Get Tim to come speak to your college or organization…you can read what he’s all about HERE, see all his press HERE, but understand he’s most proud of his ability to combine his amazing journey, big mouth and brutal honesty to encourage young people to learn about and participate in our true national sport, finance!

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“Attracting a diverse crowd of students from the University of Minnesota with varying levels of interest in Finance, Tim’s story kept everyone on the edge of their seats and asking for more. His casual demeanor, hysterical life experiences, and avant-garde trading style were both eye opening and entertaining. Overall, students left feeling inspired and motivated to learn more about finance as a hobby and potentially a career. Definitely a breath of fresh in the world of investing.”
-Dan Rice, President, University of Minnesota Investing Club

“Tim Sykes was hilarious and entertaining. He had a few educational points during his presentation, but it seemed as though whenever he was beginning to get a little serious his true personality would come out and he’d make a joke about someone, some company, a religion, an industry, himself or a mixture of all of the above. Although jokes, most of the time they were actually bitterly honest and truthful statements about the finance industry that I doubt no other speaker would ever dare to say. But with Tim, he put it all out there and didn’t care what people would think. This event was definitely the highlight of our club thus far and I would be glad to have him back up here again.”
-Justin Kruger, President, University of Buffalo Stock Club

“We enjoyed your presentation and your unique view about the hedge fund industry and the microcap stock-world.”
-Kim Chayka, President, University of Arizona Investments Club

“Just wanted to let you know the speech was great, it was certainly refreshing to hear a different perspective especially since we’re so used to hearing from corporate drones.”
-Ross Leder, University of Minnesota

“You bring a whole enthusiasm and honest knowledge to trading that I’ve never seen before!”
-Joe R. Rutgers University

“Awesome speech last night…honestly was the best speech we had all yeah along with the most informative…you’re an excellent speaker and make points in ways that college kids can understand and more college speakers need to be like that…keep it up man!”
-Fred Meyers, Rutgers University

“Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your presentation. I’m a freshman and I really didn’t know much about the stock market and banking so you’ve helped me out big-time!”
-Rafe, Rutgers University