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My students choose to invest in their education, rather than learn the hard and costly way by teaching themselves.

Meet a few of my students who invested in themselves and their education – Now they don’t have to worry about a 9 to 5 job anymore!


Tim Grittani aka ‘kroyrunner’

Tim G was a recent college grad working in the insurance field. He started with $1,500 of own money and roughly $11,500 of his parents money. A little under three years, Tim has been able to surpase $1.7 Million in profits. Now he helps teach new challenge students!

$1.73 Million Dollars In Profit
using Tim Sykes' Strategy!

Michael Goode aka ‘goodetrades’

Michael Goode was my biggest skeptic. In 2008 he wrote a blog post on this blog, calling me a scam. After some back and forth with him, he agreed to give my strategy a shot. Fast forward a few years and he became my first millionaire student. In fact, not only is Michael Goode a successful student of mine but he helps me teach our challenge students!

$1.3 Million Dollars In Profit
using Tim Sykes' Strategy!


Only 9 days into TIm's challenge and I already experienced first-hand the issues Tim often talks about with not having the right broker. I currently use Scottrade (waiting on SureTrader to open) and I missed a short opportunity on WATT when it went g/r. I would've made $2,000+ but instead settled for $600. Overall still a great day for me but definitely felt the limitations with a mediocre broker. Really in awe that my studying of Tim's strategy already paid off. Can't wait to learn more.
I have been following you for 6 months now and i subscribed to pennystocksilver for 2 months and your challenge now in April, i watch videos everyday and follow your trades everyday and read every and i know you probably get this a lot but i would have nothing to look forward to if it weren't for your trading teachings. I stumbled upon you on youtube and ever since then i have been completely fascinated with everything that you are doing. I really can't thank you enough i can't even begin to describe the immense amount i have learned from you.
Ryan P
I'm a huge fan and look at you as my mentor, with your advice and guidance you have made me wealthy and a master trader at such a young age. 2 years ago I knew nothing about trading, I started watching videos of you on youtube and slowly started making money. I turned a 3,500 dollar investment from a summer job into close to 100k. Just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work, you are amazing.
Kyle M
Tim, I'm one of your challenge students. I got your alert for RVP Friday morning. You were right, it spiked. It went from 1.80 to 4ish then down to 3ish. What website did you use to discover RVP to begin with to find out that they had litigation going? Thx for your lessons! Stuff that I learned from TimFundamentals Part Duex got me $3000 gain the past 2 weeks. Not too bad considering I trade very few times.
Sam T
I am a new student of yours for about 3 weeks, and I just wanted to thank you so much for all the great information and lessons you have put together. My trading habits have increased exponentially being able to recognize chart patterns and characteristics, and I made a ton of money on PLUG as a result. I am currently estimating I made over $25,000 since last Thursday when it spiked at $1.55. I was trading in and out on dips, slowing increasing my position size. Last Thursday and Friday, I made approximately $16,000 through my iPhone while I was standing in line at Disneyland!
Sam J
Im sure you get tons of these emails but man I just made a decent trade (to me) that I otherwise would have messed up terribly had I not become a subscriber to pennystocking silver. I was waiting all day for a good place to buy $FSPM and didn't catch it before today because I was scared out of my mind to buy at a new high but I followed all the rules (as far as I know anyways) and waited until it broke resistance at 7.05. I got in at 7.20 and sold at 7.99 for nice profit and now as i'm watching the market close its down to 6.75.
Korey C
I have to concede to my previous doubts and statements to/about you Timothy Sykes. My obvious lack of knowledge in the day trading world had led me to make incorrect statements and I have been proven wrong. MY short on on CNTO has cashed me in at $15000. YOU WERE RIGHT.
Tony L
I was initially VERY skeptical of Tim Sykes. Common sense should tell you to be skeptical of anyone that claims to offer you the opportunity to become a millionaire. It just sounds to good to be true. I figured it was just another get rich quick scheme. Cooked up by yet, another Wall st. swindler. Eventually, I decided to test the water with a low risk monthly Silver subscription... Turned out to be the best $100 bucks I ever spent. Tim Sykes is the real deal, and I'm a skeptic no more!

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