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It Took Me 15 Years To Be Able To Write This

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This is a long blog post, but trust me it’s worth it as it took me 15 years of trial error to be able to write this…and it will change your life as it has mine.

In the first 3.5 months of 2014, I’m up nearly $500,000 in trading profits, EVERY trade detailed HERE, it’s been the best start to a year since I made $700,000+ in the first few months of 2000 when I was just a college Freshman as detailed fully in my bestselling book “An American Hedge Fund” which you can download for free HERE.

If you can’t commit to reading my entire book (although most people say they finish it within a few days), at least read Chapter 6 for FREE HERE where I made $100,000+ in one day from my dorm room — yup it’s been a crazy adventure for this middle class kid from Connecticut ever since I got started trading penny stocks 15 years ago. Continue reading

This Is Unacceptable

It’s UNACCEPTABLE that more of my readers aren’t partaking in this bull market because you haven’t studied enough and haven’t followed THESE instructions

Today I locked in another $22,000 in trading profits today bringing me up to $415,000+ in the first 2 months and one week of 2014, all trades detailed and alerted in realtime HERE…my account is up a staggering 83% in 7 weeks…something “professional” money managers are drooling over (hence why more than a few of them are new students of mine)

But more importantly, my trading trading challenge students and subscribers of these newsletters are banking left and right as you can see in the video below…all told they made six figures today.

Follow these 5 steps to a T and MEMORIZE these penny stock rules and you too can bank like we do: Continue reading

Best Tweet Ever: The Priests Of Penny Stocks

I’m trying to keep up with new students who are signing up to my newsletters HERE, but this tweet from this morning was the best thing I’ve seen in a very long time:

Continue reading

How To Make $100,000/Week

The penny stock market is so incredibly hot right now as my newsletter subscribers & I made nearly seven figures in the past week, watch this FREE video on my five 20%+ winners, all longs, in the past few weeks) and I am besieged with people who want to apply to my trading challenge and get mentored by my team and I thanks to my top student turning $1,500 of his own money into $1 million in less than 3 years, as featured HERE on CNN Money and HERE on FOX & Friends…see this video montage of his entire 3-year journey: Continue reading

The PennyStocking Silver Subscriber Up $1.7 Million The First 3 Weeks Of 2014

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My Single Greatest Achievement

The other day I posted some lessons from my 2nd millionaire trading challenge student HERE

Many readers are new and don’t realize what its taken to create not one but two millionaires now from scratch and how its been my goal for the past few years as I outlined in this video: Continue reading

What Is Bitcoin? Read My Opinion Here

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I’ve been getting this question more than anything as of late, but as my students know I’ve been on fire with my stock picks lately — buying GOGO at $21 before it spiked to 30, REFR in the 4s, now nearly 8 and soooo many others, I’m up roughly $70,000 in November alone, see all trades HERE

And now my life is getting even crazier due to THIS THANKSGIVING SALE that we just started, I felt the need to answer questions about Bitcoin.

Despite my 7 free video lesson series showing EXACTLY how I’ve made my millions…

And despite the 3 stock picks I gave in this free webinar a few weeks ago already rising 147%, 92% and 50%…(my students have been loving FONR, REFR and VUZI) Continue reading

10 Key Stock Market Lessons From My First Millionaire Student

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UPDATE: Within a few weeks of creating my first millionaire student I also created my 2nd millionaire student as picked up by Reuters HERE and CNN Money wrote about HERE)

My trading challenge students know how dedicated I have been to the goal of creating a millionaire with my trading strategy and as I posted HERE on Facebook late Friday, I have finally accomplished that goal.

Just over 2 years into challenging myself to focus solely on creating a millionaire (instead of focusing on exposing scams as much), one of my top trading challenge students has crossed the $1 million mark in profits as you can see in this new video I just made: Continue reading

5 Hot Penny Stocks To Buy / Short And My Students Who Are Banking Off Them


UPDATE: Another day another big winner in this crazy bull market, within hours of this blog post, I had made $3,000 and my trading challenge students locked in $50,000 in profits…see this picture to find out which stock and realize the move isn’t even close to being over since it fits perfectly with this very reliable pattern I’ve made six figures on over the years

The voting for Miss Penny Stock 2013 has officially begun HERE and I’ll do a full blog post in the coming days, but more importantly, I want to talk about something just as hot, but which will actually make you money rather than spend your money :)

I’m talking about the hot hot hot hot hot stock market right now!

The US stock market is on fire, hitting fresh new highs practically every day now, and those trading challenge students who are prepared and I are reaping all the benefits…

Look at these two students comments I got the past 2 days: Continue reading