My New Year’s Resolution

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I made roughly $230,000 in profits in 2012, see all my trades here, for a 38% gain, more than 3x the performance of the Nasdaq and S&P 500 and 5x the performance of the Dow.

But I’ve been spending far more time creating tools and educational guides for my students…stuff like the brand spankin’ new because what I truly LOVE is getting tweets like this:

…messages/emails like this:

Happy New Year Tim, I’m up over $175,000 now, we will talk soon, thank you again for everything! – Bob G.

tim, i watch you sit here and preach to these people to learn learn learn and yet it seems so many of them want to force trades and not ‘follow the rules’. im very happy for what you have taught me as my account has grown 110% and as i get better i want to be your first millionaire from a small account -TA

…and videos like this:

Over a dozen trading challenge students made over $100,000 in 2012, see some of them here, but I want MORE!

As I posted here on Facebook yesterday, dozens of students have asked me what my new years resolution is. I’m happy to a say that my new years resolution for 2013 is to create a self-sufficient millionaire trader from scratch!

My past new years resolutions have always been about what I can do for myself. This year, I want to focus on changing my students lives – by helping them achieve financial success.

Life is so much better with a few extra zeros in your bank account!

You Ready? Then Take ACTION HERE!

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