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12 Reasons I Should Have Planned The Olympics Rather Than Vladimir Putin

Yes I teach trading and my trading challenge have had tremendous success as you can see below:

But I also love planning events and parties as attendees of my annual Vegas conference have learned year in year out.

In case you guys weren’t aware, the Winter Olympics are currently taking place in Sochi, Russia. These games have broken the bank with a reportedly record-high price tag close to $50 billion, compared to $7 billion for the previous Winter Olympics, in Vancouver. James Surowiecki of the New Yorker summed it up pretty well, “One thing is certain: this Winter Olympics is the greatest financial boondoggle in the history of the Games.” Heck, even TIME wrote an article called: “Sochi: Worst Olympics Travel Destination Ever?”

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So, I figured I would show you guys why I should’ve planned the Olympics rather than Vladimir.

  1. Obviously I could have put the money to better use. I have no problem spending money, as I have awesome parties at my annual pennystocking conference, but I spend it on the RIGHT things!
  2. I wouldn’t be waiting until the last minute to make sure the facilities were properly installed.
  3. russia-bricks

  4. I wouldn’t have my guests or conference speakers living in hotel rooms like this.
  5. setup

  6. I would DEFINITELY make sure that you have proper wifi, since it’s essential for trading.
  7. setup2

  8. I wouldn’t have two twitter accounts dedicated to bashing his Olympics: See https://twitter.com/SochiFails and https://twitter.com/SochiProblems
  9. putin-desk

  10. I would have valuable information waiting for you rather than a picture of me in your hotel room.
  11. I takes care of my dog!
  12. farreldogs

  13. You can feel safe at one of my conferences, rather than receive threats like the Austria Olympic committee did regarding someone kidnaping their athletes in Sochi.
  14. My annual conference always sells out, while Olympians are telling their families not to come to the games and there are tons of empty seats.
  15. seating

  16. I will show you how to actually make the grass greener, rather than just pretending to know how to help you make millions and like to you like Jordan Belfort.
  17. lawncare

  18. I will give you better drinks. Water in Sochi vs. a massive bottle of champagne.
  19. glasses


  20. Only suckers go to Sochi, while only suckers miss Tim’s Pennystocking conference. (words from one of my attendees, not me):

“Only suckers miss a conference like this! I heard a few people complaining about the price of this conference but honestly I would have paid 5x more than what I did to attend this conference because the wealth of information was so vast. Unfortunately I could not make it in person, but the livestream was just as good. Bummer I couldn’t make that $50,000 party though. Oh well, next year for sure. All of the speakers but one had very strong presentations that completely blew my mind from my face. Often we traders talk about how we don’t want to miss a trade by going to the bathroom. But I didn’t want to miss a word of this conference by going to the bathroom because each one was worth its weight in gold! Oh yeah, and loved it when Tim threw his Rolex across the room. Gotta love a mentor who cares more about his students than money and trinkets!”

My annual conference continues to get better and better, while this is likely to be one of the worst Olympics to date. Again, this is a quote from a review, not me putting words in people’s mouths:

“Each one keeps getting better and better! A MUST ATTEND! I was just sitting thinking about the last 3 days, and going over some notes from this weekend. I have to say, this is one killer event that just keeps improving each year. After attending 3 of these in person and watching last year’s on DVD, I have to say, this was the best yet in quality and diversity of learning opportunities. Tim and his crew (heck, even his parents get in on the action!) work their butts off to make this thing first class and it shows…literally from the minute people start showing up to the closing session. Really, all of the speakers had something of value, regardless of your trading style. Nate at Investors Underground is ALWAYS great, Mark Crook had an interesting take on Tim’s strategy that I plan to keep in mind, PrePromotionStocks had a thought provoking take on where promotions are headed in the next couple of years, and Superman was intriguing…especially with 2 trades totaling over $500k in profits! I jotted down something from every speaker.”

Here are a couple of reviews from the most recent conference. There weren’t any complaints, so keep that in mind as you read the tweets from @sochiproblems and @sochifails.

“Informative, entertaining, and worth the price. My first Pennystocking Conference. It was great to meet Tim and the other speakers such as Michael Goode, Tim Grittani, Lx21, etc. They are all very approachable and willing to answer questions. It’s great to see the variations that the different presenters have. For someone new to pennystocking, it’s helpful to get so many insights from them. And the live trading with Tim Monday morning was very interesting. It is definitely worth the time and money.”

“Exceptional for those deciding to make that change…It was very good and thought out. Would like to see better hands-on techniques to help others because not everyone is talented coming to the conference. However, you need to learn and find out for yourself, but I think as we go forward, there can be a better approach to see how this can happen much quicker for the newbies.”

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