5 Thoughts On The Dodd Frank Act aka All The New Financial Regulation

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Here my honest to God thoughts on this sweeeeeeping financial regulation

1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2. The financial media will pick apart and debate dealpoints for the next few weeks and months with endless guests representing all areas of finance….but who cares, listening or reading these guys is a waste of time, remember, they want to keep you financially ignorant.

3. This changes NOTHING, there will always be stock market manipulation and manipulators and subscribers to my 4 newsletters will always be kept apprised of the best opportunities.

4. Finance is really boring, I can’t even think of 5 thoughts on such useless “news”.

5. There no solid way to profit from this “news” so I’m not wasting anymore time on this, let the boring finance freaks debate it, welcome to why the world doesn’t give a shit about our industry.

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