Welcome To Festival of Stocks #77, aka The Jungle!

Welcome to the February 25, 2008 edition of the Festival of Stocks. Festival #77 to be exact and I’m declaring it to be a jungle party!



The Festival of Stocks is a blog carnival dedicated to highlighting bloggers best posts on stock market related topics so I’m incredibly proud to be hosting this edition of this weekly roundup. C’mon traders, get in on this thing, stop making me have to just read about dividends and sissy (value) investors!

KCLau has a solid post detailing a recession, step-by-step

Fat Pitch Financial tackles my good friend Premier Exhibitions (PRXI)

CurrencyTrading.net lists 20 things caused by high oil prices:

Green Technology Investors takes comfort in rich people being invested in these green stocks

Money Blue Book says to stop looking at the damn ticker all the time!

Forex Strategy Secrets doesn’t deal with stocks, but their post about trading the news is applicable

Forget recession proof, FIRE Finance wants to protect your portfolio from inflation

The Digerati Life isn’t a big fan of playing individual stocks. Maybe he should read my blog more often…

Trader’s Narrative narrates the Down Jones Industrial Average

Aussie Investors has a very beginner-type post for who else, stock market beginners!

Sox First pulls together a bunch of articles about the sub-prime mess

American Consumer News advises poor people to band together and form investment clubs. Awwwwwww, isn’t that sweet?

My Wealth Builder adds to their portfolio, click here to see their incredible buys!

Contrarian Sissy (I mean Value) Investor has the top 5 moments in Sissy (I mean Value) Investing History

CampusStocks.com reviews Cabot Oil & Gas (COG)

Dividends For Life admits dividend investing ain’t so hot lately

Dividend Growth Investor analyzes John & Johnson (JNJ)

Magic Diligence is in the mood for eggs

I agree with Slacker Wealth that Kraft looks like Krap!

Dividend Money wants you to buy and hold, happy 2008 to you buddy!

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  • Andrew

    COIN forming a solid cup and handle on big volume? CPST on a breakout? What are your thoughts?

  • http://www.moneybluebook.com Money Blue Book

    I know you’re looking at the stock ticker right now. In fact, it’s on the right side of your blog! :)

  • timsykes

    COIN needs much more volume and a true breakout before i’m interested. not gonna be easy…today some newsletter with 40k recommended it. CPST too messy, not a confirmed breakout yet either

  • Andrew

    Would you short COIN into this? If CPST breaks 1.92 would you call it a breakout? Watched the dvds this past weekend. Really helpful, definitely opened my eyes to pennystocks. Thanks for making them.

  • timsykes

    CPSt moves too slow, i’ll call a breakout at $2, until then its just boring.


  • Andrew

    Makes sense. Thanks again.

  • Rico

    Triangle breakout for TNH? Back to 150 minimum? Have greatly enjoyed your commentary on short selling and appreciate the transparency.

  • http://www.stocks-simplified.com shaun

    I can see what you see on TNH, but I would wait until it breaks the $155 level before getting into it.


  • http://www.fatpitchfinancials.com George

    Who are you calling a sissy value investor? Careful Timothy or I’ll sick my value investor posse on you.

    Regardless, thanks for hosting this week’s Festival of Stocks.

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  • http://marketprognosticator.blogspot.com/ Eric

    You’re right…value investors are sissies which is why we will live longer than you.

  • timsykes

    I’d rather burn out than fade away

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  • Mark

    I know there are a lot of successful traders but the richest and most successful people who have attained wealth are value investors. If those people are sissys,well, tell me who these day/short-term traders and hedge fund managers are who are on the worlds wealthiest peoples list. I

  • Mark

    I’d like to know some traders that have consistent market beating returns for a decade or more.

  • timsykes

    Stevie Cohen, James Simons, hundreds more hedge fund managers. And PS, life isn’t just about money, it’s about building character and learnings lessons, neither of which value investing teaches much

  • timsykes

    Oh yeah, forgot that rich or not just about every value investors I’ve ever met is BOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!!!

    C’mon man, live a little for once!

  • Mark

    thanks for those names

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  • http://collegecharters.com T-Money

    Hey anyone looking at CSIQ for a potential buy/short?

  • JeffMoates

    Tim, APAC took a little longer than you expected, 5500 shares in at 3.3799, out at 3.51, $770 profit

  • artificialwings

    GNCMA failed to break out today… shorted @ 7.36

  • artificialwings

    also, i sold out of APAC this morning @ 3.51, made like 50

  • artificialwings

    what the hell is with TRW today?

  • cash

    artificialwings TRW was upgraded today by JPM plus it usually always has a crazy ass dayrange.

  • HopeSolo

    Anyone got ZZ?

  • http://www.bobsgear.com bobsgeardotcom

    Got very conservative on APAC with stops and limits when I couldn’t watch the market, got out with +$87….

  • http://www.bobsgear.com bobsgeardotcom

    Tradestation doesn’t allow MMTIF trades “Trading in OTCBB or pink sheet securities is not allowed”

  • HopeSolo

    bob: So find a new broker?

  • HopeSolo

    ZZ Bought @ 3.01, Sold @ 3.19, quick and easy $100, makes up for my loss on APAC yesterday. I don’t like my exit, I think it’ll run some more, but Tim’s taught me to cut losses quick (yesterday) and cut small/sure profits quick. I’m learnnnnning. Add that to your testimonials boyyyyyyyyy!

  • meetbharani

    as i had mentioned yesterday, GNTA went up again by 30%, i got 300 profit on my $1000 investment on that. Not sure if it is a typical pump and dump but as long as it works for me, i will continue to hold

  • Getshorty

    Am i the only on short NBY ????? looks like a great breakdown, not follow through though. Should fall from a cliff anytime

  • Getshorty

    “VTNC another low volume breakout

  • DidrikN

    Bought 1000 ENTR at 1,04 and sold at 1,24. Nice little profit there. Thanks TIMMY!!

  • one_guey

    Tim batting 1.000 today, 6 up and 1 down. nice

  • HopeSolo

    one_guey: Batting 1000 would be 7 up and 0 down. If Tim is 6 up and 1 down, he is batting: .857 if my math is correct (hint hint: I used a calculator, so it is correct.)

  • one_guey

    HS, 7 stocks TimAlert 6 up (buy) 1 down (short). Just like the alert said they would.


    I didn’t need a calculator

  • artificialwings

    TOMORROW on the unemployment data will be telling… im thinking market will shed, a lot of profit taking

  • artificialwings

    GNCMA backing off nicely!

  • artificialwings


  • http://www.MoneyPhilosophy.com MoneyPhilosophy

    Do you guys buy in the pre and after markets much? I’m only now starting to experiment with that.

    Some great picks today Tim. I may make a move next time as I finally have some money in my accounts to work with (moved from ShareBuilder to Ameritrade and it took awhile)

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    friggin awesome day, too bad i was traveling, ONTY cracked biiig too, anybody get on that?

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