Great, great info, great seminar organization, WILL B THERE FOR 2011.
– MartiniB

This was my first stock conference and its going to be very hard to beat it! It was 12 hours a day, but the information kept you on your toes. Everyone was willing to talk to you and answer any questions you might have. I met some really cool guys and gals! Will def attend next years conference. Thanks Tim!
– Mridude

Tim knows how to run a conference the correct way. I must say that I came into the conference with very high expectations and left with all of them met and exceeded. Very well run and organized and the speakers really blew my mind with all the information they brought to the table.I will definitely be returning to Tim’s conference next year.
– pennystockfolder

Timothy Sykes
Tim Sykes is the founder of,,, and Tim got his start when when he started trading his bar-mitzvah gift money. Tim turned his $12,415 of gift money into a pre-audited sum of 1.65 million. Tim has been banking in PennyStocks for over a decade; Tim has made millions short selling stocks and buying long too. Several years ago Tim started teaching others and now has thousand of subscribers in over 80 countries.

Nathan Michaud
Nathan Michaud is an annual six-figure-profits trader who focuses on buying momentum stocks. In addition to penny stocks, Nathan trades midcap and largecap stocks; he banked recently on Apple (AAPL). Nathan runs the popular InvestorsLive Blog and the premium Investors Underground live daily trading chatroom. He’s been trading since 2003 and three years ago joined forces with Muddy and Laura creating InvestorsUnderground chat room. Nathan has been on fire this year and does an excellent job helping his subscribers get phenomenal returns.

Tom McCarthy
Tom McCarthy is a former penny stock promoter turned trading teacher. After years of going under alias of “College Stock” he saw light and decided to stop pumping stocks and actually teach others how to take advantage of stock promotion. Tom has been “killing” it for the last few years as a trainer – utilizing his strategy of how to identify stocks that are about to be promoted…hundred of percent possible gainers. Tom became a teaching guru on and how has a stable of several hundred subscriber who bank off his service daily.

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Cameron Fous
Cameron Fous has dedicated the past 6 years of his life to learning the ins and outs of identifying the most profitable and consistent stock chart patterns. He started in 2006 with a model portfolio in which he alerts in real time the buy and sale prices of the stocks that he trades. His Premium Black Service model portfolio has returned over 5000% in the past 4 years.

Mark Croock
Mark was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and immigrated to the US with his family in 1985. He grew up in Houston and later attended the University of Texas at Austin where he graduated with a Masters in Accounting. He returned to the Houston area after graduating and worked in the accounting field for a few years. With a strong passion for the stock market, Mark decided to leave the accounting field and become a full time day trader in early 2010. He implements the strategies he learned from his teacher Tim Sykes and has been making solid profits monthly. Mark is also passionate about sports and plays basketball and tennis in his free time. He has not forgotten his roots and has been back to South Africa several times. He is an avid fan and frequent visitor of Kruger National Park, one of the world’s most famous wildlife parks.

James Altucher
James Altucher is an investor, programmer, author, entrepreneur, and father. He is Managing Director of Formula Capital and has written 6 books on investing. His latest book ‘I Was Blind But Now I See’ is about life, business, relationships and failures. Six times a week, Altucher’s blog is about business, life, trade, investment and many little/big things between.
Tim Bohen
Timothy Bohen is a five-figure-profits trader who owns a multi-million dollar company, but manages to trade part-time too. Tim Bohen is the perfect example for all part-time traders who want to make a full-time living off trading.

Gregg S.
Gregg is a full time day and swing trader who focuses on small and micro cap stocks. He started in 1999 and turned $25,000 into over $650,000 his first year while almost exclusively shorting internet stocks. He topped one million in trading income his second year and the rest is history (with one losing year so far). He spends most of his free time searching for locates.

On October 22-24th get ready to:

Trade Along With The Pros…
That’s right, you will trade along 6 and 7 figure earning traders REAL TIME. The third day of the conference is Trading Day! The best way to learn to be a successful trader, is to do exactly what successful traders do…and this is your chance.
Learn From Our Greatest Successes AND Failures:
we’ve made the gains and losses over the past decade and now you can see EXACTLY what we do right and wrong helping you become more profitable traders.
You’ll Discover New Ways To Maximize Profits & Minimize
trade positions with trade along with the pros. BioRunUp hit it out of the park with AMRN at the last conference. At the time of the conference it was in the process of a Phase 3 clinical trial. Using Mike Havrilla’s pharmacology expertise we expected positive results and loaded up on shares. At that time it was trading at $3.46 a share. Within 2 months of the conference it was trading over $9 and in May of 2011 it was over $19 per share.
Expand Your Trading Techniques & Knowledge:
Get to the next level in trading with the guest speakers this year. They come from a wide variety of different successful trading backgrounds. Learn from the best penny stock traders, short sellers, momentum and swing traders, bio tech experts, and options traders.

I paid for my 2 day Seminar with two TIM picks. One he almost traded and tipped us off on Diedrich Coffee, Inc. (DDRX) and the other he did trade Caribou Coffee Co., Inc. (CBOU). I now understand the thinking behind his system much better and will look for more consistent profits using his trading philosophy. DDRX: $650 profit CBOU: $230 profit *** I must note the 25% of this money was then lost in the MGM Sports Book. If Tim comes out with a Sports Book betting DVD count me in!
– John

First off, I really enjoyed the seminar especially the first day when you were constructing the watch list and trying to dig up dirt on the one company NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. (NXTH), that was really educational.
– Joe D.

Hi Tim, thank you very much for the time you have put into making this seminar happen. I have huge respect for you and your parents and admire you for all the energy you put in. As I told you at the seminar, I don’t think I would have enough patience to do this. But you do! And thanks to you I was able to learn and profit from your strategies…because they WORK. And for all those people who really want to learn and not just wait for alerts, it will work also. I really enjoyed the seminar. It was great. I have learned new stuff and a lot of things that were confusing are much clearer now… (creating watchlist, web sites you are using, charts) Keep up great job you’re doing.
– Martini

Check Out These Bonuses:

Trading Day
– Monday’s focus will be live trading; watch the experts execute successful trades and trade along with them. Make enough profits from Monday’s trades to pay for the conference (many students did it last year).
Trading Software!
Finally, trading software for micro and small cap stocks. Every attendee will get a chance to use the most cutting edge trading software during trading day.
One on One
time with the speakers. For several hours Sunday afternoon and evening, the speakers will be available to answer questions and visit one on one with attendees.
DVD of the conference.
These are going to be 3 jam packed days of intense training. With a recording of the conference, you will be able to revisit your favorite parts of the conference.
Breakfast & Lunch
will be provided all 3 days. That is a huge savings!
Timothy Sykes’s special broker
will be at the conference. For conference attendees he will be able to start out new clients with smaller account minimums.
Tim will reveal
a never before detailed framework for all intraday trading he does…for the 1st time he’ll go way beyond simple morning panics and afternoon fades, this will be every intraday chart pattern detailed, over two dozen new patterns broken down and explained in depth.

Plus…2 Very Special Guests! So Special, They’re Both Under Wraps

Special Guest Speaker #1:
It took Tim months of pushing, but Tim was able to convince his special broker to come to Vegas, speak with the attendees and give a indepth comprehensive training. You can make contact with and use the special brokers services. and this years will be
Special Guest Speaker #2:
Attendees will be able to see and use “game” changing trading software. Not some piece of junk, run of the mill trading software. The software is off of the same platform that some of the largest investment banks and hedge funds use; it has been specifically designed for micro and small cap trading. The software is not mass produced and is only used by a few lucky individuals. Come to the conference and use this game changer, BUT… the software will Only Be Available For Attendees!and this years will be

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