13 Pumped Up Penny Stocks To Watch, The Stock Promoters Are Back & TIMalert Subscrers Banked $4,000+

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 1AM today to prepare them for the trading day:

TIM trading account—I use the magnificent Thinkorswim & crappy (but good borrows for shorts) Interactive Brokers—now stands at $50,304 +$2,466 in May, no positions, now up 305% in the last 18 months

Longer Term Account $51,291, up $1,291 in May (started with $50,000 on May 1), no positions

No trades on Friday due to my moving apartments…lots of potential plays due to stock promoters being back in the game biiiigtime…tough finding shaes to short though.

Some decent TIMalert subscriber testimonials too…

Video watchlists will return later this week, premium…still trying to figure out how to give you annual TIMalert subscribers free access until July 1st…what a pain!

Check out some TIMalert testimonials (for those who don’t like them, video watchlists will be testimonial-free…but testimonials are good to show you guys how to profit from these stocks):

Bought AINV 5.92 and sold for 6.41. Shorted DWRI at 2.30 and covered at 1.69 and 1.74. Shorted OCNF at 1.87 and covered at 1.46. Lastly shorted TEN at 7.30 and covered at 5.85. Keep them coming.

got in DRYS yesterday @ 6.08 sold today @ 7.15 for $1200 profits

made 1600+ on DRYS thanks scrillawill oh thats me

Shorted MED at 8.48; covered at 8.22. that covers my first month and then some.

Up $571.60 since starting in May. Anyway, the first couple of trades more than covered the annual subscription.

DRYS had a nice multi-week double bottom at $6ish, bouncing 12% to $7ish on Friday, nice technical bounce, but all in the morning…nice afternoon fade from $7.50 to $6.75…potential short if it comes back up against $7.50 and fails, maybe even potential short if it breaks out past that level, waaaay too many bitter shareholders to consider buying now.

ETC bounced a bit to $2.30 after falling below $2…I thought this was gonna be the next DDRX, but the price action is proving its not…some TIMalert subscribers seem to think it’s okay to hold stocks that go up 170% when the buying volume fades…just what did you guys think would happen? No, you don’t understand price action do you because you think my 30 hours worth of instructional DVDs are useless…that’s where you’re wrong and you’re discovering the cost of being wrong…I have no pity for you, this is not a fun game when you don’t follow rules….learn, profit, love the game

EMAN rose 20 cents/share to $1.40 at the market open Friday on “Strong” earnings…it faded back to unchanged by the end of the day on a wimpy 132,000 shares traded…lots of talk about this on TIMalerts.com, good job at trying to predict an earnings mover, some won a bit this time, but that kind of play has too low a success ratio for me to ever play…zzzzzz

BCRX finally surged once again, up 32% to 43. 20 on Friday after announcing some positive drug news, nice short squeeze after it filled the gap from the swine flu gap up—just like NVAX did—perfectly…thought about buying since the intraday chart was nicely solid sideways price action at $3. 10ish, but this stock is too stubborn for me so left it alone…potental short if it really spikes Monday….see how it flips like that?

WX rose 42% on Friday after solid earnings and 2 ANALyst upgrades…nice news but this one has a tough, tough chart full of bitter shareholders…stock closed at $8, resistance at $8.50 and $10, potential buy I guess, but I’m not too excite about it.

MGEG is another stock being promoted, its gone from $3 to $4 in the past few weeks, too slow for me, but it’s a potential short since we know it’s a total carcass/under $1 eventually

LBAS just keeps uptrending, 75 cents to $1.75 now in a few days…some people go long, I can’t do that with my impatience and knowledge that it’ll probly tank 50% one of these days when the manipulation ends…potential short, jut gotta find shares!

CVRG is up from 5 cents to 40 cents in 3 big days…not because the company has done ANYTHING good, this is a pure pump & dump…lots of promoters converging, gotta love this market environment that’s ripe for manipulation…potential short on any proper fading price action—you know what DVDs in which I outline that—just gotta find shares! (Yes, it’s a low priced stock, oh, how I wish a promoter would pick a 50 cent stock and run it up to $4…c’mon you soulless pumpers, help a short seller out by giving me a stock with more downside potential!)

SCLW is the old idea, manipulated piece of crap, 50 cents to 90 cents/share so far, nice steady longterm downtrend in place means this is an inevitable short coming up soon…

IFON spiked 86% to 50ish cents/share on solid earnings…I thought earnings sucked, but the price action just goes to show you it doesn’t matter what any of us think, just gotta follow price action…potential buy, but the tons of bitter shareholders from higher prices will keep this from breaking out too much.

UOMO has been manipulated higher from 10 cents to 40 cents in a few days, just another piece of crap, potential short but good luck finding many/any shares….next!

SOCI has risen from 75 cents to $1.10 in 3 days of getting-heavier-by-the-day volume, it’s a promoted stock and the promoter is on Twitter HERE…gotta love the blatant pumping to his spam-built list of followers…the reason I bring it up is he says $2/share, so it could keep going…of course I do the opposite of what conflicted promoters so this is a potential short…especially if it does go up any further as right now there’s not much 1-2 day downside…tough to borrow shares though

PMII last week surged from 30 cents to $1/share on strong earnings…for a slimy carcass company…dropped on Friday to 70 cents/share, no way was I gonna try to short an earnings play on the day of my big move, glad some TIMalert subscribers shorted aggressively and made some nice $ on the 30 intraday fade, next!