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Warning You Of Some Changes Happening This Week

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…and also Here’s another birthday gift and here’s my 3rd gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday this past week and I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of them ASAP

In case you hadn’t noticed I’m starting to write more and more blog posts, everything from “what is the meaning of life deep blog posts like this “The 36 Best Lessons I’ve Learned In Life” to hardcore stock market education posts like “Lessons From The Hottest Stock In The Market Right Now” to posts that aren’t specific to life or the market, just topics I think that may help you and be of interest to you like my latest “5 Lessons From The Best Business Movie You Should See“. Continue reading

5 Lessons From The Best Business Movie You Should See

My next 100% FREE webinar HERE in just a few days

…and also Here’s another birthday gift and here’s my 3rd gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday this past weekend and I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of them ASAP

I’m a big movie buff as it’s a great way to decompress after a stressful day or week of trading, but by and large business and finance movies suck.

Aside from this huge entertaining hit movie about a career criminal who is still scheming every day and basing his new company in Australia thus not paying back his US victims as I exposed in the blog post “The Wolf Of Wall Street’s New Scheme” there are VERY few solid ones for you to see as you might know if you read my blog post “The 5 Best Wall Street Movies“.

But that doesn’t stop new ones from popping up, so when I sat down to see the newest hardcore business movie The Founder which is about: Continue reading

Lessons From The Hottest Stock In The Market Right Now

I’m hosting a FREE webinar HERE in just a few days

…and also Here’s another birthday gift and here’s my 3rd gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday this past weekend and I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of them ASAP

Yesterday was a CRAZY busy day for me as I was trading, traveling and had a 2-hour Q&A webinar with my trading challenge students, but as I explained to them, when a great trade pops up, it’s your duty to try to capitalize on it, whether you take a small or big position or even if you just paper-trade it using this key software or even just witness it, use every single solid setup to try to further your education or build your account.

And little did I know I had picked the single biggest % winner from the market open today…and so there are TONS of lessons from it.

First of all, even though I didn’t capture the biggest profit possible, I did have a sense this was a great educational moment and that’s why I sent out this video lesson at 11pm EST so that my newsletter subscribers could be FULLY prepared for today: Continue reading

The Best Gift Ever

I’m hosting a FREE webinar HERE in just a few days

…and also Here’s another birthday gift and here’s my 3rd gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday this past weekend and I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of them ASAP

I’m a big fan of birthdays, holidays and celebrations of all kinda as you might can probably tell with blog posts such as “My 1st Two Chanukah Gifts For You” and “My 2012 Holiday Gift To Myself

…and videos like: Continue reading

The 36 Best Lessons I’ve Learned In Life

Here’s my first little birthday gift and here’s my 2nd gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday yesterday and I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of them ASAP

Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes, I’m overwhelmed by how supportive our community is and it makes me appreciate my job as a teacher even more so please go HERE to help me build a new school for my birthday, that’s all I want so no others gifts please, also grab my blowout birthday sales HERE and HERE and also check out the 100% FREE all to celebrate my 36th birthday yesterday, thanks to so many of you for all the well wishes!

Here’s an hourlong video I made today that I want you to watch from beginning to end as I want to share all the most important lessons I’ve learned over the years, hopefully they can help you on your path and get you to understand why I’m so obsessed with creating more millionaire trading challenge students: Continue reading

How I’m Celebrating My Birthday Today And Giving Away iPhones

Here’s my first little birthday gift and here’s my 2nd gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday today and I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of them ASAP

Today is my 36th birthday and I planned on doing a whole video lesson and blog post on the 36 top life lessons, but I had a crazy day and ran out of time so that’ll be tomorrow…for now I’m introducing you to my newest educational website which is 100% FREE called

I posted this on Facebook because I should be happier on my birthday, but I’m not as I want more millionaire trading challenge students as that’s what makes me happiest in life these days!

I pledge to you right here and now that is 100% free and ALWAYS will be even as we add a ton more videos and features to it as I want there to be no excuse for you not to learn from it and to encourage you to go there ASAP and take advantage of the lessons so I’m giving away 7 free iPhones to individuals who follow the directions in this new video I just made: Continue reading

36 Things On My Mind To Prepare For My 36th Birthday This Weekend

Here’s my first little birthday gift and here’s my 2nd gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday next weekend and I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of them ASAP

As I tweeted a few hours ago:

…I can’t but reflect on my crazy journey these past 2 decades since I began trading as I’m eternally grateful to each and every one of you for helping me discover my twin passions for teaching and now growing my charity too, two things I NEVER would’ve expected from myself 10-15 years ago…you live you learn and you try to do your best every day and focus on what makes you happy/fulfills you.

And because I’ve had the good fortune of being able to focus on what I love, life is insane for me right now so it’s good to partake in some self-reflection and this blog post is as much for me as it is for you.

I’m in the middle of traveling all over Asia visiting 3rd world communities that need so much more help and support than they’re given so I have some time right now to really dig into 30+ topics I think are important and can help you in life somehow.

1. The feedback from this recent video lesson has been nothing short of astonishing:

…not only is on pace to become my most popular and well liked video of all-time, it seems to finally break through all the noise in the trading world to help you focus on what really matters, the best mindset and rules needed to actually make millions of dollars in trading and for you to become my next millionaire trading challenge student.

2. It’s funny because I’ve been shouting rules we discuss in that video at the top of my lungs for 10 years, but only when a successful student puts it into practice and shows incredible gains, right in front of thousands of other students, do people finally take it seriously…I wish you would’ve just listened to be sooner, and then you’d be more successful, but it is what it is and if it takes a student whose English is his 4th language for you to realize this shit is all real, so be it! I’m just glad so many of you are FINALLY getting it so whatever it takes for it all to sink in is fine by me, I just want more millionaire trading challenge students.

3. With my birthday comes these blowout sales HERE and HERE and I love giving you guys these money-saving opportunities to invest in your education at reduced prices as long as you commit to studying for at least a year. We will NEVER reward those of you who think you can learn everything in a few days, weeks or even months as the key to success, as proven by my now several millionaire students is to treat financial education as a marathon, NOT a sprint.

4. And I highly recommend you try multiple newsletters from this list as it’s a good thing to learn multiple strategies and see what fits you best as has been proven by this new six-figure-profit student:

5. This is why we have multiple trainers available for my trading challenge students as you might’ve seen in this awesome recent video too:

6. And as much fun as I have with my exotics cars, travel etc., it’s far more fun and meaningful for me to be able to create schools in both of my first 2 millionaire students’ names, The Michael Goode School and The Tim Grittani School will be opening in Bali in just a few months, look at that the kids are currently learning in as they are WAY too jam-packed in a small room to receive a proper education:

7. As yes, even though my charity posts are my least liked on social media as you might’ve noticed:

My first #millionaire student just passed $2 million in #stocktrading profits so I honored his achievement with a school to be built in his name too! The Michael Goode School is being constructed now thanks to the amazing work of @balichildrensproject and will open this summer/fall in #bali #indonesia right around the same time The Tim Grittani School will also open to honor my 2nd millionaire student @timgrittani too! Only like this photo and leave a comment if you promise to be a dedicated student so when you make seven figures my charity will build a school in your honor too! #surprise #dreamjob #proudteacher #givingback #charity #thetimothysykesfoundation #balichildrensproject #ilovemyjob #edjewcation #hebrewschool

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…they’re also the most important to me, and my mission, so not only will I keep doing it, I’m actually increasing my ambitions as my charity is not just building schools anymore, but now also medical centers and sporting arenas too! More information on that coming soon, stay tuned!

8. Many people tell me to calm down and just focus on one thing, but I don’t do anything half-assed and my ambition and dreams are bigger than most so I go full throttle ALL THE TIME…and that has been key to my success as a trader, teacher and now philanthropist too, I don’t know how to do it any other way, nor would I want to. I actually really enjoy the challenge of trading while traveling too with terrible Internet connections and crazy-middle-of-the-night trading sessions based on various time zones I’m in as it makes it even more gratifying when plays like this pop up and work to a T!

9. Too many people claim they like what I teach, but they need a lot of $ to get started and that’s BS so I have to call them out on it. Maybe you can’t trade big right away, but you should be studying first anyway, see my free video lessons here, and my free book here, and a free comprehensive beginners guide here and free 11-hour guide here…no excuses not to study, even homeless people can afford this stuff and you can go to your local library for free Internet access.

10. That said, free guides are just the tip of the iceberg and if you want to truly make life-changing money and learn skills that will help you forever you must invest in your education and take it seriously…my trading challenge is not free and we turn away a lot of people because our little community is for the most dedicated students only, we refuse to allow any lazy people in as they are a virus to any community and we don’t want to risk infection.

11. This blog post about the best chatroom I see right now is not an exaggeration, in the past few weeks it has risen dramatically in terms of usefulness and effectiveness as we now have SEVERAL millionaire and multi-millionaire traders commenting and alerting their trades in realtime.

12. NEVER follow anyone’s alerts or “hot picks”, the key to success, both financially and knowledge-wise is LEARNING from what great traders do in real-time and how they plan and stick to their plans.

13. As Steven Dux said in his interview, trading isn’t very hard, the hard part is mastering your emotions and discipline and that takes a lot of practice…

14. Practice REALLY does make perfect, too many people need to read this oldie but goodie blog post and learn patience/perseverance!

15. The morning spikes have been unreal as of late with stocks like NADL and ADPT going truly Supernova, but even if you didn’t bank on them, at least try to witness them in real-time and learn from them so you can be better prepared for next time.

16. Preparation ahead of time is key and no matter how long you trade or how rich you get, you can never get sloppy…and if you do, it’ll cost you as you saw with me here.

17. Even after nearly 2 decades in this game, I’m still learning and refining my process, which is why I stay safe even when this happens.

18. I know that after watching my top millionaire trading challenge students and I trade and enjoy big gains, you have dollar signs in your eyes, but I show you this stuff not so you can bet big right away, but so you can understand the potential of my strategy and this niche AFTER you practice and grow your account over the years.

19. The stocks change, the players change, but the patterns never change because they’re based on human nature and human nature doesn’t change…paraphrasing from Jess Livermore, one of my trading heroes.

20. Of course, Jesse Livermore also used too much leverage, was wrong by just a few percent, lost the tens of millions he made (back in the early 1900s that’s like hundreds of millions today), went bankrupt and committed suicide so ALWAYS be careful as even the all-time greats can lose everything.

21. With the SEC clamping down on “fake news” on penny stocks as I wrote about here, that tells me we’re FINALLY getting ready for a purge of the many bullshitters and fakers that have come to power during this exceptionally long bull market and I welcome the purge because it’s tougher being real as when you’re a faker you can just pretend to look good all the time and those of who who lose and make mistakes like these look worse, so in essence we’ve been punished for being real and that stinks because too many people are learning from fakers and they don’t realize they’ve been had until it’s too late, learning bad habits that prevent you from ever really making it.

22. Always remember the lessons of the past, they will help shape your future.

23. I’m SO excited for the return of real where people who claims to be experts by just posting screenshots and fake reviews get exposed for the frauds/BSers they are. This is why I’m SO proud of my top millionaire trading challenge students who follow me lead and show EVERY trade publicly, win or lose, not just a few screenshots to impress newbies and feed our egos.

24. With the probable coming crackdown, it’s even more important to heed my warning from the blog post “Warning About Using These Wrong Brokers” as you don’t want to be caught with money in an account that can get shutdown and you lose EVERYTHING.

25. There’s a lot of brokers preying on newbies with cheap or “free commissions” and yet they make much more money by not giving you basic services and handing you terrible executions that cost you much more in the long…there is no free lunch on Wall Street, too many people just don’t realize it.

26. Nobody didn’t get rich based on saving on commissions, commissions are negligible if you have patience to wait for the right setups and trade volatile stocks as those detailed in this video lesson.

27. As I travel to these third world countries it astounds me to see how happy a lot of these people are who have no money and no material goods in their lives…I love capitalism and I’m not turning communist anytime soon, but it is fascinating to compare their mindset and outlook to several billionaires and multi-millionaires I know who are very unhappy…money can’t buy happiness, it only buys you freedom and then it’s up to you to decide what to do with it to make yourself happy.

28. Many people say I should just stay in NYC and trade as the majority of my industry is there, I’d make more money that way and build my business faster too…nope, I’m already overwhelmed by students, that’s why you have to apply for the trading challenge, I’m not interested in teaching everyone, I prefer quality over quantity and I’ve learned that as hard as it is creating millionaires from scratch, it’s impossible to do if you have the wrong attitude.

29. I’ll continue my ridiculous traveling because it makes me happy — I love the adventure and meeting people from so many different background…remember, I’m a weird guy as proven by my majoring in Philosophy in college, not business or finance which I learned all on my own.

30. I’m going to end this list now because the flight I’m taking while writing this is landing early so I have to put away my laptop now…and, more importantly, I won’t even add any more bullets before publishing this in a few hours because I want you to understand that NOTHING I do is an exact science, you can always adapt in trading and in life, and when you’re a multi-millionaire you can pretty much do whatever you want and you should cherish that freedom and take advantage of it at all times…

…versus if I worked for a big financial media company like the few that have offered to buy me out, I would have to stick to 36 bullet points or change the title to “30” so as to keep up the BS facade of being professional…which I despise…as I’m not a professional, just a self-made multi-millionaire trying to teach you everything I know and have learned the hard-and-sometimes-strange-way over the years so that you can become my next millionaire trading challenge student too!)

Regarding Fake News On Penny Stocks

Here’s my first little birthday gift and here’s my 2nd gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday next weekend and I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of them ASAP

The vast majority of the world ignores reliable patterns like THIS and THIS and generally as a rule hates penny stocks and all the scams that go along with them, while my top millionaire trading challenge students and I find that being meticulous and focusing on patterns that work far more often than they do not is the key to actually making millions.

This is how, despite being warned by family, friends and pretty much everyone in the financial community to never trade penny stocks due to the inherent risk associated with them, we continue to grow our accounts exponentially all within a few years and the central theme of this must watch video from my hottest trading challenge student of the moment is to have patience and wait for the best setups to increase your odds of profit: Continue reading

How My 22-Year-Old Student Made $900,000+ In 1 Year

Here’s a little birthday gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday next weekend and to honor this great student who has taken $27,000 and turned it into $900,000+ in the past year or so all while using this tool every step of the way…

The video below is the culmination of 20 years of my stock trading and refining my strategy over time and now 10+ years of hard work getting better as a teacher too and refining my trading challenge program enough so that students don’t just learn from my, but also several other self-made millionaire traders like this young guy and this gizzly millionaire too, along with upcoming millionaires like my favorite student in Miami
Continue reading

10 Lessons From The Latest $100,000+ Profit Student

The stock market has been so hot as of late that we’re finding more and more successful students like this young guy who just passed $900,000 in profits (leave a comment below this blog post if you’re excited for when I’m going to post a 40-minute interview I did with him in just a few days!) and my student of the year from 2016 who just passed $700,000 in profits too!

Below is the latest student to pass a big milestone, that being $100,000 in profits, the vast majority coming in just the last few weeks alone: Continue reading