Pre-Market Trading and Why It’s Important [Infographic]


Do you know what pre-market trading is? Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to invest beyond normal trading hours or simply searching for more indicators of how the market will perform in a given day, pre-market trading opens up a number of possibilities. I created this infographic to demonstrate the drivers of price movements outside of normal trading hours, and how you can use this information to get an edge as an investor.

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The Best Email Ever

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A few months ago I wrote HERE about the best tweet ever and a few weeks back I shared with you 5 great emails I received HERE…both both pale in comparison to this email I received last night: Continue reading

Exposing Some Dangerous Lies

BUSY weekend as everyone LOVES my blog post from yesterday “20 Lessons From $2 Million In Losses” and it’s the birthday weekend of this great trader who is up $1+ million in 2014 so we’re having a special 72 hour blowout sale HERE on annual newsletters and 50% off DVDs HERE in his honor!

Thanks to my recent features on this TV show on Bravo (highly edited as I come off terribly despite treating 6 trading challenge students to a $10,000 per person trip and making a great $70,000 profit even with terrible wifi), my November 2014 Men’s Journal feature article HERE (where I swear a bit too much but am DEAD ON with my hatred of glorified newbies who ruin other people’s accounts), more people than ever want to know how I make my money and what I teach…and exposing lies and liars is a big part of it.

First, let me show off my CNN article “Trader turns $1,500 to $1 million in 3 years” as this is the proudest achievement of my life, when my top trading challenge student Tim G. passed $1 million, and is now over $2 million in profits, in just a few years since becoming my student.

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20 Lessons From $2 Million In Losses

Before I talk about the not-so-fun losses some traders have experienced the past few weeks, please wish this great trader up $1+ million in 2014 a happy birthday today, we’re having a special 72 hour blowout sale HERE on annual newsletters and 50% off DVDs HERE in his honor!

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Why I Donated $10,000 To Traders4ACause And You Should Too

During my 7th annual PennyStocking conference a few weeks ago, I cashed out $100,000 from one of my bank accounts just to inspire you guys to study harder while I took some interesting pictures and videos:

…I also gave away nearly $10,000 to reward students ($100 to everyone who sat in the front row, first to arrive at the conference, asking good questions, etc.), but more importantly, I donated $10,000 cash live on stage to this awesome charity started by this great trading chatroom:

Here are 5 reasons why you should go to Traders4acause right HERE right now and donate whatever you can to this great cause.

1. Giving feels good and that feeling not only helps others, it’s contagious….not in a bad Ebola way, but in a GREAT way. After you donate something whether it’s cash or products or your time, you’ll be amazed at how you yourself are changed afterwards…ever since I donated $15,000 in 2002 to create my own scholarship at Tulane University, I’ve been planning on doing something much greater/bigger…so thanks to Nate’s endeavor I’m starting my own non-profit foundation and our goal is to raise $2 million in 2015 to benefit a wide range of less fortunate individuals as I’ll soon be detailing!

2. Traders4aCause is backed some some truly great traders who became much more giving of their wisdom and showing their trades publicly as a direct result of this charity, donate to encourage them to share more as it helps the entire trading community

3. They raised roughly $106,000 for two very solid non profit foundations and

4. We traders are a fortunate bunch to be able to make as much money, if not more, than average 9-5 employees make in a week, month or even year.

5. As trading teachers, people like Nate, myself and Paul work out butts off not just trading, but passing down our lessons to you guys…we’re helping those with less experience/knowledge…aka the less fortunate…it’s time you help the less fortunate too!

How To Build A Portfolio [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you know where to start when it comes to building a portfolio? There is a ton of information to wade through when taking this first plunge. From assessing your risk tolerance, to choosing stocks and how much to invest and when, it can be intimidating. I created this infographic to demonstrate some of the basic principles to consider when building a portfolio.


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Study These 2 Great Penny Stock Trades [2 FREE VIDEOS]

Check out my new Men’s Journal feature article, it’s crude but I was 100% dead on:

Most people only think of me as a penny stock short seller, but I actually made my first million going long penny stocks…here’s a surprisingly simple but effective 5-step formula for determining the best penny stocks to buy.

Take this trade as an example, it’s an incredible one executed by one of my newest but most dedicated trading challenge students:

This trade is SO important on so many different levels, here’s a free video explaining why: Continue reading

My Best Penny Stock Buy Alert EVER

Most people only think of me as a penny stock short seller, but I actually made my first million going long penny stocks…here’s a surprisingly simple but effective 5-step formula for determining the best penny stocks to buy.

I actually LOVE buying penny stocks — if the setup is right — since it’s far easier to understand and execute than any short sells I do…like this buy alert/trade I did this past week which turned out to be my best trade alert EVER given.

timothysykes Bought 15k ESI $5.58
Specualtive earnings winner here, they had SEC filings premarket today that spiked it but no PR and a conference call tomorrow at 11am, 13 million of 16 million shares are short, up 40% but could have more shorts getting squeezed tomorrow…I’LL DEFINITELY SELL BEFORE THE CONFERENCE CALL STARTS…this is purely aiming for a gap up/premarket/afterhours spike, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share, just above previous bounce highs at 5.50 a few days ago so good uptrending price action but be careful

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Dear Below Deck Viewers This Is What I Teach

below deck 2

My email inbox usually receives 3,000ish emails/day but ever since I was on Below Deck 2 nights ago I’m up to 6,000+…read my blog post “My Reaction To My ‘Below Deck’ Episode & Answering Some Questions“.

But I don’t just teach how to expose and short sell, download my free bestselling book HERE and see I made my first million buying penny stocks on their upswing and I want to show you this awesome trade done by one of my newest and most dedicated trading challenge students…he invested a lousy $680 and the next trading day he sold to make his investment $5,000+ Continue reading

My Reaction To My ‘Below Deck’ Episode & Answering Some Questions

bohen yacht

REMEMBER: BLOWOUT 50% off sale happening right now HERE on annual newsletters and HERE on DVD study guides to celebrate my Bravo TV show, See trailer HERE

My episode of Below Deck aired last night and predictably, they edited it in a way to make me look pretty terrible…no different than the producers on my ‘Miss Advised’ and ‘Wall Street Warriors’ reality show appearances — I KNEW they would going in.

See the trailer here and watch it repeat over and over and over this week on Bravo TV all this week.

Tim Sykes on Below Deck.

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