11 Stocks To Watch & Learn How To Day Trade Them

Sucks to have missed some decent plays due to travel yesterday, but thanks to me putting the good ones in my morning watch-list, some advanced TIMAlert subscribers/PennyStocking students profited without me…ahhh, now wouldn’t it be nice if you guys learned this stuff well enough so you could all do that!

XL has tripled off its lows, I don’t care, I don’t understand the risk/rewards when the management has a positive outlook, liars though they probably are.

HBAN is a rebounding bank, don’t short any stocks in any industry that gets trillions from governments…don’t.

ISRG now $225ish…$65/share above my last buy, $50/share above my last sell…let’s all learn from this kind of rebound…notice piece of crap company FEED has barely bounced

COIN is a FEED-like piece of crap, but it’s got genius PR man Jim Blackman coordinating higher prices, nice bounce from #43.50 to $5.50, God love him, you know he’s pitching people, “look we doubled bottomed at $4..our crap makes plump cranberries, we just somehow don’t have any revenues, buy, buy, buy if you like cranberries!”

APWR had a quick $1 drop in the first 30 minutes of trading yesterday, but the high percentage money was made shorting into its typical afternoon fade for another $1/share to the downside….this is the EXACT pattern detailed in my upcoming PennyStocking Part Deux instructional trading DVD…some original PennyStocking DVD students banked:

Shorted APWR at 7.10 and covered at 6.75. Made a smooth $350 in 29 mins. Damn this beats work.

Shorted APWR at 6.85 and covered at 6.23. Made 620.00. Your damn right it beats work.

Hit the $45k TimProfit mark today despite missing the great SUF fade this morning and misplaying APWR.

MKTX had the same afternoon drop…learn that friggin pattern!

FORD $1.50 to $2.50 for this eternally suffering company…I’m gonna try reserving shares

BWEN up a lot, only first big up day, will love shorting later in the pattern, that is if I can find shares to short.

PFD $2 to $7, closed at its highs, but it’s a weird closed end fund

RRI $3 to $7.50, now $1.50/share off its highs, classic morning panic, too quick for me or many TIMalert subscribers to get in on, but some did.