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36 Key Stock Trading Terms You Should Know


In order to learn how to trade, you have to continue to learn the terminology and strategies that go with it…here’s 21 basic stock market trading terms and here’s 25 more stock trading terms.

The more you know, the better prepared you will be to jump into action and predict which direction stocks are going to move in.

Do you think me, the other guru’s on Profitly or my successful students were just born with this knowledge?

NO! Continue reading

Rules For The Largest Penny Stock Chatroom On The Internet

Thanks to my CNN article HERE and FOX TV appearance HERE, my subscriber-base has grown dramatically as I push even harder and do everything possible to achieve my 3rd millionaire student (see millionaire #1 HERE and millionaire #2 HERE).

In fact, there’s nearly 1,000 people in the chatroom every day these days (up from the 200-300 range a year ago) so we had to update these previous rules to keep the chatroom a useful and educational tool in your arsenal (this new trading software and these video lessons also help) Continue reading

Invoice #31011

I should invoice you for this valuable information, but because I want more dedicated trading challenge students and newsletter subscribers I’m gonna show you how I made several thousand dollars in a few hours by picking the single hottest stock in the market before it spiked 40% a few hours later FOR FREE:

Here’s the intraday chart of WATT where I alerted my newsletter subscribers about my buy at $8/share…just hours before it spiked to over $11/share: Continue reading

21 Basic Stock Market Terms You Should Know

Last week I posted 20 Habits Of The Rich & Successful and it was a huge hit.

But my most successful trading challenge students — especially this guy who has now taken $1,500 of his own money and turned it into $1.6 million in 3 years and one months since becoming my student — know that habits alone won’t make you successful, that’s just the start…it takes knowledge and know ho, watching these free stock market video lessons and following these 60+ crucial rules helps…here are some basic stock market terms to help you on your journey: Continue reading

Come With Me On A Journey

Ever since I posted my first 2 trading challenge students hitting $1 million in profits, HERE and HERE, in the past few weeks, gave you these 3 free gifts to get your education going and then I posted 60+ key stock market trading rules just the other day, I’ve been BOMBARDED by people wanting to start learning how to trade.

My making $164,000 last week, as detailed HERE, and daily profits like my $16,000+ today do much to encourage people, but you have to learn how to start before you can make monthly salaries in a few hours like I do. Continue reading