Celebrating My 34th Birthday Today: The 34 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned

To celebrate my 34th birthday today I’m doing a few things to celebrate first I’m having a 50% off blowout sale for a few days on these annual newsletters here and these DVD study guides because providing educational tools for those who want to grow their accounts exponentially is my primary focus in life.

I’ve also just arrived in Tokyo, Japan with my fiancée for a week given that I’m an unabashed lover of all things sushi and Japanese. Continue reading

Why I Hate the Pattern Day Trader Rule & What You Should Do About It

You’ve read through all the archives on this site to see how I make money trading penny stocks.

You’ve checked out my Profit.ly account to review the exact trades I’ve made to earn 174% returns in 2014.

You’ve signed up for my free 7-video trading series and watched my free 30 basic tutorial videos on penny stock fundamentals. Continue reading

How To Fly On A Private Jet For Free

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Last week I posted this video from one of the most beautiful spots in Napa Valley, and I wanted to inspire you with my weekend trip celebrating my fiancee’s birthday and my milestone of passing 200,000 Instagram followers, but I only briefly mentioned the private jet my fiancée, her family and I took because it wasn’t the main reason for my posting that video. Continue reading

URGENT Regarding Tomorrow

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Tomorrow I’m in Denver, Colorado with this great penny stock trader and I have my latest live trading challenge webinar…and we have not one, not two, not three not four but FIVE solid potential penny stock plays.

You trading challenge students are in for a treat so be sure to log in & ask questions galore during this live webinar 9-11am EST tomorrow morning…below I’m embedding 2 previous Challenge webinars so you can get an idea of what my live trading webinars are like and the 5 charts I’m most interested in for tomorrow: Continue reading

FREE 90-Minute Trading Challenge Webinar (Including Great Live Penny Stock Trades)

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By now you probably know how proud I am of my turning a few thousand bucks into millions in a few years (detailed here) and, more importantly, my first 2 millionaire trading challenge students, see millionaire penny stock trader #1 here and see millionaire penny stock trader #2 here.

Continue reading

The 7 Biggest Lies You’ve Been Told About Penny Stock Trading

When you’ve been around the penny stock trading block as long as I have, you get pretty sick and tired of hearing the same lies going around again and again.

While I’m long past the point of falling victim to these schemes, what I hate is that they have the potential to discourage my trading challenge students from getting active with trading – or worse, send them down the wrong path that’s going to waste their time or money.

Don’t fall victim to the lies! Learn the truth by reviewing the following seven biggest lies you’ve been told about penny stock trading: Continue reading

My Reaction To My New Businessweek Feature Article

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Yesterday, Businessweek featured me in a longggggg article titled “How to Make Millions by Marketing Yourself as a ‘Douche Bag’” that’s apparently a milestone of sorts since this classy publication has NEVER used the word douchebag in an article title before…seriously.

As you watch the video below (or HERE) outlining my reaction to this article, you’ll see I disagree with a lot of what’s said, but then again it’s not that surprising given the world’s take on penny stocks and me, the rich guy who goes around telling everyone how great it is to trade these penny stocks and to embrace/learn to profit from the predictable manipulation that exists (ie short selling pump & dumps or even buying sketchy companies that are in play and riding the momentum higher for quick profits.

I think the article’s best/most accurate passage is here: Continue reading

10 Rules All Penny Stock Traders Must Live By

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Plenty of people think of penny stock traders like the cowboys of the Wild West, as if we were all running around some kind of lawless financial environment – jumping in and out of volatile stocks at the slightest twitch of the market.

But the thing is, trading like that – without any rules in place to protect your trades and your income – isn’t just dangerous. The losses you take on poorly planned trades can be enough to ruin you financially! This is why I work SO hard to educate my trading challenge students to stay disciplined when trading penny stocks. Continue reading