2 Awesome Resignation Letters From $GS And $GOOG Executives, Is $AAPL Next?

As PennyStocking Silver subscribers and trading challenge students know and especially those who watch my 7 free video lessons series know, I LOVE exposes…as you can see HERE

So I absolutely LOVE it when top executives from corporate giants like Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (GS) and Google Inc (GOOG) write damning but honest resignation letters.

Their themes aren’t revolutionary by any means, but they do basically confirm what outsiders suspect…long story short, thanks to social media and the internet, it’s getting pretty tough to hide your mistakes as ANYONE can expose you at any time…good for us…now I wish someone from Apple Inc. (AAPL) would resign and talk about the conditions of their Chinese factories…c’mon, everyone basically knows what’s going on there, but we like our cheap electronics, right?

Goldman Sachs Resignation Letter Expose: It’s All About Greed…In A Bad Way

Google Resignation Letter: We’re Sssssssstupid

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