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12 Insights From The Millionaire’s Mind

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Before you become a millionaire, you’ve got to start thinking like a millionaire…that’s what my Millionaire Challenge is all about, not just teaching how to find the hottest stocks and how to profit off them, but by changing my students’ entire perspective and mindset to get them in a position to actually become a millionaire.

Here’s a video with several of my top trading challenge students that explains a little about what I mean: Continue reading

My Free Gift To You: 2 New Students’ Stories For Inspiration


To celebrate my 35th birthday, enjoy 35-50% off HERE and HERE for just 48 more hours! And grab this new StocksToTrade special too, you’re lucky we’ve been having the best few days of 2016 so I’ve been too busy to answer all the email questions regarding the sale! Continue reading

My 35 Best Stock Market Strategies, Tips & Techniques

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To celebrate my 35th birthday, enjoy 35-50% off HERE and HERE for just one more week!

It’s been an absolute crazy week, my best week of 2016 so far as my main account is now up to $27k, up $3k on the week and over the PDT rule! Plays galore right now as you might’ve seen in video lessons HERE and HERE and HERE, so many of you have learned to use the low priced stock volatility to profit off the hottest plays, long and short, nearly every day lately…success stems from proper preparation and the right mindset, you MUST study these guides ahead of time, grab those savings for just a few more days, until the end of April to celebrate my recent birthday!

Download this cheat sheet for the 35 best stock market strategies, tips & techniques.

I’m SO sorry about the technical issues we had with my birthday webinar, 1/2 the people couldn’t log in, 1/4 of the people couldn’t access this link for my upcoming virtual day (we have 12 spots left, that’s it!)…we’ll do better in the future, thankfully we recorded it so I can at least present it to you without any issues below, my 35 best tips/strategies I’ve learned over the past 18 years trading in the stock market nearly every day, I hope they help you!

(we’ve also had the whole webinar transcribed below for my valued deaf students!) Continue reading

Answering 20 Penny Stock Trading FAQs

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To celebrate my 35th birthday, enjoy 35-50% off HERE and HERE for just a few more days!

Thanks to all the press my millionaire trading challenge students have gotten recently HERE and HERE, my interviews with media legend Larry King HERE, my talk at Harvard University going viral HERE and my busting several liars HERE and HERE, I have a TON of new students who all seem to have the same kinds of questions.

Download a short PDF version of my 20 penny stock trading FAQ.

FYI almost all basic questions can be answered by this 7 free video lesson series, my best-selling How To Make Millions DVD (which has now raised $1.2 million ALL for charity!) the 60-day intro video course my Silver newsletter subscriber receive, not to mention 500+ FREE videos HERE, but I’ll answer the 25 most frequently asked questions below so I can refer to this post again and again and again and again: Continue reading