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April Review: A Solid 5% Month Defines The Life Of A PennyStocker

April was an interesting month—finished up just over 5% to finish at $18,284. Many great trading lessons, in the first 10 days, I got off to a booming start—as there were PennyStocking plays galore—but I didn’t earn a dime during the second half of the month. Not because there weren’t plays, more due to not being able to properly research/watch the markets every second like I like as I was speaking, traveling and working on this new website. Life usually does get in the way of the trading, but that’s fine—I’ve learned you need balance. Take it one pump at a time, profit as much as you can, enjoy the rest.

And, in case you cared, website traffic, while down slightly from March, grew steadily over previous months, and if you take out that huge one-time gain thanks to my Facebook convo with Ashley Dupre, hit a new all-time high…people are tired of all the finance BS, brutal honesty is the clear solution.

Here are posts you need to memorize for a quiz on Monday:


PennyStocking is all about predicting 10% price moves

It’s easy, but you gotta find shares to short cuz everybody wants in!

It’s fun when the media helps manipulate prices

It’s even more fun to trade in the airport (not) Continue reading

Two Great Book Reviews And A DVD Review To Boot!

I absolutely love getting emails like this:

“Tim, I just wanted to thank you for An American Hedge Fund and PennyStocking. My boyfriend was the first to read your incredible book and now my boys, Charlie, 6, and Julian, 4, can’t get enough of it; they make me read it to them every night! And your DVD, oh my, it’s so taught us so much; so now we’re not afraid of any recession because as you say “you can profit from betting against companies managed by all the idiots on Wall Street!” And thanks to your strategies, we’ve already made a few thousand dollars in one month through short selling some of these surging microcaps! So, thank you, thank you, thank you, you’ve changed our lives and I’ll be forever grateful!”


Michelle Casey

And check out the hilarious pics that were attached:

Not to be outdone, I got another great book review from a highly respected investment advisor, Ulli Niemann, aka The Wall Street Bully. Besides having a badass blogger nickname, Ulli advises his clients in ETF and mutual fund investing so I really had no idea how he’d take my wild journey. Guess it’s a good thing he’s a big believer in The American Dream! Here are some of my fav quotes from his review:

“Here’s a man who definitely learned from his shortcomings and is willing let the world know about it by sharing them in his book.”

“The knowledge he gained from several years in the trenches represents wisdom that I have found also applicable to the world of trend tracking.”

“Any trader or investor should adhere to Tim’s findings. This book is a fast and fun read, and I couldn’t put it down.”

The Most Thorough And Glowing Review Of PennyStocking Yet

I know many of you wish I wouldn’t promote my book An American Hedge Fund and my 6-hour instructional trading DVD PennyStocking so hard, but then again, you’ve no idea the number of dumb/similar questions I get on a daily basis—which actually inspired me to get into this biz–so getting people to buy these products not only helps pay my bills (I have no problem admitting that because I believe it’s exceptional value in that it pays for itself in 1-2 successful trades), but it also makes my job explaining everything exponentially easier. So, my apologies to those smart enough not to need any background info./training, this post goes out to the many of those who do.


Over the past few weeks, my instructional trading DVD PennyStocking Package—which comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee (minus a small restocking fee cuz restocking is a bitch) and includes a 220-page instruction manual and autographed copy of my book An American Hedge Fund—has gotten some damn good reviews which you can see HERE, but those are all just 1-3 sentences. The winner of the Ashley Dupre sponsored giveaway contest, Trainee Trader, has posted the most thorough review of this DVD package HERE

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of this post.
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Why Spitzer’s Call Girl Has Inspired Me To Giveaway 1 FREE Copy Of My $300 Instructional DVD


The popularity of my AA Dupre article—30,000 views and counting—has inspired me to create a timothysykes.com giveaway, aka “TIMaway”. You see that blog post is the latest example of why my trading strategy works so well—hype builds, the key is getting in early and then betting against it when it begins to fade.So, I am giving away 1 FREE copy of my 6-hour instructional trading DVD “PennyStocking” that comes with a 220-page instruction manual and an autographed copy of my book An American Hedge Fund. This is no BS / fraudulent / get-rich-quick crap (not like these bastards: Infomercial trading whizzes charged with fraud) Disgusting. Continue reading