What Are ‘The New Rules Of PennyStocking’?

The holidays cannot stop LiveStock from happening 1-2PM EST later today, oh yeahhhhhh, tune in!

As you might’ve read ALL of my instructional DVD packages in the my online store are 50-75% off for the next few days (see the details) and my brand new DVD Package “The New Rules Of PennyStocking” which is an 18+ hour recording of my Vegas conference with a 450+ page instruction manual can be purchased HERE for just $397 + shipping, which is 50% off what its price will be when we begin shipping this new package the third week of December.

Now I think this is a tremendous deal–especially since conference attendees paid between $1,000 and $1,500 to attend, but I understand $397 is a lot of money so please allow me to explain EXACTLY what you get.

1. We had 13 expert speakers, scroll down on this page and you can see them all…most spoke for an hour or so, but I spoke for over 7 hours and the one penny stock promoter exposed the slimy details of his industry for over 3 hours!

2. Yes, that’s right, this is the first time any penny stock promoter has come forward to teach others how pump and dumps operate…all conference attendees have a considerable edge over other penny stock traders and investors whenever we trade a promoted stock like Horiyoshi Worldwide Inc. (HHWW), Monster Offers (MONT), and Mercer Gold Corp. (MRGP).

3. I didn’t see the results during the conference, but as I explained potential trades, within days of the conference ending, I had absolutely nailed a 10%+ short win on Asia Entertainment & Resources Ltd. (AERL) (from $10 down to the high $8s) and even though I wussed out trading it, I picked Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. (MGIC) as a potential buy due to its earnings and sector story when it was in the $4s…just days before it jumped to the $7s.

4. Other speakers had solid wins too as BioRunup nailed Amarin Corporation plc (AMRN) while Geckler nailed iShares Silver Trust (SLV) on the short side…there were also more wins, but thanks to staying out all night after the 1st conference day, I napped a bit during the 2nd day so I have to watch this DVD and see TheStreetSweeper, John Welsh, Tim Bohen and Michael Goode all speak.

I could sit here and list amazing bullet points all day, but as I’ve said a few times now and as 20+ reviews now from attendees concur and as I posted HERE, this conference is the single best thing I have ever created…so I am just very proud to be able to present this amazing educational tool to you.

Education-wise there has NEVER been any stock trading conference with such a wide variety of speakers, all of whom were willing to share their experience, lessons and what gives them an “edge” to reap profits year in and year out.

Check out some quotes and reviews from attendees and watch some footage of the conference and realize you have less than two weeks to purchase your copy of the DVD package HERE before the price doubles when we begin shipping.

(you can read all the conference reviews too, below are just some short quotes)

I’ve spent 20 years in accounting and finance, have a CPA certificate, and learned more about trading in 2 days than most will learn in a lifetime. The speakers on spotting fraud in listed companies and stock promotion were icing on the cake. My only regret is that I was unable to travel to see it in person.
-Seattle Hiker

Tim has truly outdone himself and has set the bar extremely high for anyone teaching trading. I would absolutely reccommend that anyone that made the mistake of not attending get the DVD as it will undoubtedly be Tim’s best DVD.

This has been the best investment in my education since PennyStocking Part Deux.
-Tom of NJ

This is my second Timothy Sykes PennyStocking Conference. Comparing this one to last year’s is like comparing apples to oranges…and I thought last year’s was good! This year Tim went all out with planning and everything from start to finish was top notch. Not only did we have the opportunity to spend a decent amount of time gleaning strategic tips from Tim, but 12 other speakers as well.

Each speaker was well-prepared and kept his or her focus on one or two important topics which give you some edge with certain style of trading. We were also encouraged to ask questions during their talks, which is also beneficial. Little tips here and there shared by the speakers are also invaluable.

Great experience for a newbie like me. 2009 seminar covers mainly technical aspect of trading (creating watchlist, trading session, trade executions etc…) where 2010 seminar shows how important it is to develop your own feel for the market and figure out where is your comfort zone (trading strategy, trading period etc). Do not just blindly follow your gurus and trade after alerted. LEARN and you will understand, the information is out there.

This was my first stock conference and its going to be very hard to beat it! It was 12 hours a day, but the information kept you on your toes.

I picked a lot of brains from different trading backgrounds. This is an annual event for me from now on.

I went expected a typical ‘Drink the Tim-Cool-Aid’ type of Amway seminar. What I got was totally different and blew me away. I have to give props to Timothy Sykes who is secure enough in his own business to allow competition, opposing views and competitors to enter his space. I gained enormous respect for him because of this.

The conference was filled with experienced and successful traders who were eager to learn and increase their skillset. The agenda was packed with excellent speakers who were not shy about sharing their detailed insights into their specialties.

Killer Conference – Cant Wait for the DVD. For those that didnt go, make sure to get the DVD now and sign up early next year because the seats go fast and the price of admission is worth every penny – you will learn things here that perhaps most never learn in a lifetime!

I have no qualms about saying that this conference is better than any Traders’ Expo. It was small, intimate, everyone was incredibly nice, accessible, willing to share tiny details of their strategy, very open to making connections and hanging out for dinner/clubs/whatever. I have never been to an event with so many successful traders who were so willing to share everything about what they do

had planned on making my presentation and then tearing up Vegas gambling but instead I found myself sitting for 2 days listening to some interesting presenters! If you were unable to attend the DVD set that Tim will be selling for a great price is definitely worth it!

I attended via the live web stream and I’ve got to say this was a pretty amazing conference. Top players detailed their niche areas in great detail
-Scott W.

I must say that I came into the conference with very high expectations and left with all of them met and exceeded. Very well run and organized and the speakers really blew my mind with all the information they brought to the table.

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