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Revolutions Medical Corp. (RMCP) Sues Message Board Poster, Undeterred He Posts Link To Pump & Dump Couple; Now TheStreetSweeper Pounces!

The event of the year Enter a free contest to win $3,000 in prizes UPDATE: RMCP is now trading at 55 cents/share and it now falls into the same category as those companies listed in this post about how to predict 50%+ stock price drops because remember before the big drop I wrote this post […]

The Latest Blatant Penny Stock Pump & Dump You Should Know About

Oh, you thought NPHC EMGE, SPNG and GVBP were the only penny stocks to partake in shady, sketchy dealings? (Remember, this penny stock manipulation blog post is a MUST READ.) No way, those thugs are just a few examples of a prison full of dangerous inmates (it’s analogy, I’m not saying anyone’s a true criminal)… […]

Details On Why Spongetech Delivery Systems Inc. (SPNG) Is A Blatant Pump & Dump

You’ve seen my posts calling SPNG a pump & dump HERE and HERE and students of my PennyStocking instructional DVDs, specifically my TIMfundamentals DVD package, in which I explain my research process in a 6-hour 4-disc DVD package (with huuuuge instruction manual & 30-day satisfaction guarantee), know EXACTLY why but for you lazy/gullible suckers out […]

Inspirational Football Player/Movie Hero Rudy Ruettiger Busted For Pumping & Dumping Penny Stocks, Help Me Film A Spoof Video

As reported by the WSJ, Bloomberg, Forbes etc. today inspirational movie star Rudy Ruettiger was just busted for pumping and dumping penny stocks…very sad.

LiveStock On Demand: Ridiculously Important Episode Reviewing The PERFECT Pump & Dump Pattern

It’s SO important to review this perfect pump & dump pattern on carcass companies like Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (OPTT), LATITUDE SOLUTIONS INC (LATI) and Portage Resources Inc (POTG) which is why I had such a good week this past week, as did subscribers of my 4 newsletters:

NFL Player/Nike Spokesperson/Dog Executor Turned Penny Stock Promoter: The Latest Celebrity Involved In A $1.5 Million Pump & Dump Is…

Trading Challenge students and PennyStocking Silver students know I take special pride in busting celebrities over their excessive greed as they take cash and stock in exchange for selling out their fans by promoting the absolute worst companies in the world. I know, I know: most people don’t know much about penny stocks, especially celebrities […]

Facebook Proves Social Networking Is One Giant Pump & Dump

Trading Challenge students know I don’t stick my head into the debate about social media valuation very often, usually only when a penny stock pump and dump whose CEO deserve jail time pays $200,000 and $300,000 to send out millions of promotional mailers in an attempt to lure buyers into his scheme by claiming his […]

These Are The 2 Best Penny Stock Pump & Dumps Right Now

I’ll have a post on Thinkorswim changing over to TD tomorrow, please stop sending me dozens of emails, my God! PennyStocking Silver subscribers and Trading Challenge students know them well as I’ve commented on them considerably and they are destined to fit this unchanging million-dollar pattern and crasssssh shortly: