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A New Free Penny Stock Guide To Study This Weekend

Yesterday, I introduced THIS NEW FREE PENNY STOCK GUIDE, so please take the time this weekend to study it and memorize it.  It’s VERY basic, but those basics are crucial if you want to succeed in the trading world.

Let me just remind you that Academic Study after study shows that 90%+ of traders lose and it doesn’t matter what niche it is.  Whether it’s stocks, options or Forex…and because Forex you deal with so much leverage, most traders don’t just lose there, they blow up AND go into debt with their broker) and why do you think that is?

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

Is everyone just stupid?

Is the stock market really that difficult to figure out?

Is this some impossible game designed by some evil villain that ordinary people can never win at?

No and no and no. Continue reading