I've Challenged Myself To Create a World-Class Trader in Ashburn, My Only Question Is, Will It Be You?


Do you know what it really takes to become a successful trader?

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These are the dreams I'm living now - which of these would you do if you became my next successful student?

Chuck Liddell

I donated a bunch of money and so got this one-on-one training with MMA legend, Chuck Liddell. What are your dream moments?

Red Sox game

I was able to give my dad a great gift, throw the first pitch of a Red Sox game!

I always wanted a Lamborghini

I always wanted a Lamborghini so I got this one. What toys would you buy?

pile of cash for her birthday

I gave my mom this huge pile of cash for her birthday. Is there someone in your life you'd like to do that for?

private jet

Whose face do you picture when you think about surprising someone with a weekend getaway via private jet?

private jet

Whose face do you picture when you think about surprising someone with a weekend getaway via private jet?

start a charity like I did

Would you start a charity like I did? My goal is to open 1,000 schools like this in Bali.


Do you have family you'd love to be able to pay to take on a dream trip?
Trading allowed me to fly my fiancé and her parents to Italy for a family vacation with my parents.

tigers in Thailand

Who would you want to enjoy the world with? Here's my fiancé and I playing with baby tigers in Thailand.

I turned $12,415 into 7 figures. Now it's Your Turn To Learn From Me.

I've become a millionaire through trading. And I've taught other people the ins-and-out of trading.

To be a successful trader it takes hard work, study, and dedication.

I don't know if you have the desire, the dedication, or the drive to become a self-made self-sufficient trader.

What I do know is that IF you do then you'll get there faster by seeing what worked for me.

I'm living my dreams.

If you're not living yours and want a plan to get you to where you can – then apply to my Trading Challenge now.

Let me show you what I've learned along the way.

Tim Sykes

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Tim Grittani

By now I'm sure you've heard Tim Grittani's success story.  Shortly after Tim graduated from college he started selling insurance.  Not thrilled about the prospect of selling insurance the rest of his life – he looked for other options to create wealth.  Tim had always been interested in finance, so he decided to start trading stocks.  He quickly lost most of his money in a trading account, because he was trading random stocks.  Then he found me.  

Within a short period of time, Tim was able to start consistently winning on his trades.  In fact, within a two-year period he was able to turn a few thousand dollars into a million dollars! Since then, his account has grown into over $3.2 million within 5 years!  In addition to trading full-time, Tim now teaches alongside Tim Sykes in the Millionaire Challenge.

Michael Goode

Michael Goode aka 'goodetrades' was my biggest skeptic. In 2008 he wrote a blog post on this blog, calling me a scam. After some back and forth with him, he agreed to give my strategy a shot. Fast forward a few years and he became my first millionaire student.** In fact, not only is Michael Goode a successful student of mine but he helps me teach our challenge students!


Proud to say I'm just to $173,000 in trading profits.**  February 2016, I signed up for Tim's Challenge. During the first three months, I admit I did not follow the rules. I was a bag holder, revenge trader and positioned too large. I burned through $6000 in just a few short weeks. Afterwards, I took three months to re-establish myself and find my bearings through strict discipline and focusing my studies on my weaknesses.

Eleven months in and I am in the green. When I follow the rules, I make more in a week than my husband who is an airline pilot. Thanks to Tim's tools paired with hard work, I am able to live my dream life of trading in the morning and having the afternoons for my daughter and my family.

My husband now calls me Sugar Jane.  With all the profits I have coming in, we can now enjoy our life to the fullest. I am proud to say I will make a six-digit income working roughly 12 hours a week ... for myself.

This Tweet Sums It Up Best

I'd love to find out what your story will be. Join us.

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