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My Free Gift To You: 2 New Students’ Stories For Inspiration


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Comparing Real vs Questionable Traders

pelts pretend

In the past 2 days, 2 of female my trading challenge students have hit some big trading profit milestones, Jane, who I previously featured HERE, just had her first $10,000 in profits in a week milestone and my student Tara’s first $10,000 in profits in month as a new trading challenge student:

In addition, 3 of my male students also passed solid milestones, Ike just passed $100,000 in profits as he outlined HERE while HT passed a 500% gain in just 2.5 months: Continue reading

Stay-at-Home Mom Turns Into 6 Figure-Income “Sugar Jane”

sugar jane

It might be my top student’s birthday weekend — please wish him a happy birthday here — but several of my newer trading challenge students are well on their way to making six and seven figures, and several female students who I’ll be profiling in the coming weeks have been changing their lives, and the lives of their families thanks to studying hard and their dedication.

Want to be inspired? Check out this email I just got from a recent student, Jane Gallina.

After all, several studies have shown that women are better traders then men, it’s shame so few of them even bother to try as they mistakenly think it’s a men’s-only game…that might be true on male-dominated Wall Street, but we’re all equal on The Internet, and all you need to get in the game a connection so you can literally start learning (watch 500+ free videos HERE) and practicing and making money consistently (eventually, but only after a ton of studying/dedication) from ANYWHERE in the world.

For example, get inspired by my student “Sugar Jane”!

Try My Training and This Could Be You

sugar jane

It’s always exciting to hear from my students about their success.   Check out this email I just got from a recent student, Jane Gallina.

This is my journey—the journey of a stay-at-home mother who is now the main bread-winner with a six-figure income, and counting. And I only work a couple of hours a day. Continue reading

8 Of My Students Speak Up

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A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post entitled “The Best Email Ever” highlighting this email I got from a VERY happy trading challenge student: Continue reading

The Best Email Ever

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A few months ago I wrote HERE about the best tweet ever and a few weeks back I shared with you 5 great emails I received HERE…both both pale in comparison to this email I received last night: Continue reading

Study These 2 Great Penny Stock Trades [2 FREE VIDEOS]

Check out my new Men’s Journal feature article, it’s crude but I was 100% dead on:

Most people only think of me as a penny stock short seller, but I actually made my first million going long penny stocks…here’s a surprisingly simple but effective 5-step formula for determining the best penny stocks to buy.

Take this trade as an example, it’s an incredible one executed by one of my newest but most dedicated trading challenge students:

This trade is SO important on so many different levels, here’s a free video explaining why: Continue reading

My Best Penny Stock Buy Alert EVER

Most people only think of me as a penny stock short seller, but I actually made my first million going long penny stocks…here’s a surprisingly simple but effective 5-step formula for determining the best penny stocks to buy.

I actually LOVE buying penny stocks — if the setup is right — since it’s far easier to understand and execute than any short sells I do…like this buy alert/trade I did this past week which turned out to be my best trade alert EVER given.

timothysykes Bought 15k ESI $5.58
Specualtive earnings winner here, they had SEC filings premarket today that spiked it but no PR and a conference call tomorrow at 11am, 13 million of 16 million shares are short, up 40% but could have more shorts getting squeezed tomorrow…I’LL DEFINITELY SELL BEFORE THE CONFERENCE CALL STARTS…this is purely aiming for a gap up/premarket/afterhours spike, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share, just above previous bounce highs at 5.50 a few days ago so good uptrending price action but be careful

My morning premarket watchlist said this: Continue reading

The 5 Best Emails I Received Today

email logo

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My new Bravo TV show premieres tomorrow night 10/14 9-pm EST, see 4-minute video trailer HERE! SO proud to have included 6 of my top trading challenge students in the whole experience! Continue reading

20 Lessons From My Top Student Passing $2 Million In Profits

tim g 17

Thanks to this past week’s RECORD student profits, for just 24 more hours we’re continuining THIS NEWSLETTER SALE and THIS DVD SALE so you can reinvest your newfound profits into your education…spending a few hundred or even a few thousand bucks on video lessons/DVDs is the best investment you’ll ever make as the teachings help you to grow your accounts exponentially and faster while helping you cut down on losses, VERY glad so many of you guys are now understanding that after today’s action!


It’s fitting that during our record week, this young man, my top trading challenge student solidified his crossing $2 million in profits (he actually did it the week before, but was back below early this past week due to shorting RADA too early…he made it all back and more and now stands at $2,104,656, see all his trades HERE

Download this checklist of 20 lessons from my top student.

First please congratulate Tim Grittani on this awesome accomplishment HERE

Continue reading