My Latest Wild Interview On Penny Stock Trading & Blogging [24 MIUNTE VIDEO]

PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers know I love giving no holds barred interviews like this 30 minute webinar on trading basics and this interview in which I look crazy but I talk a lot about good stuff about making $1 million/year.

This interview I just did for The Trading Elite is no, earmuffs…parents, I’m sorry, this is real shit:

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  • Gregory771

    Yeah….right….’trading’ penny stocks, the sure road to eating out of a dumpster.
    UNLESS you’re talking about pumping and dumping.

  • Anonymous

    unless your trading off the pump and dumps, its pretty predictable, learn it!

  • pennystocks

    He simply demonstrated his ignorance of how Wall Street works. There’s things you just don’t do and he would’ve known that if he’d taken the time to learn more than just buy and sell… but hey that’s cool, we all gotta learn at some point. I’m extremely impressed that we’re discussing him in terms of stocks and market share instead of jail time and court dates. So “Fiddy” I ain’t mad atcha!

  • Manny Backus Scam

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