed it being its first down day…potential buy if the volume is high enough, PennyStocking Silver subscribers got a 3+ video analysis on this one (along with detailed research on 4 other stocks…contact us to upgrade, for a few dollars more per month, you get soooo many more features!)