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8 Reasons Why Traders Keep Losing Money

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Every trader has his or her share of ups and downs. But, if you’re losing money habitually, like most traders do, then chances are that there are some very simple explanations as to why. Continue reading

10 Things You Need To Do To Actually Get Rich

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Who doesn’t want to get rich?

Many believe that to get rich, you’ve either got to win the lottery, receive a windfall inheritance, or do something illegal (more power to you if you receive the former two; I don’t suggest the latter). Getting rich isn’t possible, we’re told; rather, if we scrimp, save, invest conservatively and wisely, and then maybe, just maybe, we might save our way up to millions over time.

Want to be rich like me? Then check out these 10 tips!

If you don’t foresee a windfall and don’t want to wait an entire lifetime to possibly maybe get rich, then it’s time to set your mind to making millions in a smarter way. By adopting these habits and following these tips, you can help streamline the process to becoming a millionaire…like my top millionaire trading challenge students and I have: Continue reading

These 17 Habits Will Make You a Millionaire

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I love writing these blogs, and I love using social media to reach out to all my students. But you know what I hate to see? Just about every time I put something new up, I get a comment like this, “Tim, I want to be a millionaire like you, but there’s no way I could do what you do.” Continue reading

How To Win The $1.3 Billion Powerball Jackpot

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Unless you’ve been hiding under the world’s largest rock, you’ve seen the headlines. Tomorrow, the Powerball jackpot will hit $1.3 billion – the largest it’s ever been. I’m not going to laugh at you for going out and buying a ticket or anything, but let’s put things into perspective. Your odds of hitting the winning combination are 1 in 292.2 million. That’s basically the same as the odds of you flipping a coin 28 times in a row and getting heads each time. It’s more likely that you’ll be hit by lightning or bitten by a shark than walk away a billion dollars richer on Wednesday.

But what would you say if I told you there’s a surefire way to win? That there’s something you can do today that’ll help you get richer than you’ve ever imagined? This is going to sound cheesy for a minute, but stick with me… Continue reading

What All Penny Stock Traders Can Learn From The World’s Richest Billionaires

Recently, Forbes released its definitive list of the world’s richest billionaires, and their findings included some pretty surprising results. For example, did you that the youngest billionaire in the world is just 24 years old (I’ll give you a hint – it’s Evan Spiegel, co-founder of the popular messaging app Snapchat)?

Or, did you know that 1,191 of the billionaires on the list are self-made? I found that pretty surprising, since I assumed that most of the people included would have come from wealthy families and inherited their money. And yes, there are 230 billionaires on the list who were born rich, but they’re outnumbered nearly six times over by their self-made colleagues. Continue reading

The Samurai vs. The Sniper: 3 Lessons For Penny Stock Traders

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Today I just posted these 5 classic video lessons going over some basic trading rules, watch time & utilize them to become a more meticulous/profitable trader. Continue reading

10 Lessons From How I Turned $300,000 Into $3 Million The Past 5 Years

Many trading challenge students and PennyStocking Silver subscribers don’t do enough research or pay attention to all my explanations, but the $600,000 trading account with which I start every year, on which I usually make 50%+/year as you can see here (already nearly 30% gain this midway through 2012), is just a small fraction of my total net assets. Continue reading