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My Free Gift To You: 2 New Students’ Stories For Inspiration


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Why Today Is Different

Today the US markets dropped 2%, the Dow went negative on the year, possibly the start of a long overdue bear market, I made just under $4,000 putting me up 137% on the year and I passed a rather substantial milestone as a trader: Continue reading

The Perfect Drug That Will Change Your Life



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I posted the other day how my top students & I made $95,000 in 3 days in this great blog post. Continue reading

Video Of My Top Trading Challenge Student & I On FOX & Friends This Morning

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CNN already featured my top trading challenge student HERE and that story has gone viral since EVERYONE wants to learn how to turn $1,500 into $1 million…and I’ve also written tons of blog posts about him for example HERE with some of his trading tips and HERE when he made $200,000+ in one day, but our FOX & Friends interview from earlier today is enlightening too:
Continue reading

How My 1st Millionaire Student Made $51,000 Before 10am Today

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I made $2,000ish the past 2 days on TGRO, half of which was witnessed live in front of several top trading challenge students yesterday who were FULLY prepared for today’s big drop too.

…but the big story is my first millioniare student detailed HERE just locked in $51,000+ in gains shorting this TGRO pump in the New Year and covering his position by 10am EST today…

The pattern is straight out of this REQUIRED WATCHING DVD, it’s not on sale, the value in this DVD is too great and I only want those who truly want to learn to be able to know it.

Those subscribers of my newsletters or free video lessons who couldn’t find shares to short of this penny stock at least you witnessed it live and see how these things crash so you’re prepared for the next one…we’re beginning to work with a new broker that would’e had shares to short and we’ll let you know about them soon…email admin@timothysykes.com if you wanna be kept up-to-date with this new but oh so important project

See other students like this banking quickly and really understanding the patterns:

[9:38AM]cdr2006:all covered for +$1700 profit total on TGRO thnx Tim see yall later

For now check out this amazing video lesson and picture yourself making $50,000 before 10am…how would you feel?

10 Key Stock Market Lessons From My First Millionaire Student

reaper photobomb copy

UPDATE: Within a few weeks of creating my first millionaire student I also created my 2nd millionaire student as picked up by Reuters HERE and CNN Money wrote about HERE)

My trading challenge students know how dedicated I have been to the goal of creating a millionaire with my trading strategy and as I posted HERE on Facebook late Friday, I have finally accomplished that goal.

Download this bite sized cheat sheet : 10 key stock market lessons I learned from my first millionaire student.

Just over 2 years into challenging myself to focus solely on creating a millionaire (instead of focusing on exposing scams as much), one of my top trading challenge students has crossed the $1 million mark in profits as you can see in this new video I just made: Continue reading

This Is For You, It’ll Change Your Life

wad of cash 2

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I got you something incredible and I really think you’ll love it.

The past few weeks I’ve been working from some of the most beautiful places in Europe as you can see from this video warning about how we have just 3 seats left to my Vegas conference in 2 weeks (email admin@timothysykes.com if you want to attend in person or live via HD-video)

…and pictures like these: Continue reading

10 Rules To Making 52x Your Money In 2 Years (A Hero Trader Who Did It)

1mil copy

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The other day I introduced you to this ex-penny stock promoter who is speaking at my upcoming Vegas conference, today I want you to meet another conference speaker, a trading challenge student who has turned $13,000 into $684,000 in just over 2 years making him one of my top students….yup, that’s 52x his money.

I for one am SO excited to hear him speak — that presentation is gonna be worth its weight in gold — not to mention the other dozen or so speakers we have as you can see HERE

Another one of my students inspired by Tim’s success interviewed him and Tim was gracious enough to give a few solid tips on the secrets of his success: Continue reading