An Apology To My Dad On Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, you make us who we are!!

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Now onto the subject at hand which is much more difficult for me to write about because it’s my biggest regret/failure in life.

This morning I posted these pictures of my dad Joel & I with the caption:

Happy Fathers Day to my dad Joel, the absolute BEST dad in the world…my best friend, business partner, my everything…many more courtside seats & jet skiing adventures to come! #thebestmaniknow #bigjew

And we’ve had some good times the past year eating breakfast with a view from our new office in Miami:

Going to the NCAA Finals to root for our team UConn and seeing them WIN!!!!

But the reality is I haven’t made enough time for him, or my mom for that matter, in the past few months as thanks to this CNN article and this FOX interview featuring my 2nd millionaire trading challenge student, my educational business has boomed and I’ve been trying to, and most failing to, deal with the explosive growth of new students and giving them countless videos and webinars to help prepare them for trading along with balancing my relationship with my girlfriend (I’m doing well with that thanks!), trading (I’m having my best year ever, up $600,000+ in 5 months in 2014, see all trades HERE), my incessant need to travel as you can see from this video I shot in my presidential suite just last week while I was in Bora Bora:

…my health (kinda failing there too as I’ve gained 50 lbs. in the past year due to lack of time for cardio and eating like shit since I’m usually working with 3-5 hours of sleep/night aka not enough) and how could I forget the demands of having a new puppy.

With all of that on my plate, and because both my parents work for me so we talk every day about business, I have failed to put aside enough non-business time to spend with my mom and dad and for that I am truly sorry.

Because they mean the world to me and I owe them so much for being the best parents and instilling this crazy work ethic and self confidence which is the main reason for my incredible personal and business success.

While I’m going full confessional here I’ve also neglected my friends entirely, but my true friends since childhood understand so really my biggest fault lies with my parents, specifically my dad who is not just my business partner, but also my best friend.

So dad I’m truly sorry for the past year, I’ll do everything I can to do better in the coming year and years so you understand how much you mean to me…which is everything.

As I said in my Instagram post this morning, my dad is the best man I know and that’s the truth.

To those asking what I got my dad for Father’s Day, I asked him what he wanted and he said for me to take better care of myself…

…so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do — goodbye all nighters catching up on work and delicious Michelin restaurant tasting menus, hello more cardio and sleep.

I love you dad…and mom…I’m sorry again

Love, your grateful son Tim

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  • Steve

    Nice buddy

    You’re soon to be newest challenge student.



    Great work

  • Mounir

    Hey Tim, Glenn’s giving me a call Monday night to interview me and I’m gonna be the next millionaire sitting on those chairs. Mark my words!

  • 2richard1

    Very poignant and thoughtful you were raised well.

  • Chicagowaylandstar

    Happy Fathers Day! Father! Dad, Friend… If you still have yours Around Cherish the Momments the Lectures the Love, Life is Short Live it healthy and Wise. With those we Love and the ones who might not understand how much we Actually Love them but one day they will.. Help out Those that you can in, Any way you can, dont forget God is watching. imho

  • Emil Macale

    Tim, please take it from a guy who lost his dad at 9 and mom at 28… health is #1 priority as the old adage goes health is wealth. Prioritize time with your parents get to know everything about them. True friends are hard to come by especially if you are rich. Girlfriends come and go but if she’s truly the 1, you know what to do. Surely you have enough fishermen you can trust to teach us how to fish, is there a way you can make your business essentially run with less effort so you can focus more on what’s important? You help a lot of people, don’t lose sight of your own life as we can’t buy time, Tim.

  • Joe

    My dad got the cancer and died at age 52 about 5 years ago. He completely neglected his health and probably deserved it the way he treated his body.
    Health is more wealth than pulling off a Jesse Livermore trade!
    Get your ass in shape Timothy!

  • Joe

    Excellent post by the way Tim, thanks.

  • Syngenuity

    Tim, you’re in a very unique position with your parents working closely along side you – and for that, I’m envious… but you’re 100% bang on, spend more quality time with them. It’s terrific to run a biz with your folks (and a successful one, at that); but, it’s the time you spend with them “off hours” that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

    Time with your folks is the best investment you could possibly make!



  • Unlucky

    Tim u fuckin scumbag u should be ashamed using ur dad on father’s day instead u need to be hugging him.. Kiss dummy he gave you half the brain :) never use ur fam in ur ads, emails etc. some thing stay sacred. I’m done with my explosive intro and thank you for all the knowledge.

  • ts

    Yes. Father’s Day is very special.