Responding To Lies About My Charity


Thanksgiving starts early with these blowout sales HERE and HERE…I’m very thankful you want to learn, now enjoy these savings and study hard!

There’s been too many assumptions made and lies spread about my announcement here of giving away $2 million in 2015 and of my new “How To Make Millions‘ project so I’ll set the record straight below. Continue reading

10 Brilliant Quotes From A Young Billionaire

As I wrote here earlier this week, I just launched my own charity/new DVD here with all profits being donated to charity and in less than 48 hours we’ve already raised $30,000+ from your DVD pre-orders…the DVD will be ready in a month and I’m SO excited to teach well and give more $ than I’ve ever given away before!

But I’m just getting started with my charitable givings… Continue reading

Why I Am Giving Away $2 Million


In the past I’ve donated $15,000 to create my annual scholarship at Tulane & $10,000 cash to this worthy charity and spent upwards of $60,000 taking several trading challenge students HERE…but never before have I committed to giving away 7 figures.

As I teased a few days ago, I had a big surprise to announce this week and today I officially launched The Timothy Sykes Foundation, read the official press release HERE, a new charity where I expect to give away $2 million in 2015 alone…mainly through sales of my newest and most comprehensive DVD entitled ‘How To Make Millions‘ which features lessons from half a dozen millionaire traders, see the preview video: Continue reading

This Is A Beautiful Chart

This an amazing Facebook post, see it HERE…this is the IDEAL kind of chart my trading challenge students and newsletter subscribers love seeing!

And when you can double your money in the same day on a predictable pattern, well, that disproves the insane amount of hate penny stocks get.

I love my Facebook fan page HERE (which you should follow for some cool free videos like this, but more importantly it has the ability to show beautiful charts like this in a wider view than my blog :( Continue reading

Exposing A New Wolf Of Wall Street-Like Stock Pump

One of my newsletter subscribers is a mailman and he emails me every time he’s about to deliver mailers on a penny stock pump!

Penny stocks promoted by scumbags like this career criminal and The Female Wolf Of Wall Street here.

I formerly wrote about this mailman HERE and it’s actually very logical to buy a pump if it’s early enough in the promotion (since a penny stock pump’s entire existence is to enhance the wealth of insiders/promoters who prop up a worthless “company” by marketing it to unsuspecting and financially ignorant people all over the world, sadly mostly to midwesterners, the kind of people who believe reality shows are real (newsflash, as I wrote HERE, they’re not) Continue reading

Pre-Market Trading and Why It’s Important [Infographic]


Do you know what pre-market trading is? Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to invest beyond normal trading hours or simply searching for more indicators of how the market will perform in a given day, pre-market trading opens up a number of possibilities. I created this infographic to demonstrate the drivers of price movements outside of normal trading hours, and how you can use this information to get an edge as an investor.

Click the image below to view.

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