17 Hot Penny Stock Picks For LiveStock Today 1-2PM EST, This List’s Research Process Is Detailed In The Upcoming TIMfundamentals Instructional DVD

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 4:30am…I’m gonna be a friggin zombie today on LiveStock 1-2PM EST, yeahhhhhhh!

Soooooooooo many stocks in play once again, remember LiveStock is today 1-2PM EST and here’s a bonus, the watchlist below is explained in detail on my TIMfundamentals DVD, the pre-ordering 20% discount is over next Wednesday, so check it out HERE

CHRS I short 3000 shares overnight at $1.48, first down day after tripling from 50 cents, this is truly struggling retailer, yesteray there was a late afternoon crack below key level of $1.50 after several hours of nice sideways price action, now the $1.50-$1.55 level acts as a ceiling, if it breaks above with any conviction, I’ll know I was wrong, or, more likely, just like FEED the previous day, it’ll have a slight to major morning panic, the question is whether it can take out yesterday’s low of $1.35 and get some stop loss selling down to $1.25 or lower…low risk play, great setup, I’m glad I’m short overnight, no matter the mini-squeze into the market close

VOXW has surged from 10 cents to $4 in 2 days, this is by far my #1 potential short, message boards say buyout but they’re usually wrong, my girlfriend and I even called the company today, they said no news…good luck trying to find shares to short of this illiquid sucker though…ideally 1-2 more days of squeezing to open up some shares, but this thing could fall 50%+ in a matter of hours/days.

REXX has now tripled off its lows, but the runup has been gradual, actually yesterday was a breakout…all started with positive earnings, now possibly a short squeeze, potential short if it gets really ahead of itself, resistance at $4

TRW is an auto bailout play, got government funding, I’m not really interested in judging the company’s worth, not up due to hype or manipulation, potential short, but only if the pattern plays out perfectly, it’s gotta spike a ton more to get me interested.

BEXP is a speculative oil and gas play, its been pumped before, now its runup from $1 to $2ish, right at resistance, potential short if it goes negative today, downside is 50 cents/share or so

TEN is in the same boat as TRW, auto bailout, but yesterday morning it spiked form $2 to $4, so shorts are scared to death, potential short if another spike occurs

SOLF is a solar play up based on commodities, namely oil, rising, traders love piling into this momo play, up from $3 to $4ish in 1 day, its got serious resistance at $4.50-$5, potential short in that range, earnings on March 25th

KPPC reported so so earnings the other day, only spiking now really in the last 10 minutes yesterday, potential margin call buying/short squeeze, something unnatural…potential short, resistance at $3.20, I’d love to get a short off around there.

CSUN is like SOLF, another rebounding solar play, not easy to rebound with sooo many bitter shareholders, its risen from $1.30ish lows just a few days ago to $2.10 now, resistance at $2.75ish, potential short!

BWEN is a wind power company, reported good earnings 2 days ago, has since risen from $2.50 to $4.25, helped by commodity aka oil prices rising, just like SOLF/CSUN, massive resistance just under$5, potential short, but considering its also up on earnings not just sector hype I doubt I’ll play it over the other two laggards.

LEA amended its financing, kinda like GGC, same kind of runup—50 cents/share to $1.50+…GGC then proceeded to tank 25% off its highs, is LEA next? Potential short!

AXL was another auto bailout play, did a perfect afternoon tank, cracking support at $3…but still finished up on the day, the setup wasn’t perfect for me to short so while I regret missing it, I can’t regret it too much, next!

PTEK got approved by gaming commission for their gambling products, 1st up day from 70 cents to $1.20/share, while this is a positive fundamental event, this stock stinks to high heavens, hopefully it can build on the hype and spike some more, making it a great short like it always has been!

TGB is a potential buy, 1st big up day, potential breakout of $1.25ish, up on decent earnings, metals play, has 2 big variables going for it and the chart actually isn’t bad

RNIN is a classic stairstep pattern, surged form $1ish to $2ish in just a few days as outlined in my original PennyStocking DVD…now the steps have reversed from going higher to going lower, potential short, but limit downside.

MYRG is gonna be on the IBD top list later today, tried to breakout yesterday as some traders are just smart and anticipate that stuff, failed to breakout though past $15.50, this is a potential buy if it can break that level

MXFD is an oldie but a goodie fraud, now finally coming down—Reaper got killed on it a while back, now dropped from $20 down to $10 over the past few days, one small buy order pushed it to $18 yesterday, would be great to find 100 shares to short in the high teens and cover same or next day in the low teens, potential short.

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