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TIMraw DVD Reviews & TIMtactics DVD Reviews, 50% Off Sale Is Over In 48 Hours

By now you should have read reviews on my TIMfundamentals DVD packages, reviews of my ShortStocking DVD Package, and reviews on my PennyStocking DVD packages.


Basically just visit my online store and purchase any DVD or DVD combo and we’ll rebate you 50% of your pruchase price within 24 hours.

Now I want you to check out the reviews on my TIMraw and TIMtactics DVD packages as both of these are very comprehensive, but they are a bit less popular because they focus on teaching “edge” and specific tactics that I’ve learned over the years rather than how to research or chart patterns like my other DVDs.

TIMraw is a massive 12-hour DVD package and is clearly the favorite of many people exemplified by its 4.5 out 5 star rating on Investimonials.


Check out the video trailer below: Continue reading

How To Turn $200 Into $4,000 In A Few Months

LiveStock is tomorrow 1-2PM EST, tune in HERE and learn how to trade penny stocks like a successful coward.

Remember I have 4 newsletters now, not just TIMalerts any longer!

Given the academic studies detailing how my strategy profits roughly 75% of the time, I’m not surprised to see some of my students profiting $120,000+, or how they can make $30,000+ on one trade, but it’s the smaller, more common success stories that really warm my heart…

Take this guy from Hartford, CT who joined Investimonials nearly 2 weeks ago and has posted roughly a dozen reviews on all his favorite and least favorite websites, brokers and instructional DVD packages…with his review of my original PennyStocking DVD package catching my eye the most: Continue reading

A Very Honest Review Of One Of My Trading DVD Packages

I love seeing the brutal, brutal honesty that reviewers are leaving on my ‘TripAdvisor For Finance’ site Investimonials.com…if you think you can leave honest reviews, seriously I ain’t fishing for compliments from TIMalert subscribers who made $1.1 million in 2009 through November :), then join Investimonials.com today and start leaving some honest reviews!

Check out this review of the original PennyStocking DVD package: Continue reading

What Is TIMfundamentals Part Deux? Hint: 3 Guest Speakers Up $250,000+

This is the followup to the hugely popular original 6-hour TIMfundamentals DVD package, this mammoth 12 hour DVD package and 160 page instruction manual not only outlines my research process, but also includes how to dig through SEC filings (I nailed NXT Nutritional Holdings, INC. (NXTH) a week BEFORE its 60%+ one day drop) and even a live trade.

Yes, this is the recording of my 2-day Vegas seminar and once you read what 10 attendees thought about the seminar (and hence this DVD package), stuff like: Continue reading

What Exactly Is PennyStocking Part Deux?

UPDATE: Until our new store is finished, please email admin@timothysykes.com for specials on ALL DVDs including PennyStocking Part Deux!)

For those of you new to the site, PennyStocking Part Deux is my 6 hour long, with 200+ page instruction manual, instructional DVD package detailing all the chart patterns that are responsible for my eye-popping-returns. You can read reviews HERE, and HERE and here’s dozens of reviews on this DVD study guide, which is my most popular/best selling

Here’s some actual footage:

Check out what some customers think:

Read over 50 reviews here of PennyStocking Part Deux

This is the mac daddy of Tim’s DVD’s in my opinion, it teaches you all the chart patterns you will need to trade. I highly reccomend buying this.
-Stephen Baldwin

This is a must have DVD for any trader who trades penny stocks!

I have the year long timalerts subscription and PennyStocking Part Deux (so far watched it twice, probably ready for a refresher after spending more time following the market and keeping an eye on various chart patterns and how they evolve…) Even if I don’t trade the TIMalerts, I learn a lot form every one because each setup is unique and has different variables aligning to produce high probabilities of profit.

I just finished going through my Timfundamentals dvd. Great stuff! I have PennyStocking and part deux. They are very good, but for me personally, think this has by far the most useful information.

Check Out This Video Clip:

It’s from my TIMraw 12-hour instructional trading DVD package (yup, it’s double the length of all my other instructional DVDs…learn more HERE), which is basically me detailing my strategy in many different ways, all in an attempt to get you to learn to enjoy greater odds of success in your own trading efforts by way of the learned-the-hard-way lessons I’ve experienced over trading nearly every day for the past decade.

You can see a very detailed review of TIMraw in THIS blog post. Continue reading

What A Fifteen Year Old Thought About My PennyStocking Instructional DVD Package

Good or bad, I wanna hear your thoughts on any and all of my instructional DVDs…I use your input to try to make future ones, and one-on-one coaching and special live coaching events like the one on June 6th (signup & more details coming soon), even blog posts better…

Check out what this one young student of mine thought: Continue reading