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9 Traits Of Successful People


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What’s the secret to success? The answer will differ depending on who you ask. Some say that it takes hard work and dedication; others attribute it to luck. But if you ask me, the true “secret” is that there is no secret; success is more the result of cultivating specific traits in your personal and professional life. Continue reading

3 Ways To Use Stats/Data To Make Better Trades


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Earlier today I made this video lesson all about using data to improve your trading:

1. You should be using StocksToTrade every single day to find the best stocks faster than other traders can, most especially because of our new features and scanning tools like this low float stock breaking news scan that is truly a Godsend in this current market evironment where it’s on fire literally every single day: Continue reading

My Simple But Important Thanksgiving Message To You


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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

In the past, I’ve written a great deal about this holiday, like “5 Ways to Maximize Your Thanksgiving Holiday” and “Thank You…As You Are 1 Of The 7 Things I Am Most Thankful For”.  But, this year is different.

Because I’m different. Continue reading

Your Holiday Homework: Study Supernovas Like DryShips Inc. (DRYS)


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My apologies, as this post was supposed to be posted last week, smack in the middle of the DRYS Supernova.  But, I’m currently traveling all throughout Southeast Asia visiting several schools my charity has built/is building in some of the poorest villages in the world:

…so my Internet hasn’t been that great.  I wasn’t even able to upload charts to this post, so I was forced to delay publishing this until now…the same goes for my delayed congratulations to so many trading challenge students who have been nailing plays left and right, making upwards of $30,000+ in one day!

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15 Steps To Get Started With Stock Trading [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Many beginners are often overwhelmed with what to do when they begin their journey as a trader so here are some simple steps to getting started. I HIGHLY encourage you to read through this free stock trading guide and watch these free stock trading beginner video lessons BEFORE you risk your hard-earned money. Continue reading



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What a day with over a dozen stocks spiking 50-250% on the day…my trading challenge students profited $150,000+ today, all students I’m still counting, but it looks like $300,000-$400,000 in profits literally all in the past 24 hours it’s been so crazy…here’s one example of a student of mine whose turned $2,000 into $8,000 literally overnight: Continue reading

My Thoughts On The Election, The Stock Market And The Best Sushi In Tokyo


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Right now, I’m in Tokyo with my family and we’re on our way to visit 2 schools that my charity The Timothy Sykes Foundation is building with the great Pencils of Promise, bringing the number of schools my charity has built, or is in the process of building to 10, roughly 1% of my ultimate goal of building 1,000+ schools…yes, when I often tweet to dream big, I actually mean it, as 1,000 schools, even in third world countries, will cost me between $40-60 million, which is my goal over the next few years.

No different than when I say I want hundreds of millionaire trading challenge students versus right now where I only have a few…so far (hence why my team and I work ridiculous hours on breakthrough software, watchlists, webinars, video lessons, blog posts, commentary, real-time alerts and email after email after email with guidance/lessons)

Download a PDF version of this post.

That’s why I have the most successful students in the entire stock trading industry, documented over and over again places like HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE, while others only pretend to have consistent success, ignoring their many students who have blown up due to flawed teachings/bad guidance, losing 50-75-100% of their money, while also posting 1-2 screenshots here or there of a few cases of “success” and giving unlimited excuses why they and their students aren’t transparently posting ALL of their results of EVERY trade, both good and bad, publicly, like my top students and I do.

And, because as much as I’m an obsessive teacher, I’m an even bigger foodie, so I love posting pictures of my sushi here in Tokyo:

And guess what sushi place everyone always tells me to go to? Continue reading

Can You Guess Who I’m Voting For?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

My answer might surprise you, but it’s all about choosing who you think best encapsulates your hopes and dreams…that’s why I put SO much work into teaching my trading challenge students and creating more millionaires, my free guide and my 35-hour guide that has now raised nearly $2 million, ALL FOR CHARITY, preparing you and educating you in all the best trade setups/patterns/rules I learned the hard way over the past 2 decades…YOU are in control of YOUR FUTURE, you just need some guidance and education and THAT is something I can truly get behind.

So, please watch this video below where I outline my political views, but also the video below it, which we’ve also transcribed for my valued hearing-impaired trading challenge students, that explains a very simply, yet reliable stock market pattern that is working well right now in this choppy market environment: Continue reading

An Athlete’s Guide To Stock Trading (Incredible Daily Motivation)


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The other day, one of my favorite NBA basketball players, Ray Allen, retired.  But, he also penned this brilliant essay that I review in this video as it’s STAGGERING how much it applies to my coaching style and what it takes to become a great trader!

(And, in this second video here, I review exactly what the “boring old habits” are for traders) Continue reading