Why 13 Has Been Lucky For Me This Week

As I posted this on Facebook, I thought a lot about the number 13

Nice little gift: http://tim.ly/ZChShw a reward for http://profit.ly/superman‘s GREAT call on PRCP, now up $1+/share…and remember I also found CIMT thanks to his chatroom, +$9,000ish for me on those 2 stocks alone, this is why you should ALL have a subscription to him

Besides my making $9,000 this week off his PRCP and CIMT picks (CIMT was not his pick, it was from one of the hardworking chat moderators in his fast-becoming-a-necessity-chatroom), his students and my trading challenge students have been banking too…roughly $13,000 this week by my count.

(For those who don’t know who Superman is, you should definitely try out his awesome newsletter/chatroom HERE and watch the video of him below explaining his strategy)

And as I talked about in a blog post detailing my upcoming travel schedule, I’m in New Orleans this weekend speaking to students about their careers…the lineup of the other speakers is pretty ridiculous, I’m literally sharing the stage with some of the world’s top business leaders and billionaires.

And there are 13 panelists :)

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