35 Key Stock Trading Terms You Must Know

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Just because the markets are crashing doesn’t mean there aren’t great trading opportunities right now, hell, I made nearly $5,000 this morning on a solid trade, and have been safe, not to mention have kept my students safe in these dangerous times since I warned of a stock market crash this week last Friday saying “there’s a real possibility of a crash next week so I’m playing this safe, basically a scratch…trade extra-safe in this market, remember the bull market is 6+ years old, we’re due for crash or at least consolidation & most happen in Sept/October” Continue reading

Bull vs Bear: Should Your Trading Strategy Change?

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With the US stock markets suffering their worst drop in years last week, I know a lot of you are panicking. And I know you’re panicking because you’ve been sending me emails freaking out about whether all of this – not to mention the fact that most of the big & popular companies mentioned daily on CNBC are down – means that stock trading is over.

It’s not. Continue reading

How Risky Are You? Measure Your Risk Tolerance Before Day Trading

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In today’s video lesson HERE I talk about risk, and this is a stock trading blog, so we’ve got to talk about risk tolerance, right?

Risk tolerance is a big buzzword for most financial companies. Hell, take a look at the picture below. That’s the landing page for E*TRADE’s Online Portfolio Advisor system. And you can see, right there in Step #2, that this program is going to take your risk tolerance into account.

It’s right there – it’s one of the first things E*TRADE tells you that you need to think about when you’re opening an account: Continue reading

The Samurai vs. The Sniper: 3 Lessons For Penny Stock Traders

sykes samurai copy

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Today I just posted these 5 classic video lessons going over some basic trading rules, watch time & utilize them to become a more meticulous/profitable trader. Continue reading

My Secret Formula For Finding Penny Stocks Pre-Spike

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Traditional stock traders buy low and sell high. My students take things one step further, both buying low and selling high, and then selling short when prices begin falling and buying to cover. This lets us make a profit both on the way up and the way down, but there’s one question you have to be able to answer to do this: Continue reading

My Larry King Interview Yesterday

larry king

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Nearly 55,000 people now are subscribed to my free Youtube channel HERE and yesterday I posted this video talking about my interview with the legend himself, Larry King, one of the craziest honors of my life aside from this: Continue reading

Here’s $800 From Me To You

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Not only am I going to be trading live with the conference attendees during market hours, but a host of other millionaire speakers will be doing the same…all with different yet successful strategies…all worth learning and see which strategy/strategies will change your life like my strategy has done for me and now several of my top millionaire students, not to mention dozens of my students who earn a solid six figures/year like this guy and this guy Continue reading

Is Today’s Stock Market Overheated?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but plenty of big names in the industry have been flooding the news networks with dire predictions about the stock market becoming overheated.

Here’s Carl Icahn – a trading icon you really need to know – warning that we’re approaching a crisis similar to what the economy went through in 2008. Continue reading

My Review Of ‘Trading Tickers’ The Best Stock Trading Guide Ever Created

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I’ve been meaning to post my full review of my top student Tim Grittani’s 16-hour DVD study guide ‘Trading Tickers’ which will be ready August 1st, it’s just that it’s difficult for me to put all my thoughts down in one blog post since I’m so excited, awestruck, amazed, pumped up, proud, shocked, stunned and every other word you can imagine because this is a 26-year-old guy who has not just turned a few thousand dollars into $2.7 million in 4 years, and remember that nobody else in the world has that kind of track record the past few years, but now has worked for the past 7 months on creating this study guide that is the single most useful educational tool ever created for traders. Continue reading