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The 17 Best Lessons To Remember In 2017


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Happy MLK Day! Every year we have this special day off to remind ourselves of a great American who fought for liberty and equality.  In the past, I’ve made analogies here with respect to the disgusting biases that exist in the finance world and Wall Street.

I know, I know, it’s not nearly as important as what MLK stood for, but it’s important to note, so that you can understand the opportunities that exist in the stock market thanks to this bias.

To celebrate MLK Day this year, though, I won’t give any corny speech.  To truly capitalize on the opportunities that I see unfolding every day lately, I want to review some basic lessons from the past year that I think are crucial to your eventual success.

2016 is now over.  Hopefully, you read my blog post, “Reviewing My 2016 Performance” and saw my video below about my top trading challenge student making nearly $1 million:

…and now you see HUNDREDS of my students profiting every day now, as I outlined this video that surprised quite a few people:

(in the interest of time, I normally only feature 5-10 students per day, I’d have to do 90-minute daily video lessons to try to highlight everyone doing well.  Even then, I would miss many.  The beauty of my near decade of teaching FINALLY paying off)

…you know it was a VERY good year for myself and my students, thanks to some truly incredible stock market volatility in the last few months of the year that allowed junk penny stocks like DRYS to spike from $4 to $100+ in just 4 days and then come all the way back down just 4 days later and IDXG to spike from $1 to $20/share in just 3 days.

2017 has started out incredibly strong too, as we’ve seen SEVERAL incredible Supernovas on absolute junk biotech companies, like ETRM, which went from $2 to $30 in 4 days and now back to the $13s just 3 days later and DFFN, which just last week spiked from $2 to $15+/share in just 2 days, before crashing and burning like all the rest.

So, here are 17 lessons to help you crush it in 2017: Continue reading

Why Is My New 11-Hour Trading Checklist Guide 100% Free?

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As you might’ve seen me say lately, you can get my new Trader Checklist streaming DVD guide FOR FREE.  All you have to do is go register at– no strings attached, no BS, just 11+ hours of useful education, ALL FOR FREE.

Here’s a 30-minute video clip from the guide: Continue reading

Lessons From Friday To Prepare You For The Coming Week


What a wild stock market environment it’s been lately! To stay afloat in this crazy environment, you MUST be in my chatroom (sign up here to gain access) every single morning, especially between 9am and 10am EST, because we have 1,000+ pairs of eyes watching out for EVERY hot stock (double, triple or quadruple the size of any other newsletter focused on low-priced stocks).

In this market, you need to be prepared–ANY hot play can turn into a true Supernova!


Believe me, when I say that it is to your great advantage to learn about the big potential runners EARLY in the day (that would be BEFORE your lunch hour).

If you would like to see some examples of students who do just that, you can see some recent student gains HERE. Whether you’re trading with a small account (like I am this year…although my $12,000 account has now grown to roughly $75,000 in just 7 short months) or a large account, there’s been great gains for everyone, large and small.  And, even if you’re not trading yet or you’re paper trading, there are great lessons to be learned from all of this action too!

By the way, I just had my first $10,000+ week of the year, last week! See all trades here.

Download this quick cheat sheet.

Last Friday, I received over 50 tweet testimonials from my students.  I’ve shared 5 of them below, just to give you an idea of the kind of money that my students are making…ALL due to their absolute dedication to studying guides like THIS and THIS and coming into the market prepared, every day–a crucial advantage over the vast majority of lazy, degenerate gamblers in this niche, who only look for “action.”


Here are some of my favorite tweets, from traders who are NOT degenerate gamblers, but who are serious about improving their “game.”

Speaking of learning, I want to talk specifically about this past Friday, since there are SO many lessons from the many plays right now, as well as lessons from the $10+ million trader that I recently interviewed. Continue reading

How To Trade With A Small Account vs Big Account



Time for another expose to cut through the far too many misconceptions and lies being spread about trading and penny stocks, as a followup to THIS and THIS because the market has been SO hot lately (as you can see HERE) and too many people aren’t taking proper advantage…little by little I’m working hard to get the good information out there, so I REALLY appreciate when I get comments like this from students:

First let me show you some recent screenshots/tweets from my students that far and away cut through ANY negativity associated with penny stocks and mind you these trades have been on the EXACT pattens I’ve catalogued HERE for the past decade and personally traded and made millions with for the past two decades: Continue reading

30 Useful Tips From A Trader Who Just Passed $3 Million In Profits


My top student Tim G. has just reached a major milestone, passing $3 million in trading profits in his 4th year of trading!

We are so fortunate enough to have him share his top lessons (definitely thank him and congratulate him on this achievement in the comment section below)…also go check out his new website HERE where he shares even more tips/lessons he’s learned and developed his own unique strategy over the course of his journey.

Download a PDF version for 30 useful tips from a trader who just passed $3 million in profits.

Here’s a little recap of his inspirational story: Continue reading

My 35 Best Stock Market Strategies, Tips & Techniques

jet money

To celebrate my 35th birthday, enjoy 35-50% off HERE and HERE for just one more week!

It’s been an absolute crazy week, my best week of 2016 so far as my main account is now up to $27k, up $3k on the week and over the PDT rule! Plays galore right now as you might’ve seen in video lessons HERE and HERE and HERE, so many of you have learned to use the low priced stock volatility to profit off the hottest plays, long and short, nearly every day lately…success stems from proper preparation and the right mindset, you MUST study these guides ahead of time, grab those savings for just a few more days, until the end of April to celebrate my recent birthday!

Download this cheat sheet for the 35 best stock market strategies, tips & techniques.

I’m SO sorry about the technical issues we had with my birthday webinar, 1/2 the people couldn’t log in, 1/4 of the people couldn’t access this link for my upcoming virtual day (we have 12 spots left, that’s it!)…we’ll do better in the future, thankfully we recorded it so I can at least present it to you without any issues below, my 35 best tips/strategies I’ve learned over the past 18 years trading in the stock market nearly every day, I hope they help you!

(we’ve also had the whole webinar transcribed below for my valued deaf students!) Continue reading

10 Things You Need To Do To Actually Get Rich

jet money

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Who doesn’t want to get rich?

Many believe that to get rich, you’ve either got to win the lottery, receive a windfall inheritance, or do something illegal (more power to you if you receive the former two; I don’t suggest the latter). Getting rich isn’t possible, we’re told; rather, if we scrimp, save, invest conservatively and wisely, and then maybe, just maybe, we might save our way up to millions over time.

Want to be rich like me? Then check out these 10 tips!

If you don’t foresee a windfall and don’t want to wait an entire lifetime to possibly maybe get rich, then it’s time to set your mind to making millions in a smarter way. By adopting these habits and following these tips, you can help streamline the process to becoming a millionaire…like my top millionaire trading challenge students and I have: Continue reading

The Best Email Ever

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A few months ago I wrote HERE about the best tweet ever and a few weeks back I shared with you 5 great emails I received HERE…both both pale in comparison to this email I received last night: Continue reading

How I Made 20% Today & My Take On Alibaba


I’m so pumped up right now as I publish this blog post because the markets are all down nearly 2% today and I just NAILED a stock for a classic bounce using my rules featured in these study guides to a T to make nearly 20% in an hour…and I underestimated the stock’s bounce, selling too soon making a few thousand bucks in less than an hour…but check out some of my newsletter subscribers did and see the video where I predicted the entire move in my premarket watch list sent out at 1:10am this morning! Continue reading

A Story Of 2 Millionaires

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I’ve been having a record year with more students learning and banking as you can see all listed HERE, and I’m now up 140% or roughly $700,000 in trading profits in just over 7 months, every trade detailed HERE, but this past week I suffered my 2nd biggest loss of 2014, losing $15,000+ on one trade: Continue reading