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Now This Is A Great Penny Stock Watchlist

Lots of people wanna know what I think about stocks every day and how I prepare subscribers of my 4 newsletters…well, here’s today’s watchlist sent at roughly 2am EST to help prepare my students for today.

It’s been a great week, I’m up roughly $15,000, my students are up roughly $50,000 and my gains would be double had it not been for my grandmother’s funeral which made me miss PERFECT shorts in CALI and RCON…which as you’ll see I called rather perfectly in the watchlist:

Here’s a typical penny video lesson too detailing how I made $15k this week…and missed out on $15k due to the funeral 🙁






2012 Millionaire Challenge $12,415 account started in 11/2011: now $18,835 apply for my Challenge to get alerts & video lessons as I grow this new account

All Trading Accounts: $810,000ish, rebalanced at $600k each year, up 35% in 2012 so far, up 54% in 2011, up 57% in 2010

Yesterday was a $24,000ish profit day for subscribers (+$7,000ish for me):

Too many trades lately, go look on Profitly to see how everyone is doing


CALI and RCON are the two plays I cared most about because they were so volatile and liquid…classic, classic, classic Supernovas both with “good” earnings even though I don’t trust any Chinese company…I actually didn’t think CALI would go so far, the $6s were a surprise as were the $7s, but since it went so far that opened the door up to RCON as a sympathy play – as I go over again and in my New Rules Of PennyStocking and PennyStocking Framework DVDs (email for specials) and so I bought RCON on the mid-afternoon breakout of $2.25…I really wanted it to wait til after 3pm, but it was moving fast at just after 2PM EST so I bought and inevitably got scared out since it was too early in the day for my typical overnight hold…although I bought and sold a few times as it ramped into the $2.75ish close so it was a nice 50 cents/share gainer from my initial buy alert and it’s in the $2.80s afterhours…$3 is definitely possible if not probable tomorrow, but I couldn’t hold overnight because CALI faded hardcore into the close and that could really crash which would put a damper on RCON tomorrow…both are potential shorts after some more spiking ideally as they are both way ahead of themselves…hopefully RCON can have a nice second and possibly even a third day of spiking before its time comes…congrats to all those who bought these earnings winners, it’s the same pattern I go over again and again and again and their low marketcaps allow the stocks to spike exponentially. Those too scared to buy or short such volatility understand that when I go into these stocks, I’m ALWAYS ready to exit if I don’t like the price action so you’ll often see me make just 10-20 cents/share even when, as in this case, I’m ultimately right for 50 cents/share…trade cowardly and you don’t have to worry as much.


SANP, ZERO, EKNL, PWEID I could care less about when we have perfect Supernovas in CALI and RCON…gotta focus on what’s truly hot, forget these hard-to-borrow ones when there are ideal plays in the $2-6/share price range although the crashes on these, SANP in particular, are truly stunning to watch in the background.


SLIO is the latest paid pump and it crashed 50% on day #2 because the promoters have recently become incompetent…this is why I won’t buy them and this one was just too low priced for me to be confident in any short…dear SLIO promoters, you are pathetic and an embarrassment to your own soulless kind.


HGSH is still holding up in the high 2s…God bless it, it’s the little de-lister that could…all we need is a press release and it spikes even more, c’mon corrupt management, you can do it!


MIMV was up early in the morning due to a hyped up but ultimately useless deal to build more apps…they’re still stalling with regards to their MSFT deal so I sold my longer term position at 40 cents/share, barely missing a ton of buyers at 42 cents/share, but still pocketing 12% over 2 days…probable rebuy but given the overall market and this company’s sketchiness, I’m in no rush.

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  1. sky

    Hey Tim, there are hundreds of thousands of stock out there, Where do you go to search for these stocks tickers that is $2-6/share?

    And in it, probably hundreds of them, How do you know which one to trade?

  2. Eric G

    Really leaves a bad taste in my mouth how you talk about your grandmas funeral like it was nothing. But whatever – just remember that family is everything and you will always have plenty of time to earn money.

  3. timothysykes

    bad taste? i explain how a life event forced me to miss trades…i’m a teacher and i detail EVERYTHING good and bad that influences my trading, you’re welcome

  4. Eric G

    Tim, I will assume that family comes first to you above anything. Im sure the funeral was more important than the profit you could have potentially made. Personally, I wouldnt have mentioned something like that in the way you did but not one human being is the same. I would leave it at that.

  5. timothysykes

    my family works for me and i love em but that doesn’t mean i’m not gonna mention them when its an important lesson for my students…you don’t get that i will share EVERYTHING with my students, you’re welcome

  6. Jud H

    Yeah, This T. Sykes is a joke. Why would you trust this greasy salesman that doesn’t give a shit about his grandmother. “my gains would be double had it not been for my grandmother’s funeral which made me miss PERFECT shorts.” Who writes this? Heartless and greedy. Your beneficiaries will celebrate the day they get to bury you, Mr. Sykes.

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