13 Things Successful People Do In Their 20s


My second millionaire trading challenge student profiled here on CNN is only in his mid 20s, yet he’s more successful than many people will ever be in their entire life.

You don’t have to trade penny stocks to be successful, but there are several traits that the best traders have that you should consider too just like I said in my most popular article in Entrepreneur magazine “8 Daily Habits That Will Make 2015 Explosive“.

Learn to recognize what successful people are doing and copy them to achieve success for yourself!

When you read this post with 20 lessons from Tim Grittani passing $2 million in profits in just 4 years, you’ll realize he has done many of the things on this list of what successful people do in their 20s…just like what I said during my speech at Harvard University last year: Continue reading

The Best Penny Stock Brokers For 2015

Previously I wrote this post explaining the best stock brokers I would allocate $ to beginning on February 1st, 2015. As I said I would start with a small account — just $100,000 aka less than 1% of my actual assets — and grow it just as I’ve always done in order to show you how to grow a small account.

Remember I previously turned $12,415 into $1.65 million in 4 years, 1999-2002 and then went back to $12,415 when I began teaching in late 2007 and grew it to nearly $100,000 in just 2 years as outlined HERE, I’m SO glad that several trading challenge students are enjoying the same kinds of exponential returns, read: Continue reading

Why Jordan Belfort Is Still A Scumbag

Image from PacificCoastNews.com

If you haven’t already read or heard, I’m not a big fan of Jordan Belfort, aka the real Wolf of Wall Street. I’ve written about him in a few posts already, bashing the criminal and painting a true picture of the guy since Martin Scorsese didn’t think that was appropriate when directing the movie. Check out the posts here and here.

If you didn’t already know, Jordan Belfort and his partner Danny Porush helped orchestrate a scheme at the firm called Stratton Oakmont back in the 90’s. Much of the scammers’ ill-gotten gains were spent on cocaine, hookers and kinky sex. That is, before the FBI stepped in and ended their party. Continue reading

What Is A Penny Stock Promoter [Infographic]

Penny stock promoters get a bad rap, but do you know why? When it comes to penny stocks, these guys have been involved in a good deal of scandal. Do you know how to pick the good guys from the bad? I created this infographic to give you an inside perspective on what promoters do, how they get paid and how you can use this information to turn risk into opportunity. Click the image below to view.

Stock Promoter_1.0-01


Again, it’s important to remember that there are legitimate promoters of various investment vehicles. The less regulated the markets of these vehicles, the more opportunity for securities fraud arises. The most important thing is to be on your toes and do your homework before entering any investment. From there, learn to recognize scams and bet against them. Book a few of those trades successfully and it just might change your feelings towards promoters.

Video Instructions On My New Broker & Why I’m Giving Away $2.2 Million Now





As you see above today is the final day to save on so many useful study guides and newsletters, I suggest you take us up on the offers, they’re not coming around again anytime soon.

Secondly, I previously wrote this post “Why I Am Giving Away $2 Million” a few months ago, but now I’m upping the # to $2.2 million because I’m throwing in my Porsche giveaway (which I outline HERE), now I’m giving away 2 pairs of my Google Glasses and even more luxury possession giveaways I’ll soon announce.

I’ll be giving away my $100,000 Porsche to one lucky person on a TV show airing in just a few weeks (sorry I don’t have the specific timing yet) and if you’re interested, leave a comment on this blog post or on my Instagram account HERE anytime I post pictures of cars and if you want my Google Glasses, leave a comment and like this Instagram picture below:

Some people don’t think I’m really giving this money and luxury goods away, let me answer your doubt definitely by saying yes I am.

My ‘How To Make Millions’ DVD study guide, my most comprehensive study guide ever and REQUIRED watching before you start trading my strategy, turned out to be 35-hours long, not just the 20, 24 or 34 I originally planned/promised and has already raised over $250,000 for charity (see a 45-minute preview HERE) and has allowed me to do some very cool things with Make-A-Wish & the Boys & Girls Club:

…and I’m just getting warmed up with my charitable giving! I have some big plans in 2015 as I aim to giveaway the most $ of any trader on Twitter, despite trading with just $100,000 in my account as I wrote about here vs. FAR too many wealthy traders who claim to make big $ but fail to show any or even most trades transparently and give far too little back to those less fortunate (i.e. they’re most likely full of BS)

I’m making 2015 a year of giving, which is why no matter who you are, where you are or your financial situation I’ve posted now nearly 400 free videos HERE and you can read my bestselling book HERE FOR FREE

Students like this who started with just $2,200 and have now turned that into $300,000 in just 3 years following my strategy and of course this great penny stock trader who began with just a few thousand dollars and is now up to $2.43 million go a long way to proving ANYONE can bank with my strategy — going long AND short — if you study your butt off and begin with just a few thousand dollars.

As to why I’m giving away my Porsche, Google Glasses and some other very cool luxury goods I’ll announce soon in this fashion — I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for dedicated trading challenge students and if you want something bad enough — like becoming my next millionaire students after millionaire #1 HERE and millionaire #2 (and 2 more millionaires who don’t want to be public about their gains) — then you had better be able to articulate it, so all of these giveaways are a test to see how dedicated you can be at achieving a specific goal.

As I wrote here about my Porsche giveaway, why are so many people willing to leave infinite comments at a chance for a $100,000 car, but unwilling to study my nearly 400 free video lessons HERE at a chance to be a self-sufficient millionaire?

The answer is because deep down, they don’t believe they can actually become knowledgeable enough to become a millionaire and that’s sad and pollutes all of their efforts to actually become one (not to mention wasting my time as their teacher).

I blame overly-cynical stock market veterans who warn against the possibility of getting rich in the stock market (because it didn’t happen to them that way even though it’s happened to me and my top students all within a few years without ANY of us being anywhere close to perfect) and more so the terrible financial media industry for making a mockery of what’s possible in the stock market i.e. following the picks of an ugly bald man on TV who has been proven to be right 35-40% of the time won’t make you rich anytime soon, hence why CNBC’s ratings are at all-time lows.

Now onto why you probably are reading this, below I’ve made an updated video of the brokers I’m using in 2015 along with the specific dollar amounts I’ve allocated to each based on their usefulness to me and, more importantly, specific instructions on my newest broker…this was my best broker list in 2014, don’t get married to brokers, they can always be replaced if they have issues (like SureTrader sadly has hence why I’m lowering my account balance there by 90%) and if better ones come along:

And you must have a margin account with your broker to be able to short sell, not a cash account…sorry IRAs, you guys can only go long, I don’t make the rules!

Beginning tomorrow (or more accurately Tuesday because I am horrible at math and actually withdrew too much from IB account so I have to wire some more $ back in…seriously), I will be trading with just a $100,000 account and my newsletter subscribers will receive realtime alerts, watchlists and commentary all designed to show you how I try to grow my account.

I also have a separate $100,000 in my longterm newsletter account ‘SmallCap Millionaire’ so you can see how fast I try to grow that using more of a swing-trading approach which has just yieled one of the best testimonials I’ve ever received:

Shyguy:sold my last shares of $VUZI this AM in at 1.95 out at $6.20 Thanks Tim Smallcap Millionaire paid off $22,600 profit realized.

Long story short I’m excited to work even harder as your teacher/mentor in 2015, I want more millionaire trading challenge students yes, but even if you don’t make a million bucks and become knowledgeable and self-sufficient, I’m happy.

My critics like to point out that out of my thousands of students only, a few have become millionaires…I don’t mind highlighting this fact because:

a.) out of thousands of students less than 10% even bother to watch the daily video lessons or log in to see my chatroom commentary/watchlists…that means out of roughly 500 dedicated students, nearly 20% are making serious $ pretty consistently using my teachings, that’s WAYYYYYYYY above average or any other stats of any other newsletter/chatroom/guru, helped by the fact that most others refuse to be transparent since they know most of their students fail/blow up/don’t bank…because I made millions BEFORE I ever got started teaching and now have several proven students, I don’t run & hide from transparency, I embrace it!

b.) it takes time to learn such a weird strategy, especially since so many of my students know NOTHING about the stock market and found me thanks to articles like this in Men’s Journal or on FOX & Friends HERE or TV shows that make me out to be an ass even though I made $70,000 while aboard a $12 million yacht to which I spent nearly $60,000 treating several trading challenge students

c.) success comes in MANY forms, it’s not zero or a million, read through these customer reviews and even more customer reviews HERE and I’ve got hundreds more I need to organize and post too

d.) the cost of my educational materials is SO low, but please feel free to ignore me and my time-tested rules at your own risk…sadly many people choose this route and come back to me hat in hand after they’ve lost 50-75%, sometimes even all of their money like these guys, then they can’t trade anymore let alone learn and I hate that because I couldn’t reach them in time.

2015 will be like all other years, most traders will make all sorts of excuses not to be transparent, 90-95%+ of traders will lose, 70%+ of professional money managers will fail to beat the puny 5-10% gains (or hopefully 5-10% losses this year as we need a break!) in the overall market indices and a select few who have learned to capitalize on stock market inefficiencies like this will bank five, six and seven figures…which category will you fall under?

My Take On The Shake Shack IPO $SHAK

shack burger





Whenever there’s a hotly anticipated IPO I get tons of emails asking me my take, despite my telling my newsletter subscribers over and over and over again that I prefer to buy little known earnings & contract winners and short sell, or bet against, little known penny stock pump and dumps. Continue reading

3 Reasons I’m An Idiot

laptop in pool copy

URGENT: Final 72 hours on this 70% off DVD sale on my 35-hour charity DVD (that’s the FINAL length, it was finished TODAY!) and this 50% off newsletter sale and this 50% off DVD sale


I’ve been extremely successful/blessed in my life and now I have several trading challenge students who have passed $1 million in profits using my stock market strategy/rules, but I am not a smart man.

Momma says stupid is as stupid does and I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life…see examples HERE and HERE.

Here are 3 more recent examples of why I’m an idiot: Continue reading