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Timothy Sykes is an entrepreneur, leading penny stock expert, trader, author, financial educator, activist, and philanthropist.

For over two decades, Tim has helped over 6,000 students in 70 countries develop the skills and knowledge necessary to forge long-term, successful trading careers. Through his teachings, Tim has created several reported millionaires from scratch.*

Tim’s media features include CNN, Larry King, Fox News, CNBC, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Oprah & Friends, Bravo, Steve Harvey, and The New York Times.

As a philanthropist, Tim is the founder of Karmagawa (formerly the Timothy Sykes Foundation), which has donated millions to over a dozen charities. Through his partnership with Pencils of Promise, alone, Tim has donated over $2 million to help build over 40 schools all over the world.

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