Fresh off the heels of my favorittttttttte pattern being dead onnnnnnnnn shorting the blatant penny stock pump and dump Portage Resources Inc (POTG) and FINALLY covering today for some solid gains: $5,718.00 profit in $POTG Wasn’t Jew greedy enough, went down to .39, same pattern: than a minute ago via Favorite Retweet Reply $3,512.00 profit in $POTG See research: great call, $8k profit before fees, so ouch!less than a minute ago via Favorite Retweet Reply

We’re trying to encourage more people to join my trading challenge because the program goes above and beyond that which is included in my 4 newsletters as this trading challenge offers ALL the educational tools I’ve created over the years to find my own “Jared” (think Subway)…ie I will help someone turn a few thousand dollars into a few million in a few years, just watch…

Whatcha think, does it make you want to apply?



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  • Kathy Bentley

    I watched you do that from your play by plays you send out. I watch all day every day.  Most of it seems like french to me but I have the general idea.    I can’t wait to learn how trade using your strategy myself.  Nice work you do.

  • Q

    I was pretty sure you would get crushed on POTG. This makes no sense at all, why didn’t POTG go to $3 a share.

  • Mark Croock

    how many jareds i mean tims will the challenge produce :)

  • johnzaza

    Thats funny shit!

  • Ibanezx123

    hahah awesome. you guys gotta make a Tim Trading version…where the bad traders get eaten by a dieing dinosaur…and hrmmm what will happen to the good traders not sure.

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