You Have One Week To Sign Up To My Las Vegas PennyStocking WorkShop October 18th & 19th, 2009

First I gotta say congrats to those TIMalert subscribers who bought SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SCLN) today on that PERFECT breakout to $4.70 (or those who had patience and held from my last buy a few days ago at $4.06)…I’m already up $800 this buy around (now up $3,000+ on this stock this month alone and subscribers have racked up gains of $5,000 today and $25,000 so far in August on SCLN by my count)

Since I’ll be speaking about how to monetize your blog at the BlogWorld Expo October 15-17, I figured I might as well do a follow-up to last year’s nicely successful PennyStocking full day seminar, this time with a two-day seminar….the first day on Sunday October 18th, the second one on October 19th…you have the option of:



Since I have to get an accurate headcount to start planning this thing, everyone who wants in MUST signup by next Wednesday September 2nd or be forced to pay higher prices…prices for both options will rise $200 on September 3rd.

Those who attend for both days obviously REALLY want to learn my strategy as Sunday we’ll be going over ALL the stocks in play for Monday and then Monday you’ll all see EXACTLY how I look to trade them, maybe even making a trade live for everyone (kind of like 2 full day coaching sessions, which normally costs $6,000) so to encourage you guys to take part in this one-of-a-kind-live-TIM Fundamentals DVD-like experience, I’m also gonna throw in a FREE instructional DVD package of your choice. for the two-day attendees!

Whether you want to brush up on advanced trading tactics & tips I’ve learned over a decade trading basically every day with my 9+ hour TIMtactics instructional DVD package, the upcoming Best Of LiveStock 10+ hour DVD package (coming this winter), your short selling with my 6-hour ShortStocking instructional DVD package, overall trading lessons with my 12-hour TIMraw package, the ins and outs of the ideal penny stock chart patterns I trade as outlined for 12 hours in my PennyStocking & PennyStocking Part Deux DVD packages or just finally understand my research process so you can do it all yourself by watching my 6-hour TIMfundamentals instructional DVD package, you can get any one of them for FREE by SIGNING UP HERE FOR THE FULL TWO-DAY PENNYSTOCKING WORKSHOP

And of course, a 1-day ticket includes one breakfast and lunch and a 2-day ticket includes 2 days of breakfasts and lunches, so either way you’re getting a whole bunch of stuff for this workshop, all of which should pay for itself with one good trade….and we might have to have a PennyStocking night out one night…after my recent visit to Macau, I’ve come to appreciate Vegas nightlife even more :)

Remember, my last Vegas full day workshop (got some great reviews like “Great seminar, Tim. It was invaluable for a newbie like me to be able to watch you make an actual trade” and “TO ALL WHO ARE THINKING OF ATTENDING A FUTURE SEMINAR: DO IT NOW BEFORE TIM FIGURES OUT WHAT HE’S REALLY WORTH!”)

For all attendees, I’m going to answer any and all questions so feel free to write down a ton ahead of time, maybe even send some ahead of time so I can work my answers into my presentations.

And just to top it all off, both days will be filmed so all conference attendees will receive a FREE DVD of the day or days they attend within a few weeks of the workshop…

I know this is a lot to take in, I’ve never really given so much stuff away for so little, but I’m sick and tired of only having a few hundred people really understand my strategy that is simply dominating 30,000+ other traders on Covestor. If you don’t understand my strategy after this event, well, then you’re Forrest Gump and I can’t help you.

I know you wanna know where this shindig is gonna be held, but it’s still 2 months away and I have little idea of how many people are going to show up, but you can see pictures from last year’s full day workshop at the MGM Grand and we liked that place so most likely it’ll be there or some other nice hotel on the strip.

And in case you somehow haven’t been paying attention lately, PennyStocking is really taking off:

-My tiny TIM trading account which I purposely started with a wimpy $12,415 in November 2007 is up to $72,300, a gain of 480%+ in 22 months of conservative trading (yes, all TIMalert subscribers can testify to be trading like a castrated choir boy)

-Forget about just having one student up $77,000+ in the last year, as Michael Goode posted in this detailed blog post including a nice chart of his winnings, one guy who I gave a private coaching session to a little while back is up $100,000 in 2009 by basing his trades on my rules and strategies.

-And more importantly, forget about a few traders making solid yearly salaries through part-time trading, most TIMalert subscribers have small accounts, which is what makes them being up $500,000 in 2009 so much more incredible.

-And last but not least, who cares about trading profits? That’s right I said it, some of my proudest comments come from private caching students who are now on the right path to solid trading profits as education is key, just as my latest student said:

To sum up my one on one coaching with Tim, I would have to say it
was worth it! Even if you feel you know trading strategies, etc… there is
so much that Tim has already experienced that just conversation alone will
further your knowledge. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering
doing the live coaching to go for it, you wont regret it one bit and neither
will your trading account.

OK, sales pitch over, you have two options that you must signup for in the next week (gotta get an accurate headcount to start planning so everyone who wants in MUST signup by next Wednesday September 2nd or be forced to pay higher prices…prices for both options will rise $200 on September 3rd, you either want to learn my proven successful and transparent trading strategy or not, join in the fun already!)



Any questions, feel free to CONTACT ME

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