12 Stocks I'm Watching For Potential Short Sales

Sent to TIMalert subscribers early this morning, some have already rolled over and subscribers have banked, namely on SRZ:

Well now I’m just feeling bittersweet—sweet because there are soooooo many potential plays every day, bitter because I’m screwing most of them up. The fact that literally dozens of PennyStocking DVD students are banking on various plays like SRZ, CHUX, OGXI and PERY shows how great the strategy is and how one day, if you watch my DVDs and learn enough, you won’t need me anymore (because I’m not all that great in the first place, I’m like Archie Manning and you are Eli or Peyton!)

CHUX has now doubled off its low on that analyst upgrade, but it doesn’t have any resistance until $6….yes, shorts can be in waaaay more pain, don’t short until you see this thing fading. And good luck finding shares to short!

CPY has the same kind of death spiral chart, first big up day yesterday, up 124%, no resistance anywhere soon, same scenario as CHUX

CTZN is a speculative Bancorp up a ton, will it go bust or no? Total guessing game, I hve no idea, like playing roulette, no thanks

DRYS is the top dry bulk shipper that’s making all the other little shippers jump in price too, not for me, maybe their biz is rebounding or will soon, I can’t judge that and neither can anyone else

EXM is the same as DRYS, no thanks, I’m not into shorting real companies

EGLE is another shipper.

FREE does the exact same shipping thing, see a pattern yet or do you think the stock really is random? LOL

OCNF is another shipper, just up the least because they’re the worst…not for me either way

OGXI is the one I really screwed up on, I shorted at $8.75, then covered for quick gains because I’m a little bitch and it wasn’t perfect, yesterday it drops 25% and I do nothing because a.) it dropped to quickly for my comfort level and b.) I was filming a new $99 2-hour intro instructional DVD (contact me if you’re interested in it and I’ll keep you in the loop)…pathetic I missed it, my apologies, only good news is that if you’d watched my DVDs, you’d have anticipated me screwing up and you woulda banked because the pattern was easy (especially in hindsight!) SB is another shipper on my screen, just say noooooooo

SRZ just keeps going, solid morning spike/afternoon fade…still not red on the day meaning there could be another green day today.

PERY dropped biiiig, I did nothing again due to filming…tough to make DVDs, but I gotta make em or else you guys don’t understand my strategy, as evidenced by the boatloads of dumb emails I get from TIMalert subscribers too cheap to buy a $300 DVD (hence the $99 intro DVD) tha explains why I trade the way I do!