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I Screwed Up BIG TIME

Timothy Sykes Charity

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I was having a great December as I’ve made roughly $30,000 trading sooooo many hot stocks (see my trades here), mostly in the crypto-currency/Bitcoin space (see my take on Bitcoin here), and my friends and I had some great charity events dressing up as Hebrew Santa Claus and giving out toys to underprivileged kids in Miami Beach for my Timothy Sykes Charity

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…before we jetted off to Mexico to relax a little while I also surprised a local animal shelter with a $50,000 donation: Continue reading

Don’t Make This Classic Mistake In The Stock Market

Recently, I’ve been blogging about the problems that my students have, as I did in this blog post “A Controversial Problem That Too Many Of My Students Have” which tried to get students to be less narrow-minded in their approaches to various strategies and my blog post entitled “This Is A Big Problem” that outlined some of th fears that cripple too many students and prevent them from achieving all they can and becoming my next Millionaire trading challenge student.

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Today’s problem is exemplified nicely by this video I just posted: Continue reading

Exposing A Bad Trader

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Recently I’ve exposed one of my own problems here, now it’s time to expose something even more important, bad trading.

Because despite my $4+ million in trading profits**, I am NOT a great trader and as many of my students who have been learning from me for several years know, I often make bad trades, exiting positions FAR too soon as I trade like a true coward.

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See these live trading videos and read about these trades as some past examples, but just this week I have a PERFECT example, as I bought the pump VMRI PERFECTLY at the $1.70/share breakout level, just 24 hours before it would go up 100% to $3.40 and guess how much of that 100% move did I capture?

A lousy 1/10th…just the latest in a very long line of bad trades for me.

Why am I telling you this? Continue reading

3 Reasons I’m An Idiot

live trading

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I’ve been extremely successful/blessed in my life and now I have several trading challenge students who have passed $1 million in profits using my stock market strategy/rules, but I am not a smart man.

Momma says stupid is as stupid does and I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life…see examples HERE and HERE.

Here are 3 more recent examples of why I’m an idiot: Continue reading

URGENT: Regarding February 1st

2015 has gotten off to an incredibly fast start as I got engaged in Bali, the US stock market has been on a wild multi-week ride, the Euro & oil are crashing and as evidenced by this trading challenge student’s 2015 $70,000 in profits there are more plays than we know what to do with!

(And Tim Grittani will be the first to admit he hasn’t captured any significant part of the potential profits from classic patterns like these on penny stock pumps like IFAN, VOIL, CUBA, ADXS and FXCM just like I’ve captured an even smaller part of the profit pie) Continue reading

I’m Sorry But I Can Explain

Yesterday I FINALLY just finished my 34 hour charity DVD ‘How To Make Millions‘ which I wanted to finish before my Bali trip, but just rant out of time.

I have to apologize for that, but considering I was busy designing my engagement ring (she said yes!) and the fact that I initially thought the DVD would be ‘only’ 24 hours long and it turned out to be an extra 10 hours of educational content since I’m a perfectionist, there really was no other choice. Continue reading

The 4 Best Charts You Will Ever See

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I see these truly beautiful charts over and over and over and over and over again, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

I’ve made nearly $10,000 the past 2 days short selling the same patterns that have made me $4+ million (see all my trades HERE) and now my students & I have collectively made $17 million as you can see here: Continue reading

20 Lessons From $2 Million In Losses

Before I talk about the not-so-fun losses some traders have experienced the past few weeks, please wish this great trader up $1+ million in 2014 a happy birthday today, we’re having a special 72 hour blowout sale HERE on annual newsletters and 50% off DVDs HERE in his honor!


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