Spitzer’s Girl “Kristen” Is Really Ashley Alexandra Dupre

Newsflash***** Spitzer’s girl “Kristen” is apparently named Ashley Alexandra Dupre, according to a bunch of websites. THIS is her MySpace profile. Currently getting 5,000 hits/minute, I want in! Before she takes her profile down, see a few of her pics below:

UPDATE: Here’s her Facebook Profile, too, LOL

UPDATE 2: I am now having a conversation with Spitzer’s girl on Facebook, she’s not a big fan of my writing, but who cares, this is hilarious!

UPDATE 3: Ashley messaged me saying “Im a person ok. Nobody owns me.” Point taken, I will no longer refer her as Spitzer’s Girl

UPDATE 4: Ashley inspired me to throw a contest to giveaway my no BS $300 instructional trading DVD on Thursday March 20th, Read the details HERE


spitzer 1






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  • Sizman

    lol nice breaking news tim, so is this the next ‘it’ girl that everyone is going to follow around and talk about her personal problems

  • timsykes

    haha yeah she’s def. gonna be the monica lewinsky of 2008

  • Kevin

    Ashley has some nice tits.

  • jj

    Nice find!

  • Client Number 9

    Between me and you, her p**y was F***G AWESOME…worth every penny, as well as my career, my marriage, my reputation, my honor, etc etc etc. Dat p**y was so good, I would do it all over again for one last ************!

    Alexandra, call me back, I miss you!! 1-212-Client9!!!

  • http://www.delete-and-erase.info/ dae

    Sounds like she lives right in the neighborhood. Perhaps see her in line at WF. :)

  • Dan

    This bitch is not worth 4000. Shes not that hot especially without the glasses.. Thats absurd. Maybe 400 max.

  • Randy

    She might not take her myspace down, she is an aspiring singer. She could make money writing a memoir too. I’m sure her lawyer is hard at work.

  • timsykes

    who thinks this girl claiming to be her on facebook is really her? i heard some programs are offering her $100k for her story, i’m getting it for free. this is why facebook rocks

  • Sizman

    Timmy accept me as your facebook friend

  • David Herrle

    She must be damn good but she’d have to get her men with an introductory offer because she isn’t all that!

  • Client No. 10

    Sykes can you ask her if she’s still in the business? I got money to burn and I think I need her services

  • Ryan Wahl

    This is great! LOL made my day to read some of this stuff

  • Couch

    May not be right for me to say this because I’m a nightclub bartender. Gives me a head start. But…..$4300 for her!!! Man! I’ve had much, much, much, much better for a joke and a free Long Island! What a sucker!! Man I was expecting a 12 not a 6! For that much scratch, you should be getting a supermodel. That’s close to what they charge.

  • Ryan Wahl

    i wonder what Belfort would rate her as. Pink sheet or Blue chip? lol

  • Matt

    Mate she is well fit worth every penny I would love a go on her

  • Martin

    What a Bitch, Home wrecker, ***r, I guess she will do anything for a $$$ Go get a real f***g job, get laid by your boyfreind/Girlfriend, Husband or whatever you use and be a f***g human!

    YOU ****** and the GOV> is a f****g Pig!

    Do you feel bad for his wife and kids, did you ever think that they are hurting! Ah go f***k yourself ****!

  • wannabeClient9 2

    New Jersey girl – so is she Jewish or Italian??? Boobs look 36C – how tall is she?

    She is hot – but – damn – the money is FAR more about what he can spend than her – “average” hot. BTW – hon – yeah – I’d be WAY interested – but you have to buy your half of supper…

    She should hold out on Playboy for not less than 2MIL – she’s set. IF she’s cool with porno – do no more than 1 – a period piece – she’s Pocahontas – “A night getting OFF the Mayflower.” After whatever legal issues get resolved – DUH – she’s WAY better off (no pun intended) than Spitz – he’ll being facing a NASTY divorce – stay tuned.

  • Will

    Tim, first time poster here. Your breaking news on this story f****g rocks. YOU ARE AMAZING! Tim and Spitzer’s hooker conversation is greatest thing since sliced bread. BTW add me on facebook.

  • Ryan

    So do you guys like her new or old nose better? The old one gives her that cute girl next door look, the new nose makes her hotter but also more like tons of other hotties.

  • Ryan

    One thing to remember about these high dollar call girls… you are not just paying all that for the girl. You are also paying for a certain quality of service, and you are playing for anonymity. Now I know that didnt work out here… but in most cases it does. If he just wanted to get his rocks off with a hooker he could have just picked one up, but he probably used this service because he thought it was in secret.

  • Matt

    She is right ztim you do suck at writing but fair play to you getting a conversation with her. Well done is she coming to Sydney anytime soon?

  • JJ

    Awesome! It get better and better every day!!!!

  • powerqball

    Everybody just loves to throw stones when somebody does something ‘immoral’, but how much do you want to bet all of you out there throwing stones are just like hypocritical Spitzer and doing the same kind of shit. Grow up people, and leave people to live their lives and live with their mistakes themselves. People who think they are so righteous and want to ruin someone elses life because they did something ‘wrong’ are fucking worthless pieces of shit, and they are the ones who should go to hell.

  • she’s a gorgeous little whore huh???

    wow a whore that i could actually see myself going down on (IF SHE WEREN’T A………WHORE!!!!)LOL
    MAN – at least the guv has good taste. this bitch is fine. too bad she’s getting FUCKED in a whole other “position” now!!!! LMAO! …….sorry can’t have sympathy for a whore. look my sis is beautiful and struggling to live out her dreams but I damn sure know she’s not selling her pussy make ends meet! lol………..(only reason i feel a tenth of empathy for this bitch is because she is beautiful (like tongue in her asshole beautiful))….same reasons u bullshitters are in her corner – had this little slut been ugly – EVERYONE would hate her n chastise her to suicide! DONT BULLSHIT!

  • leo

    She is a nice person, I regret braking up with her.

  • DINA


  • http://theproficientinvestor.com James Wilcox

    um…girls that sell their body for money…yeah those are called prostitutes. And she’s not devastated by these events. She’s exactly where she wants to be, in the limelight. There’s no such thing as bad press. She’s getting all the attention she wanted.

    As for Spitzer…well, he fucked up. That’s all there is to it. He fucked up and he got caught with his pants down…game over.

  • Jerome

    How is it that a hooker who knocks down $4300 an hour to open her legs, mouth or other orifice, has her pictures taken on yachts at St. Tropez and passed out in Vegas, has a court appointed lawyer when she gets busted for doing the Gov. of New York? She supposedly knocks down a ton of money, will make a fortune selling her story and do every talk show in the country, probably join up with that bimbo Lauren from Laguna Beach for a “reality” show and be yet another I spread my legs celebrity, yet the taxpayers are picking up the tab for her legal fees.

  • Ryan

    Dina, “These young women are driven to this type of lifestyle.” “seduced by the money and the power.”

    These two statements lead me to believe you don’t think that she is responsible for her actions; A grown adult.

  • Ryan

    But you are right; Her personal life should be none of our business in the first place.

  • Daniel

    Dude she’s Hot! Id marry that girl and do her everyday. Shes Hot Hot Hot!

  • MacDoc

    I wouldn’t give $5 to F that… Way too many better looking chicks giving it way FREE!!

  • steve

    $5k for that? I’d rate her maybe a 7. She’s cute but short and she has fat fingers. You don’t pay 5k an hour to fuck “cute”. Spitzer might have been the Gov, but apparently he had no sense of fiscal responsibility. For that price, he could have had 20 perfect “10” Korean hookers for $250 each all over the great city of NYC, and wouldn’t have had to put up with the Jewish or Italian Joisey girl attitude.

    PS: she had better plan on amending her taxes, or she’ll be headed straight to Federal pound me in the ass prison for tax evasion.

  • steve

    Oh, and i just checked out her facebook profile. The “Poke Her” button now takes on a new meaning.

  • Mike

    We never know what situation she was probably facing. So guys, why not show some mercy?

  • http://rankuns.blogspot.com/ jay

    Hey I got her yearbook photo. average girl. check it out. http://rankuns.blogspot.com/

  • J

    Is she Italian???

  • http://rankuns.blogspot.com/ jay

    from the looks of the nose.. id gather jewish

  • Howie

    1) She’s a jew
    2)which makes her good with $
    3)so why does she need an appointed lawyer?
    4)She ain’t worth $150 much less 4500
    5)she has big nose
    5) she stubby fingers
    6) Spitzer is ugly and they probably charged him double
    7) Spitzer is jewish so there you go
    8) “she’s a whore and nothing more”–from the new Ashley album “Swapping Spit with Spitzer”
    9)Where’s the $ she made
    10) I banged her in Seaside 10 years ago

  • Ron

    I do not feel sorry for Spitzer, but I do feel sorry for Kristen’s parents. She is attractive, and will do well with her story on Oprah, Tonight Show, or whatever show she wants to appear on. But that’s not the point. The point is she may now stop being a prostitute, and live a somewhat normal life. Maybe if we are lucky, they will find out the client #10 is Billy Boy – wouldn’t that be a hoot.

  • big fan

    Ashley Alexandra Dupree is super hot! She could have been a model! Good luck to you Ashley. You are super sexy, with a great smile.

  • Howie

    Better pix here!

    Her ass looks fat in the one with her dad!

  • Mohenrydog

    Ok, She is making the dough on her back. Different strokes for different folks!

    Spitzer is an idiot, How in the hell did he think he would go around paying for it and NOT get caught? Obviously jsut another Demo-whoremonger-crat! Welcome to Bill’s world there Gov!! You idiot.

    Ashley is a good loking girl, She would be worth knocking down but not at those prices, although she has a great looking camel toe showing in the bikini shot! Big puffy one!

    Just more proof that democrats are whore chasers and as someone said above exactly the boost to her career she wanted!

  • Howie

    Spitzer’s a whormonger and Bush is a war monger.
    What’s the difference?

  • Howie

    Dress his wife up as a dominatrix and I’d do her!
    She looks ready to give him the whip!

  • Howie

    The Emperor’s club should be closed for extortion……………..4500 for that?
    I’ve gotten better at the shore for 4 drinks at Jenkinson’s!

  • Bubba541

    I’d hit it like a screen door in a hurricane!!!!

  • Howie

    Are jew kidding me …………………..4500?

  • Jim

    the sad people who are involved in other peoples lives. We’re all guilty of our own lies and our misguided truth which we so miserable live behind. Afraid to be happy people find comfort in the misery of their own company. If you want to see guilty, then look no further than your ownselves. foolish people

    the idiotic people of the west who live behind the teachings of confucious. consoling themselves and living a life of comparison. trying to gain a peace of mind when nothing of this commidity exists. there can be no peace if their is mind, but the man who wrote this book sure was a business man. If you live in other peoples business than ur not living in your own. a matter a fact, ur actually not alive, ur considered dead

  • gnostc

    Spitzer isn’t really going to burn because he was with the hooker. he’s going to burn for money laundering. “Kristen” isn’t even getting in trouble because what she did isn’t illegal. This story has been mischaracterized in the media from the start.

  • Jacque

    Her last name is French. But she looks like a New York Jew. Her nose is horrible why didn’t she get a nose job along with her very obvious boob job??

  • Duncan

    At $4000, I was expecting to see a really beautiful woman….a Playboy type.
    This chick looks so plain. I can’t believe these guys shell out so much money for a Walgreens cashier type woman.

  • Howie

    she also goes by the name Hew Jass!

  • Scott

    UGLY! She looks like a guy in the 2nd and 3rd photos.

  • Melba Toaste

    No man who EVER pays for it is a success in life.
    Just another loser no matter how powerful, famous or rich.
    Goes for all johns out there.

  • Plastic surgeon

    Her tits are so fake. There ‘s a wide gap between them. Natural large breasts don’t have a wide gap like that, especially when they’re falling down like that.

  • Dan

    To the moron that tried to talked about this girls family… the chick was making a ton of money. She most definitely has enough money so she could go to law school or med school if shes getting 1000 an hour. Thats what the top lawyers in the country make for god sakes. She new what she was doing and had a choice. If she was poor she could have been working at mcdonald’s instead.

  • http://www.maxfisch.com Mike Hunt

    Whose in charge of HR @ Emperor’s Club?
    They must be letting down their standards.

  • http://www.maxfisch.com Mike Hunt

    Her name is Kristen
    Me thinks she’s a jew
    She left the Jersey shore
    To cum to NY to screw

    She’s already laid Spitzer
    Oh what a thrill
    She made it Washington
    She’s had Capitol Hill

  • Elliott

    I can’t believe you got her to message you! You should have told her that you just wanted to talk for 4 hours and you would give her 4k to do so…

  • http://www.maxfisch.com Mike Hunt

    she kind of looks like a jewish Sandra Bullock with fake tits!

  • lmsmith

    ummmmm IMO I seen better- she is cute- but not drop dead…. but Hey 4k per hour, can’t knock her on that, she has to eat ___ and ohh have she found her way

  • Rob

    Nice faking there ont he facebook profile/wall posting… why is it suspicious that Timothy is Alexandra’s only Facebook friend? Even more suspicious is the fact that there are about 4 different “Ashley Alexandra Dupr

  • http://www.personalfinanceblog.us ibusinesstalk

    Are you sure this is a girl? He bet his reputation, career over her? shoot..not worth it..how she can be
    hight price classic call girl? I just don’t see it.

    anyway, taking risk on option….and is COIN still good play?

  • Billy of the Hills

    Why do I waste my time looking at this drivel. I thought for 4.3K she’d be hot. But she’s just an avg. big-nosed east coast Italian Jewess. Why move to NYC with no $$? She had to end up selling her only asset to ugly rich guys! Funny thing is she prolly gives up that ‘tang free to those poser gang-boy wannabee friends on her MySpace page. She has no musical culture. All she knows is the pop garbage that’s been shoved down her throat by the mega music corporations. Anyone can make that rap-hop r&b crap music. Pro Tools tunes your voice right in! Her music is a dime a dozen – worthless in my book. She claims she’s legit cause she’s been a homeless druggie whore! She got where she did on her own. Gimme a friggin’ break. She used men to get where she is. She is a total clich

  • Audrey Ashcraft

    Very hot should definately get into Playboy now!

  • be-the-ball

    what does this have to do with trading microcaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    remember my post last week… Tim Sykes the JERRY SPRINGER of financial blogs!

    nice frat house you are running here….your mother must be so proud!

  • be-the-ball

    Tim Sykes the JERRY SPRINGER of financial blogs!

  • timsykes

    haha no perfect plays right now, gossip is fun. TMA has a nice chart but its all news mortgage/finance related, not my typical fluff.

  • be-the-ball

    gossip gets you cheap page hits…

  • Poop

    Come on, this girl is FINE-LIKE-SAND!!!!. Anyone who says otherwise is delapidated. By the way, I just went to her Facebook page and poked her. Didnt cost me anything.

  • timsykes

    actually this whole episode has been a great example of why my trading strategy works. i saw the breaking news, knew it’d blow up, so i bought into it and now i have a huge profit. hype works and it’s exploitable

  • KS

    How many people are going to send her a message on Facebook offering her some “business” now that her profile is public? HA. To funny. Great work Tim.

  • KS

    Tim, Lets get a new poll going.

    Does Kristen “price” go up now since she is Spitzer’s girl?

    Or does she have to drop it cause of all the press?

  • kev_d_basher

    I think the old man wanted a cheap thrill…..Ok maybe not that cheap.

  • http://www.maxfisch.com Mike Hunt

    I banged this chick in Belmar 2 years ago and it only cost me 3 beers. Spitzer got ho-sed!
    Jew eat?

  • Brian D

    This is high quality entertainment and we get to access these blogs for free?!

  • Accountant

    Spitzer didn’t pay thousands, he paid millions in income potential that he will not now realize. He sold the trust of his wife and daughters and the esteem of everyone. That’s one hell of a price for sex – I don’t care how hot she is (and I think she’s pretty damn hot). But that’s all water under the bridge now, so let’s get her in Playboy and see the rest of her!!!!!!

  • Cocoloko

    Lol, this girl is not cute. Wtf? why would he risk everything, family, job..’respect’ from women basically. His friends are probably patting him on the ass..but honestly, he could have bought a hotter bitch at some bar for just a drink or two. lol this girl has a strong jaw though so I’m guessing her cock sucking skills must be off the chart compared to a girl with a less manly face. Hopefully I wont have to see too much of this filthly little pussy on the news anymore. I’ts already getting boring. lol

  • Liza

    So that’s why guys like man faced women…..for their cock sucking abilities.
    A strong jaw indicates awesome cock sucker.
    You learn something new every day.

  • Louise

    Thats great Tim ha ha!!!!

  • Saul

    how did a honker nose jew hooker get a French name?

  • Tracy

    I wonder how Spitzer would feel if one of his daughters was in her shoes.

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  • http://maintainwealth.blogspot.com Kevin

    Well Tim you contact her and thank her because I am sure many people never heard of you before today just like I did. Shes the reason I found your website.

  • http://dirtyword.net dirtyword.net
  • Mandy

    I found your site through a link posted on

    It’s an unregistered chat forum where anything goes.

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  • Paul

    This woman’s and average looking slut you can pick up at any nightclub in New York.
    Why the hell blow $4000 on this skank???

  • $$$

    Can anyone say Playboy? I mean seriously, if losers from Survivor can get big bucks to take it off for the camera obviously this tart’s gonna get some of Hef’s cake. Good thing for Hef that he’s still in her age range too!

  • Rearden Metal

    For those of you talking trash about Ashley’s line of work, wouldn’t you guys agree to service Spitzer’s wife in exchange for $4,300? Not necessarily at this point in your life, but back when you had no money? You’d take that deal in a heartbeat, now wouldn’t you?

  • CJ

    At this point in my life, I would do what she did for 4K a day. There is just something about rich old cougars. Anyone here can bash her but 90% would do it too.

    She can make money with a book deal, oprah, and playboy. When you think about it, she doesnt have much smarts. Why pay 3500 a month for an apartment if you are in an illegal job. She could have just hung on for a year and retired with a nice amount in the bank. If she cannot make 5M off these headlines and popularity she deserves to go back to where she came from.

  • http://tiny.cc/6pNoA Rose
  • jay – z

    Hey… click the adds around here… i think he will have more pictures for you guys if you do

  • jesus lopez

    hola hablo en espa

  • Bill

    He has been doing this for 10 years. She was on of 100. Give the girl a break. BTW, it’s legal in most countries in Europe.

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  • http://jimwellsart.com Jim Wells

    Some of you might like this facebook site with a more positive take on things.

    Ashley Alexandra Dupree, on her side.


  • Boogeyman

    damn! ima hit dat pussy real good! like a muthaF8ckin nimbus 200 broomstick. hehehe shamone biatch!

  • Moe Badderman

    WannabeClient9 wrote:

    # What a Bitch, Home wrecker, ***r, I guess she will do anything for a $$$ Go get a real f***g job,
    # get laid by your boyfreind/Girlfriend, Husband or whatever you use and be a f***g human!
    # YOU ****** and the GOV> is a f****g Pig!
    # Do you feel bad for his wife and kids, did you ever think that they are hurting!
    # Ah go f***k yourself ****!

    You’re a funny little sonofabitch, Wannabe!

  • http://www.maxfisch.com Mike Hunt

    Here’s one I had not seen!
    Must be from HS. She is SOOOO ordinary it is just sad that some people can project themselves so highly. I guess if you have enough hutspa or however she and her jew friends spell it you can do anything or anyone.
    2 ugly people…you and Eliot deserve each other.


  • http://www.clubdom.com Ura Deebag

    Hickory Dickory Dock
    This Belmar jew was sucking my cock
    My name was Spitzer
    I gave her a cum spritzer
    I dumped the bitch on the next block

    ohhhhhhhhhh, end of story.

  • http://www.clubdom.com Ura Deebag

    Ashley with Mini Me


    Why is her nose so big?
    Because the air is free.

  • http://www.clubdom.com Ura Deebag

    See her dumpy ass here!
    Her mom is SOOOOO jewish princess.
    She looks like a Staten Island gum snapper here.


  • http://www.femdomcity.com Mona Hevilly

    She is nasty!

    Someone tell Spitzer I have some land in AZ for sale.
    If he paid $4500 for this………do I have a deal for him.

  • Sally Mae

    Q: What’s long and hard on a black man?

    A:Third grade.

    Q: How do get 2 Jews to fight?
    A: Roll a penny down Wall St.

  • Sue Myasshoff

    I guess she got her tits from her mom.
    She got her horse facew from her dad.
    Bro is wastoid.
    I think I kicked his ass at Wall HS.


  • http://www.timroman.com Tim Roman

    great story!

  • Oscar Jason

    Well ..

    What I prefer to tell you all that, pray for Spitzer’s family they could withstand this tragedy. And for this shameless female to pray to the Lord Almighty to save herself from every one’s curse.

    Thank you

  • Ima Tule

    If this girl makes one dime off of this the IRA should nail her ass.
    Since when is being a criminal and whore a money making way to live life.
    Just one more lazy ass Gen X or Y…. who gives shit ……that sponge off others to make $ without actually doing any work.
    This country is gonna be hurting down the road with this generation.
    Texting and blogging are more important than going to school and getting a real job.
    Grow the F -up and start contributing more to society than farts in the wind.
    Enough of how she was abused. By the looks of those photos in her home she looks about as abused as Bill gates kids. Some people will calim any thing to make a career.

  • Brad


  • Agent J.C. Jones

    I’m Inspector Jones with the Internal Revenue Service tax evasion department and looking for any information on Ms. Youmans/Dupree. Get back to me at jcjones@irs.gov.

  • Ima Tule


    “Oops was I supposed to say he was the governor?

  • Sum Yung Dic
  • Sum Yung Dic

    “4 …yes 4 thousand …can’t you count dickhead?”


  • Sum Yung Dic
  • Sum Yung Dic

    “It’s Ashley…….not ass please!
    While yur down there kiss my ass.”


  • John

    #114 what does Ireland have to do with this?

  • John

    You people that say she’s not HOT must be really, really high.

    And you don’t pay that kind of money for the nasty, you pay that kind of money
    for them to leave and keep their mouth shut. Looks like he didn’t get his money’s
    worth on that!!!

  • Client # 8

    #122-John I think he meant to write IRS.
    She is NOT hot!
    Your standards are pretty low if you think she is hot.
    Even if I was paying for the EC, I would want my $ back if they sent that skank.
    BTW Spitzer got my sloppy seconds.

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  • deriuqer

    so ashley, a/k/a kristen, says

  • Client # 007

    Tim, pretty funny how this took off!
    It was a fun week.

  • gerry daclo


  • Stan

    she is so gorgeous!!

  • Rachid

    I don t undestand why prostitution is illegal and why they forced the guy to resign although he was doing a good job. His personal life should not be the concern of any A.H.

    What do u think?

  • Tom Smith

    Here’s how it was for me.

    The moment before I was to look at the photo’s of “Kristen”, or whatever, my “senses” were heightened, because I knew this chic was a ‘ho, in demand, and therefore, good in bed.

    I must say, on initial viewing, I was a bit disappointed, perhaps surprised is the right word.

    Ashley is NOT the stripper/Penthouse/Pornstar type.

    She is more of the hot girlfriend type
    -the kind of girl who works as a receptionist at a big company,
    pretty, but not “Professionally” hot.

    Then, 2 things happened.

    1. I theorize Spritzer, and rich, middle-aged, married, starched-shirtted,
    not very good-looking or suave, professional guys like him,
    have a particular frame of reference.

    These are not the type of guys who go to strip clubs, or watch porn,
    -their bossy wives are always watching them

    Their measure of hotness in a chic is based on what they’ve been exposed to for most of their lives
    -namely, pretty girls who work in offices.

    Ms. Dupre fits the bill.

    I took another look at that initial set of pictures, and I could kind of see how this girl,
    with a little makeup, and the right threads, could amplify her sexuality to the ‘ho level
    -the level that could make a sour-pussed croaker like Spritzer blow his wad in a hotel room.

    I could see this in the way she is pursing her lips in one of those underexposed photos where she appears to be wearing overalls, as well as her rather tame bikini pic.

    2. Then, the photos of her in that promotional photo shoot came out,
    and Ashley is indeed a lot prettier than initially presented, and certainly can make herself very sexy.

    A few notes:

    I have been to both the Las Vegas brothels and Adelitas/Chicago Club in Tijuana.

    On an average night at Adelitas, there are 6 or 7 young Senoritas
    who would blow the wheels off Ashley in terms of looks.

    (Note: for a whole night, a whore at Adelitas costs $560,
    and one at the Chicken Ranch, last I’ve heard, about $2500).

    I think Ashley could be competitive with these types of high-end gorgeous whores,
    but she would not be one of the top dogs.

    I’ll round this out with some notes:

    1. It’s a good bet Ashley had both a nose job and a boob job.

    I think her new boobs are just great.

    I had no problem with her original nose
    – I like the ethnic look, why does everyone want to look like a WASP?
    It gets boring.

    I don’t think we can make a judgment on her rear end yet
    -and what’s wrong with a little meat on the derriere?

    2. Ashley and her moronic looking brother appear to both be aspiring “Whiggers”
    -Ashley seems to admire “Inner City” types,
    and her sibling has a penchant for baggy, low-rise jeans, crooked baseball caps, and obnoxiously sculpted facial hair.
    It’s amazing how a girl who was apparently living such a superficial, immature, outdated,
    1990s vintage lifestyle (the Whigger kind),
    has the poise to be such a quality whore.
    The job does require some talent and self-awareness.
    Did you notice how proud her MILFY, almost-over-the-hill mother is?
    (“My daughter can handle someone like the Governor”
    – is that what THAT’S called- “handling the Governor”?)
    I think most mothers would freak out, smack their brat, and drag her home.

    3. I would most definitely screw Ashley- namely, post-boob job Ashley.
    I don’t think I personally view her as hooker material
    -she is too East Coast, not exceptionally glamorous (but pretty and sexy, notwithstanding).
    I have dallied with too many Penthouse quality chics to categorize her as such.
    I have been with regular chics who by conventional standards would get higher ratings in the looks department.
    I think, with my own attributes, and developed pick-up skills, I could pick Ashley up in a bar,
    or maybe while she shops at local grocery store.
    Might have to tell her I’m a record producer- what’s a little lie?

    4. I suspect she is Italian or Jewish or both
    -okay, here are the Jokes.
    Joke #1: Now we know how to get a Jewish girl to give a blow job- $4300.
    Joke # 2: It’s great that Eliot Spritzer FINALLY slept with a Jewish girl.
    By the way, there are tons of hot young Jewish broads
    – more of them need to start “offering” themselves up and dressing scantily
    -stop marrying Sheeny doctors, for Jesus Christ’s sake.

    5. Spitzer is no longer Governor, the story’s shelf life is already winding down
    -he’s just not as well known nationally as, say, Bill Clinton.
    My advice for Ashley would be
    a. sell story to a tabloid.
    b. write book (details please).
    c. Playboy shoot.
    d. reality TV show.
    Dupre should net at least $7 million from the above.
    Whether she then keeps pushing it like Amy Fisher or fades away like Donna Rice is to still to be determined.

    6. I am not buying her homeless/abused/drug nonsense.
    How many 20 year old pretty white girls from New Jersey are homeless?
    Who is she, Mitch Snyder?
    She was between apartments, living with girlfriends, and she calls that “homeless”.
    Abused? That means somebody in her family had the nerve to criticize her like once, and she threw a fit.
    Drugs? Weed, no doubt. Maybe she tried coke or ecstacy, big freakin’ deal.
    Her body is too bulbous for her to be a meth-head, crack-head, or heroine honey.
    Reports are she grew up quite middle class
    -maybe she should of tried growing up in Brooklyn,
    so she can claim to be a more authentically destitute, oppressed slob.

    7. Now why, exactly, did she become a ‘ho?
    She was working the typical string of Manhattan pretty girl jobs, they should have covered the basic bills.
    This dame likes a LOT of MONEY- that’s why.
    And she doesn’t want to put much effort into earning it.
    She also liked the feeling of being a Star- worshiped, at least for something.
    As she probably had plenty of clumsy sex in the backseats of Honda CRXs with New Jersey boys,
    it was not a big stretch to turn it into a business.
    The old geezer part of it?
    I suspect Ashley is not into old men- at least not sexually.
    So, she does what other whores do
    -close eyes, spread legs, think about paycheck.

    8. Recommend Ashley title her memoir:
    -A Nose-Job, A Boob-Job, and a Blow-Job: How the Modern Girl Can Strike it Rich.
    It’s not Dale Carnegie, but what the hey.
    Maybe she can sell infomercial mail order packages like Tom Vu.

  • Notorious Forever

    Another sad human story… She obviously has no Soul, and the only thing she has left is a body to earn her some sort of admiration. I have more respect for a stripper who just gets paid to show off her body than for someone who sells their body. If you’re that beautiful, and you can’t find another way in this life than to sleep with any man who pays you, you’re definitely empty inside. It’s what happens when sheeple breed without any love for each other, and then lack the common sense necessary as parents to raise a loving family. She lost her Soul the day she pondered sleeping with her first customer…

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  • Alexander Beetle

    This is very sad with everyone being used all round.

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  • jared

    Hey Ashley, It’s Jared. call me 251 459 3534 we need to hang out sometime

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  • Elliot

    You people just don’t understand! Jewish girls don’t swallow, and OY, Kristen can gobble spunk like there’s no tomorrow! TOTALLY worth losing my career and family over!

  • billy bob

    Shit, I’d tap that ass.

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  • http://sexvids.tv Nivram

    She’s really hot! and she really need to suck my cock too!

  • hotcarl08

    Let’s not forget that this stupid girl is merely a hooker. Someone who sells handjobs and blowjobs to the highest bidder. Really classy… There are tons of women out there just like her, only they are more talented and obviously more intelligent than Ms. Dupre (what a dumb name…)

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  • traderjoe7

    JAZZ 1000 @ 3.30

  • traderjoe7

    * SHORT

  • bassman52

    reserved shares this mrng, but not there when i went to short. i guess they didn’t note it. idk TOS man slacken lately

  • kc41165

    I am a new member. Where do you borrow shares?
    I am using Etrade, which wouldn’t allow me to borrow JAZZ.

  • bill

    tim, even you put the ads in every comment, sometimes it didn’t work LOL

  • adaseb

    Was I suppose to get the alert by SMS?

    I am in Canada and I never got the alert thru my phone.

  • traderjoe7

    In SAY @ 5.10

  • kevinmpatel

    eslr actually looks like a good short if there is a fade or morning panic

  • Gman

    ha! nice one bill.

  • AdamN

    Bought 1k shares of STAA @ $3.00. Another FDA approved pharma stock.

  • be the ball

    SGCA stockpreacher

  • be the ball

    looks like it is a new issue so there won’t be shares to short…smart…i didn’t get a fill and not willing to chase it up .10 already

  • traderjoe7


  • scrillawill

    wow tim get out of Jazz

  • traderjoe7

    Tim wht do u say

  • scrillawill

    damn joe u tooo get out of jazz

  • raven

    shorted uaua on breakdown from 4.25

  • bill

    after breaking down 2.5, HEB tanked perfectly.

  • AdamN

    Bought another 1k of STAA @ $2.70. Average $2.85 now.

  • Scott W

    i’m in staa with you @ 2.70 w/ 1000

  • jaata

    following.. same here

  • http://www.bobsgear.com bobsgeardotcom

    4000 shares short at various prices, avg 3.63….

  • dsaidenb

    tim said yesterday the best guess at tomorrow’s price action is today’s price action. wonder why he shorted JAZZ then…he’s probably a day too early

  • bassman52

    STAA 300 shares @ 2.90

  • traderjoe7

    In STAA 2.8 OUT 3.00 + 200 THANKS ADAM

  • http://www.goodevalue.com Reaper

    In & out STAA twice long for $1117.50, not bad considering it didn’t really breakout.

  • traderjoe7

    Tim whts yr take on JAZZ

  • Scott W

    Out of STAA @ 2.94 for $240

  • AdamN

    CREL keeps going, but not enough volume for me to stomach a position.

  • traderjoe7

    Was it me or the site went down for like 2 mins

  • http://www.kabam.com tbohen

    out $CHLN +$1290.25 in exactly 10 minutes!!

    covered @ $4.42, hit $4.25 instantly after I covered GRR!!!

  • Getshorty

    Couldn’t get shares to short on JAZZ, but managed too loose some money anyway buy buying the $4 breakout, well, lost $37 but could have been great.

    Still no shares to short, Looks like shorts will make money by the end of the day. Hang on if you are not on margin.

  • traderjoe7

    u still in STAA ? ADAM

  • bassman52

    what do you guys think about STAA?

  • http://www.kabam.com tbohen

    Oh shit, I thought CHLN was on tims list today, it was a couple days ago,sorry about posting about one not on the list.

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    why would i get out of JAZZ, i knew i had to risk some pain but as there are no shares to short, i’m holding for the potential fade

  • AdamN

    Still in STAA, yes. I will exit if it breaks $2.65 again.

  • SoBeGemini

    Long 1000shs of $JAZZ at 3.40 out at 3.86 +$460 profit. With so much short-interest I figured a small spike would case a small squeeze.

  • asparmar

    Thanks for STAA Adam. In and out for $ 650

  • Getshorty

    Same logic here SOBE, but way too late

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    good job sobegemini, morning spike was nice for longs

  • bill

    thanks, adam. Got in STAA @ 2.83 as well.

  • AdamN

    Wooot STAA breakout!

  • http://www.bobsgear.com bobsgeardotcom

    Why not stay short! $2300 loss is now only $400 loser. Feels like I made $1900 by holding on and not panicking… And I’ve got more short sell orders at $4.75, $5, $6, and $8.84 to dollar cost average my position if it spikes again… Fade! Fade! Fade! Well it is a $750 loser now, maybe should’ve taken the $400 loss…. Isn’t watching a 1 minute chart fun? What would Jesse livermore do? :)

  • bill

    SAY is breaking down. I got ouf of long with $30 again after commission.

  • avoigt_2000

    ABAT b/o in buying range

  • bill

    SAY tanked beautifully. Should have tuned into short after it broke $5.

    For JAZZ, I’m also glad the paper loss is less than $300 now. I was nervous at one time because I have have $26K equity in my account and if the loss is huge, my account will be suspended. So I didn’t short MAPP (when it broke 10.6) & SAY.

  • http://www.bobsgear.com bobsgeardotcom

    $400 winner just turned back into $350 loser…. did we just hit a demand level? Or is this just a speed bump on the way back to the glory days of $0.59 and a $12,000 winner? How low can it go? How low can it go? (Cranking up limbo music while wishing the Walmart yellow dot would visit this stock….)

  • bassman52

    out of STAA @ 3.21 with 93 bones. thanx adam

  • http://www.kabam.com tbohen

    Man Timmy I can kick your ass on bad timing any day +500 on SYMX after it cracked $1.35 covered at $1.21 and like two seconds later hit $1.10….

  • wallie123

    bought STAA on the breakout at 3.25 but unfortunatly it failed to breakout and i ended up getting out @ 3.10. I took a loss of -350 but i feared it would go through 3 and lose more. this wipes on this weeks gains, but there is always tomorrow.

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    nice on SYMx, all i need is more patience!!!

    GRH and JAZZ both fading nicely, i want big tanks!

  • http://www.kabam.com tbohen

    Jeez shit the bed SYMX!!

  • bill

    I shorted SYMX yesterday @ 1.43. Covered early today with tiny gain. Should have stayed.

  • http://www.kabam.com tbohen

    Woo hoo I’ve been trying all morning IB has 80 shares of GRH now…. I’ll get right on that…

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    MAPP also just broke multi-day support, could be multiple down days for that one from here on out

  • wallie123

    STAA is now at 2.94 and falling if i had held i would be lookin at a almost $600 dollar loss, but i remember when things go wrong sell because it can get much worse.

  • akpirani

    shorted 500 jazz at $3.74

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    JAZZ is so beautiful, working out nearly perfectly as i expected, forget just stockpicking, shorting ahead of pain and waiting for the pain is stock picking difficulty rating 10.0

  • Spit

    Good call Tim, only just got back to the office and no shares at ToS :(

  • akpirani

    awesome, jazz is going dowwwwn! :)

  • bill

    RGH bounced back to $3. Should be a good short candidate as well.

  • kevinmpatel

    shorted 300 grh at 2.67 now at 3.02 what do you think, tim? take my losses?

  • bill

    not sure how long I’ll hold staa. volume is fading. adam, still holding it?

  • binbinbun

    In for 200 MAPP, So should I keep MAPP for the weekend before cover?

  • Pataxe

    The WHO (not the band) declared the swine flu a pandemic an hour ago, so maybe watch those stocks once the news really gets out.

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    people ask, what do i do with MAPP, what do i do with JAZZ. people learn the damn patterns so u can make decisions on our own..u have to know and get comfortable with the patterns so u can know what to expect int he coming hours/days

    i dont know your risk tolerance/experience/goals, only u do…here i’ve even provided some REQUIRED study materials to get you standing on your own two feet:


  • AdamN

    Still in STAA yes. Staying sideways right now which could either be consolidation or the start of a fade. Being the first up day it favors consolidation. I’m looking to get out on an afternoon squeeze, but I’ll get out sooner if it fades much below $3 as the afternoon drags on.

  • Getshorty

    You sons of a thousand B*)$@#(*$s !!

    you are making your money and I am standing aside powerless !!!!!

    I despite you evil short sellers !!!

  • bill

    thanks, adam. I got out when I saw it broke the 2.9 support with $20 gain after comm.

  • marcuscj

    Tim: who is promoting SPNG? Also, what made you think it was ready to fall? I;’ve seen all your DVD’s and didnt think so…. I’ve personally been in LONG for over a week and have made over 400$$$$ (WAY before you even reported it). I saw the Major league Baseball and Costco news and jumped in…

  • dino

    RSOL go south

  • dannb

    Short 500 RSOL from yesterday (nice,no day trade on this one) @ 3.76. Fading very nicely.

  • AdamN

    DAMNIT, was in a meeting and come back to STAY below $2.70. Out at $2.63 for a $450 loss, very frustrating. Congrats to those smart enough to take profit when you have them. I completely messed my trade up.

  • dannb

    covered 200 RSOL @ 3.60 (I have a small acc) so I could pick some JAZZ. Got 300 @ 3.28. Looks to be building res right at that point. Mabey I should have just stayed in RSOL, it was doing good, but I wanted to follow Tim. Hope it cracks that 3 1/4.

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    JAZZ acting nicely, one of my best trades, not for the $ gain but for the execution to find shares and the patience to hold during this fade

  • dino

    congrat TIM

  • wallie123

    congrats Tim, did you find the shares at ToS or IB?

  • http://www.bobsgear.com bobsgeardotcom

    $761 profit taken on jazz… jumped out, then jumped back in short at a higher price, having fun scalping its dips and bounces for a few more bucks….

  • http://www.bobsgear.com bobsgeardotcom

    $1135 total profit on Jazz….. Thanks Tim!

  • Anonymous

    It’s what happens when sheeple breed without any love for each other, & then lack the common sense necessary as parents to raise a loving relatives.

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