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Why This Coming Weekend Matters

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This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and if you’ve read my past blog posts like “How To Truly Celebrate This Memorial Day” and “12 Free Educational Videos To Celebrate Memorial Day” and “10 Lessons To Truly Honor Memorial Day” you know that I take this holiday very seriously as it’s not like other holidays that are just excuses to take time off, party, and get gifts for yourself and your loved ones…not that there’s anything wrong with that…it’s just that this holiday actually matters. Continue reading

This Had To Be Said, Responding To My Haters

As someone who encourages people to trade penny stocks (which are universally hated, especially on Wall Street), brags about the millions of dollars I’ve made (every trade detailed HERE and the millions of dollars my top trading challenge students have made (as you might’ve seen HERE and HERE and HERE in the stock market using giant piles of cash like these on social media: Continue reading

The Best Play That’s Working Well Right Now

Over the years, I’ve seen several penny stock patterns working time and time again, and more often than not…patterns like “Try This Every Morning And You’ll Make Money” for dip buying and for short selling I really love the pattern outlined in the blog post “4 Live Penny Stock Trades On Video

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But right now it’s earnings season and if you’ve watched my 1,100+ video lessons HERE on earnings plays then you know it’s a great season to buy, especially if you’ve watched my recent video lessons like this new one I made earlier today: Continue reading

8 Lies That Keep You From Being Successful

Do you want to learn how to be a millionaire, but secretly believe that becoming a great trader simply isn’t in the cards for you? If so, it’s possible that you’re lying to yourself. Many people will tell themselves blatant lies in a subconscious attempt to protect them from risk and potential failure. However, by doing this we also talk ourselves out of discovering and achieving our full potential.

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Here are 8 common lies that keep people from becoming great traders. Are you guilty of any of these?

1. “I want to be rich to be happy”. If you think that you’re only in trading to make money, then you’re deluding yourself. The fact is, money is only paper. Having a bunch of paper won’t make you happy. Continue reading

Are You Studying And Working The Wrong Way?

A lot of people message me every day in my chatroom for my newsletter subscribers and on every social network wanting to get rich and I REALLY don’t think they understand how to actually achieve that.

The good news is I’ve been trading for nearly 20 years and now teaching for 10+ years so I have the actual blueprint and you just have to sit back and follow my instructions to a T.

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It won’t be easy…at all…and in fact it’s going to be harder than you ever thought possible, but the journey alone is worth the price of admission and in the end you’ll look back at your grinding and hustling and appreciate it all, even when you make mistakes and fail a little every now and then along the way too…as long as you keep moving forward and learning from everything, your gains and your losses too!

Sure, sure, you see success stories like my top Millionaire trading challenge students and mine: Continue reading

This Is Worth Watching Again

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You trading challenge students are in for a treat with another live webinar with this great trader tomorrow morning at 9am EST so get excited and be ready to attend early in the morning!

For those of you who don’t know, it’s my trading challenge students who are my most VIP and because we don’t accept everyone as you must prove you have the right attitude and dedication level to gain entrance.

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Outsiders and non-students never really realized how great of a community it is until the past few weeks since I’ve been releasing interviews with several of my top trading challenge students, whether they’ve made $4+ million like this young man, or $700,000+ like this upcoming great or even when a few of us got together in the Caribbean here, but far and away the best response has been to this video: Continue reading

5 Things You Can Learn From My Millionaire Students

My top millionaire and even upcoming trading challenge Students are incredibly talented and motivated and this makes them absolute beasts when it comes to achieving their goals. Given the high caliber of people who are drawn to my trading challenge, it’s no wonder that over the years, I’ve mentored numerous students who have forged successful careers as penny stock traders.

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If you’ve watched my recent interviews with them: Continue reading