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The Last 5 Reviews Of My PennyStocking DVD

All of these have been posted by PennyStocking DVD students on this site and subscribers-only TIMalerts.com…haters wanna say I make them up, please, I barely have time to categorize all the reviews let alone create any fake ones…accept the inevitable people, this stuff is real so it’ll eventually go biiiiigtime: Continue reading

10 Reasons Why I Mention My Instructional Trading DVDs In Nearly Every Post

1. People who trade penny stocks are downright moronic…I’ve actually already done this post before with 12 reasons (now I’m just updating the info with recent reviews, data, etc.), but the search button on the upper right hand side of my site requires people to be literate to type in what they want to search for….not happening with these people. Continue reading

The First Reviews For PennyStocking Part Deux Are In!

Sorry for the long delay, but we just started shipping the PennyStocking Part Deux DVD package, which includes a big ass 250 page instruction manual early this week. It’s not a better/redone original PennyStocking DVD, it’s a totally new 6 hours of material and it picks up where the one left off in order to update everyone as to examples and the pattern mutations form 2007 and 2008…especially focusing on intraday patterns which the original one did not. Continue reading

The Latest In Depth PennyStocking Instructional Trading DVD Review

I’m not associated with this guy in any way, but when TIMalerts subscriber Kusumo (#4 ranked on Covestor, see rankings HERE, leaves testimonials galore on my TIMalerts pages like ““Out of the position now and profited $295 after commissions. Thanks Tim.”) sent me the link to his PennyStocking DVD review, I knew it’d be positive. Continue reading

Another PennyStocking/TIMalert Testimonial: Michael Goode & His $40,000 In Profits Since June

First it was grad student Tony Ellis and his $50,000, then $80,000 in profits, then Mike the machinist who banked $300,000+ and then apparently jetted off to Hawaii, then Davey, a college student who’s pretty happy with his $6k in profits, then a fun day where TIMalert subscribers banked more than $50,000 and the latest Adam N who doubled his $7k account in just a few months, right as the markets have bene tanking bigtime. Continue reading