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This Is Worth Watching Again

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Outsiders and non-students never really realized how great of a community it is until the past few weeks since I’ve been releasing interviews with several of my top trading challenge students, whether they’ve made $4+ million like this young man, or $700,000+ like this upcoming great or even when a few of us got together in the Caribbean here, but far and away the best response has been to this video: Continue reading

Some Important Weekend Homework For You

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5 Lessons From My Steve Harvey Show Interview

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the video from the appearance I made on the Steve Harvey show, along with my students Michael, who’s now up to $1.6 million in trading profits thanks to my teachings, and Ivan, who has made a solid six figures, watch it here now. I’m honored to have been invited to appear, and I’m humbled to think that the clip Steve showed of my home and my lifestyle in LA might inspire others to experience the kind of success Michael, Ivan and I – along with plenty of other Millionaire Challenge students – have experienced.

Download a bite sized PDF version of 5 lessons from my Steve Harvey show interview.

Definitely check out the video if you haven’t yet, but then, I want to break down a few of the lessons that came up from my conversation with Steve, which lasted FAR longer than what was shown on TV, he was a surprisingly much better interviewer than this media legend. This might seem a little repetitive, but I really want to hammer these lessons home to you as you grow in your own journey towards real wealth. Continue reading

Did Steve Harvey Confuse My 2 Students? [VIDEO EVIDENCE]

I was SO honored to be invited on The Steve Harvey Show this past week, along with 2 of my top trading challenge students Michael and Ivan, watch the full video below and see if you can spot where Steve confuses my 2 students, it’s Miss Universe all over again!

The video is also transcribed below for my valued deaf students, thanks to several subscribers who pointed this out to me, I didn’t even notice it at first…but I do think Michael looks like Miss Colombia & Ivan is more of a Miss Philippines look about him 🙂

Download a bite sized printable summary of my interview with Steve Harvey with actionable tips.

And in all seriousness, Steve was the single best interviewer I’ve ever had, we filmed literally for hours, this is a highly edited version, he was truly interested in learning and sharing everyone’s tips with the live studio audience…pretty incredible experience, even better than my interview with this legend! Continue reading

My Larry King Interview (Amazing 25-Minute Video)

Upcoming Event With Larry King

What an INCREDIBLE honor it was to be interviewed by the legend himself, Larry King…I hope you enjoy the video below and come away with a better sense of who I am and my goal in life…to create more millionaire trading challenge students and get more people changing their lives/growing their account exponentially instead of the standard thought that 20%/year is best case scenario.

We’ve transcribed the interview below the video too for my valued deaf newsletter subscribers

Larry: My guest is Timothy Sykes, the multimillionaire stock trader and entrepreneur. Timothy invested his $12,000 Bar Mitzvah money, which is about $11,500 more than I got, in penny stocks, making his first million in his college dorm. In addition to coaching students online and in seminars, his high-roller lifestyle on social media has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers. Less than a year ago, he kicked off his nonprofit, The Timothy Sykes Foundation, which aims to raise more than $2 million in 2015, for what? Continue reading

One Of My Favorite Trader Interviews On @tastytrade

I love the guy over at TastyTrade, they created Thinkorswim, which one of my first favorite brokers (not anymore, see the updated best stock broker list HERE), and now they’ve created a CNBC-like media outlet which gives very useful tips/commentary, which is very un-CNBC-like 🙂

Check out one of my interviews I did with them a few years ago just before I had created my first trading challenge student millionaire and before the madness this article brought to my teaching business: Continue reading

Did I Succeed Or Fail At Harvard? [AWESOME VIDEO]

I get thousands of emails every day, most are from people who want to get rich, but who aren’t willing to do what’s necessary.

I give them clear instructions on how to be my next Tim Grittani, my 2nd millionaire student and top trading challenge student who has now turned $1,500 of his own money into $1.83 million in 3.5 years as my student, they ignore my free video lesson series and ignore my list of the best brokers, instead demanding hot stock picks. Continue reading

Great 45-Minute Penny Stock Podcast To Study Today


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I just rocketed past being up 100% in 2014, or roughly $500,000 in trading profits, in just the first 3.5 months of the year, every trade detailed HERE, I have several trading challenge students getting closer to breaking $1 million in profits and this trader/student of mine has now passed $5 million in profits in 2014 alone! Continue reading