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The key is learning discipline and not getting too cocky from all the money you make (seriously). This ain’t no get-rich-scheme, it’s the first painstakingly honest blog (, book (An American Hedge Fund), instructional DVDs: (PennyStocking, PennyStocking Part Deux, ShortStocking, TIMRaw & TIMFundamentals) and subscription service (TIM ALERTS) focused on teaching the risks AND rewards of penny stock trading, broken down to the basics and integrated with a commentable website with forums so our customers can interact and ask any questions whatsoever. Totally open. No more BS. No more lying. No more snakeoil. No more sketchy schemes. No more overpriced crap. This is stock trading, specifically penny stock trading (ideal for people with just a few thousand dollars), going mainstream.

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90% of traders lose money, that’s just f$#@ed up! All prior teachers/gurus/educational providers should be embarrassed for they have obviously failed to teach anyone to profit but themselves. Finally, this is the time for everything to changes these are the products that will help everyone learn AND earn.

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